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Welcome to Pre-K Willow Springs Elementary. Drop Off Procedures First two weeks of School If your child will be eating breakfast: – They are able to enter.

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1 Welcome to Pre-K Willow Springs Elementary

2 Drop Off Procedures First two weeks of School If your child will be eating breakfast: – They are able to enter the school at 7:15. Parents are allowed to walk their child to class beginning at 7:30. Parents must exit the building by the first bell at 7:50. Third week of school You will drop off your student at the front doors with a staff member, and they will get to class with staff members’ help.

3 Daily Supplies - LABELED!!! A large backpack, no wheels. Please make sure to label with large print. Please leave the yellow classroom backpack tags on your child’s backpack. One set of seasonally appropriate clothes in the backpack in case of accident (labeled). Lunch Box (labeled) Clean beach towel or bath sheet that is labeled (these will go home on Friday to be washed). Do not send blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals. Do not bring toys of any kind. Orange Daily folder – any money should be labeled, and folder initialed.

4 Supplies Cont… All supplies will be community share in this classroom with the exception of sleeping mats. At this moment, we do not need headphones, pencils, or extra plastic folders. These items will be sent back home.

5 Daily Folder An orange folder will come home everyday. Please leave the main content items inside the plastic selves that are inside the folder. Review the items in it and return the next day. Sign any papers that require a signature. Take out items that will be kept at home.

6 Student’s Lunch Accounts - Check accounts for funds regularly - Receipts from the cafeteria will be sent home - Low fund reminders for your child’s lunch account will be sent home in folders

7 Snack Daily individual healthy snacks If sending juice – make sure it is in individual packages Please provide plastic utensils if they are needed No snacks with Peanut Butter

8 Dismissal – 3:00 We MUST see a photo ID. Your child will only be released to those on the registration card given to us by the office. Students will be inside the double doors of the Pre-K hallways. We require hand-to-hand dismissal for the safety of our students.

9 West/East Walker Dismissal PK-5 is allowed to walk home WITHOUT an adult escort. By marking your child as a walker, you are stating you understand that the teacher and the crossing guard WILL NOT stay with your child until he/she is picked up by an adult. We WILL NOT verify ID’s. All walker WALK HOME If you want to pick up your child or want your child to wait for you, then you MUST mark parent pick up which occurs at the front of the building ONLY.

10 Day Care Pick Up All daycare students will be taken to the cafeteria at the end of the day to wait for their daycare bus arrival. A staff member will walk your child to the daycare bus when their bus arrives.

11 Student Expectations Pre-K is a structured academic learning environment. Pre-K follows all elementary rules and guidelines. Rules and procedures: – Classroom Come to class ready to learn. Instructional time – students will be expected to sit at the carpet, tables, and move through stations. Walking in the classroom. Hands to yourself. Respecting property and others. Walking correctly in the hallway.

12 Student Expectations Transition/Hallway – Stand behind person in front of him/her – Hands behind backs – Bubbles in mouths Respect for Adults NO – Hitting – Kicking – Yelling – Talking back – Biting – Running out of classroom – Defiant behavior

13 Responsive Classroom Promote positive behavior Discourage negative behavior Still have consequences Reward Bands/Treasures

14 Classroom Rules We Walk We Listen We Share We Clean Up We Take Care of our School

15 Rules and Logical Consequences 1.Reminder (Teacher will give a reminder of classroom expectations.) 2. Reteach (Teacher will model and practice desired expectations.) 3. Redirect (Student will relocate to a different work station to try his or her best again.) 4. Refocus (Student-Teacher conference about his or her behavior and the expectations.) 5. Parent Contact (Teacher will make contact with the parent about the situation, our classroom expectations, and making good choices )

16 Curriculum Killeen ISD has adopted OWL as the comprehensive Texas Pre-K curriculum. It is aligned with the Texas Guidelines that you are able to find on the KISD website. It will address the following: Social & Emotional Development Language & Communication Skills Emergent (Beginning) Literacy Emergent Writing

17 Curriculum continued… Math Science Social Studies Fine Arts Physical Development Technology

18 School Hours 7:15Students may enter the building to eat breakfast 7:30All students may enter the building 7:50Students enter the classroom 8:00Class begins / Tardy bell 3:00Pre-k Dismissal 3:101 st and 2 nd Dismissal 3:153 rd through 5 th Dismissal

19 Attendance School begins promptly at 8:00. 8:10 your child will be marked tardy. 10:00 your child will be marked absent. Call the school if your child will be out for the day. Bring a doctor’s note, or a parent note when your child is out.

20 Volunteers If you plan to attend field trips or to volunteer in the building, you will need to complete a volunteer background check form. This can be completed at Click new volunteer even if you have completed a paper form in the past. Follow the prompts and submit. An email will be sent to you to show that you have registered. It will take a few days to clear. If you have any questions, please contact Amber Beaty at 336-2036 or 336-2020.

21 Any Questions

22 Thank you for attending our Pre-K Orientation Night

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