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CFC Children’s Ministry Mission and Strategy. Who We Are…  We are an integral part of spiritual growth & maturity of the Body of Christ.  We teach to.

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1 CFC Children’s Ministry Mission and Strategy

2 Who We Are…  We are an integral part of spiritual growth & maturity of the Body of Christ.  We teach to increase kids understanding of the Bible, including Biblical principles & character.  Our main goal: To incorporate kids into the learning experience to grow to desire & develop a life long relationship with Christ.

3 Teachers & Helpers  We are guides/mentors to model Christ- like behavior.  Primary goal is for children to follow Christ (the Ultimate Guide) & walk by the Spirit.  We desire for the kids at CFC to grow into continued discipleship -growing to maturity in Christ.

4 Our Mission  Guiding children to trust and follow Christ the rest of their lives!!  Our 5 goals to achieving this mission are based on the 5 Biblical principles found in the Great Commission. Matt. 28  Caring Family  Discipleship  Ministry  Worship  Evangelize

5 Mission: A Caring Family  Fellowship & feeling loved by adult volunteers.  Time for prayer & receiving Jesus  Background checks  Visitation/cards  Appropriate adult/child ratio  Safety Team  Training  Parent participation & dedication services

6 Mission: Discipleship  Maturing & applying scripture.  Becoming more biblically literate by developing Godly principles & character.  We do this through:  Scripture teaching & memorization  Children encouraged to help & participate in skits, prayer, responsibilities in the classroom.  Learn books of the Bible.  Bible lesson series.  Kids interested in Baptism are encouraged to speak to the Pastor & attend classes.

7 Mission: Ministry  Child participation in worship, prayer, skits, discussion time, classroom duties, events throughout the year.  Children are encouraged to use unique gifts & abilities for the glory of God & building up of the Body of Christ (Eph. 4)

8 Mission: Worship  Through the movement of the Holy Spirit & experience of Jesus love as the grow spiritually.  Music & songs that incorporate love & admiration to Jesus Christ.  Encourage children to pray & grow in spiritual understanding  Worship is priority with music, offering, prayer time & testimony sharing.

9 Mission: Evangelize  Kids are encouraged to invite friends & share the message of Christ to others!  How we incorporate this:  We desire each child to hear a consistent bible teaching & be able to share what they’ve learned with others.  W share the gospel in a variety of contexts to keep the message fresh & understandable-with simplicity.  Our outreach events help provide more opportunities to invite others to church.

10 Open Door Policy  Encouragement of all volunteers to provide input & suggestions concerning the ministry area in which they serve.  First bring your concerns to the individual you report to, then if an inaction or no response occurs, you should go directly to the Children’s church leader or an Elder.  Important to improve quality and correct problems that exist.  We welcome ALL input!! There should be a sense of freedom to voice concerns.

11 Application & Screening for Volunteers  Complete & Submit Application with appropriate background checks.  Attend Training program and hand in Test  Minimum of 6 th grade to volunteer to help.  Teen helpers have separate training class.  Minimum of 16 to teach without an adult helper.  Application to go to Children’s church Director.

12 Ministry Opportunities  Sunday:  Nursery: birth-2yrs old  Toddlers: 2-3yr olds  4yr-5 th grade  Safety Team  Behind the scenes: bulletin boards, supply room, cleaning, etc.  Events Team  Worship Team  Wednesday Night program 2yr-5 th grade

13 Classroom Supervision  One Children’s Ministry volunteer in every room when & where children are present.  Men are not permitted to change diapers; no men in nursery  Nursery & Toddler class requires two volunteers at all times.  Anyone concerned with child safety should notify the Safety Team, then the Children's Ministry Director if not taken care of.  All children birth-4 th grade kept in rooms with assigned number until parent/gaurdian with same number comes to get child.  Electronic Call System available to notify parents.

14 Safety Procedures  Child protection & abuse prevention procedures- suspected abuse form (available upon request)  Child Release Policy- Number system  Summoning Parents- Electronic Call System  Corporal Punishment: (No hands on!)  Emergency Procedures: Fire drills & tornado drills scheduled periodically  First aid-injury report form (available upon request)  Illness & Infection Control (Handwashing/sanitizing)

15 Snack Policy  All teachers are asked to purchase snacks for their class. If finances are an issue, please contact the Children’s Church Director to seek reimbursement or donations.  Avoid any foods with peanuts.  Be aware of food allergies as noted by Safety Team.

16 Age Specific Guidelines: Birth-3yr olds  Only females to work in nursery. Parents may have access to changing tables as needed.  Must have appropriate adult to child ratio.  Bathroom Policy: The outer door will remain open & only assistance if the child asks.  Be aware of specific Child Development & Teaching as listed in handout. (Birth-5 th ) Separate handout available

17 Adult to Child Ratio Birth to 2yrs: 1adult/4 infants 2yr-4yr olds: 1 teacher or helper per 8 students K-5 th : 1 teacher or helper per 15 students Ratios set according to state standards for child daycare laws in Michigan

18 Bathroom Policy  4yrs-1 st grade: Escorted to bathroom by certified volunteer/helper. Volunteer to wait in hallway and only give assistance if child asks.  2 nd -5 th grade can ask teacher for permission to use bathroom, safety team/ushers to help monitor.

19 Classroom Management  Visual schedules will be posted in the foyer & copy given per request.  Prayer time at 9:30 before each day scheduled. (preparation important)  Children dismissed to classes at 9:45. Teachers to greet kids as they come back.  Create a positive & upbeat environment centered around the love of Christ.  Disciplinary measures: 3 warnings for misbehavior, then timeout or asked to sit in sanctuary with parents if continuous.  NO Cell Phone use!! (teachers & students)

20 Classroom Management  Supply Room: Help keep organized!  Classroom Cleanliness: classrooms are to be swept and trash to be emptied & taken out after each class.  Schedules: Teacher to give material to next teacher scheduled at end of month.  If absent/sick: Try to find replacement from list of qualified teachers; then notify Children’s Ministry Director of absence in advance.  Praise & Worship leader responsible for offering and gathering kids 4yr-5 th at 10am for worship. (Approx. 15-25min )

21 You have completed this session. Please email or hand in completed test related to this session either in person to Alexa Middleton or via email at Thanks!

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