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FIFTH GRADE CAMP September 17-19, 2014 Sky Ranch.

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1 FIFTH GRADE CAMP September 17-19, 2014 Sky Ranch


3 FACILITIES   _Map.pdf _Map.pdf

4 WHO IS ATTENDING?  Approximately 110 students  20 chaperones  All five 5 th grade teachers  Mrs. Walker & Nurse Andrews

5 CHAPERONES (MOMS) *SUBJECT TO CHANGE  Dee Gonzales  April Kenely  Amy Karrigan  Julie Myron  Stephanie Conn  Angela Kenton  Kerry Hakimian  Allison Brown  Shelly Farnsworth  Melissa McKneely

6 CHAPERONES (DADS) *SUBJECT TO CHANGE  Mark Gibson  Doug Coulson  Tim Borel  Carl Libby  Roland Martinez  Erick Gonzalez  Brady Borgmann  Paul Fowler  Michael Vega  Joseph Koutney

7 LUGGAGE/ BED ROLL  Bedding for a twin bed or a sleeping bag  Pillow  Clothing for 3 days  Personal toiletries- shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, comb, deodorant  Towel and washcloth  Swim suit- one piece for girls or bring a shirt to cover up a two piece  Pajamas  Light jacket and rain poncho  A pair of jeans or long pants  Extra change of clothes  Extra socks to prevent blisters  Extra pair of tennis shoes  No more than $20 (Hide it well!)

8 BACKPACK  Flashlight  Bug spray  Sunscreen  Hat/ Bandana  Sunglasses  Full water bottle (or camel pack)  Pencil

9 DO NOT BRING!!! Cell phones IPods/ MP3 players/Video Games/Toys Items for pranks- toilet paper, silly string, etc. Nail Polish or hair chalk More than $20 Any item that is forbidden at school FOOD

10 HOW ARE CABINS DECIDED?  Each student will complete a card with the names of three friends that he/she would like to bunk with at camp.  This will be completed tomorrow during science class.  Each student is guaranteed one friend from the list, however; we try to accommodate as many friends as possible.  Cabins will be announced the day before we leave for camp.  Chaperone children will be in a cabin with their parents unless they are the opposite gender. For instance, the mom of a boy will be in charge of a cabin of girls, but her cabin with be grouped with her son during the day.

11 WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 17  Make sure your luggage is labeled with your first and last name. This should be a large label, such as a strip of tape.  Students should report to their classroom by 7:45 AM with your luggage and backpack placed in the hallway next to their classroom.  Attendance will be taken in homeroom as normal so students need to stay in homeroom once they arrive at school.  Chaperones and teachers will help students label luggage with cabin numbers and a group color.  We will load busses beginning at 8:20 and leave at 8:30.

12 WHILE AT CAMP:  Orientation  We will attend four classes:  Limnology  Forces in Nature  Ranch Life  Expeditions  Recreation Time:  Swimming  Water Slides  Zip lines (one day only)  Café Sky  Camp Store  Various Outdoor Activities  Evening Activities:  Clue  Campfire

13 FRIDAY, SEPT. 19  We will be leaving Sky Ranch by 12:00 PM with an expected arrival at school around 2:00 – 2:30 PM. Unfortunately we cannot give an exact time since we can’t predict traffic!  All students will be required to help carry luggage from the bus to the fifth grade hallway.  We will sort luggage out in the hallway and prepare for dismissal.  Dismissal will take place as usual on Friday.  Parents wishing to change the way their child will go home on Friday will need to send a note to their homeroom teacher before the Wednesday we leave for camp (Sept. 17 th ).  Please be patient. We will move people through the carpool line as quickly as possible.  Any changes to this plan will be communicated in advance through e- mail and/or phone calls.

14 MEDICATIONS  All medication must be turned in by Monday, Sept. 15 at 3 pm. Medicine must be in the original container.  A form must be completed for each medication that your child needs to take at camp. The forms should be brought to school with the medication.  On the Friday of our arrival back at Marion, Nurse Andrews will take all medications to the clinic and parents can check them out from her there. You can also check medications out on the following Monday if they are not needed over the weekend.  All questions should be directed to Nurse Andrews.


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