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Response to an Active Shooter Presenter: Commander Darren Higashiyama Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office.

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1 Response to an Active Shooter Presenter: Commander Darren Higashiyama Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office

2 Response to an Active shooter Today we are going to talk about: 1.What an active shooter is 2.Law Enforcement Response 3.EMS Response 4.Active Shooter inside of a Hospital

3 ACTIVE SHOOTER One who participates in a random or systematic shooting spree, demonstrating intent to continuously harm others. The subject’s overriding objective appears to be that of mass murder rather than other criminal conduct such as robbery or hostage- taking. -Nation Tactical Officers Association

4 February 2, 1996 14 year old Barry Loukaitis killed two students and one teacher in Moses Lake, Washington, during algebra class. This was the first of many school shootings that started to hit National News.

5 From then on School Shootings have become common place in today’s news Feb. 2, 1996 Moses Lake, 2 killed, one wounded by 14 yoa Barry Loukaitis Feb. 19, 1997 Bethel, Alaska: Principal and 1 student killed, 2 wounded by Evan Ramsey 16 yoa. Oct. 1, 1997 Pearl, Mississippi, 2 students killed, 7 wounded by Luke Woodham 16 yoa. Killed his mother before hand. Dec. 1, 1997 West Paducah, KY, 3 students killed, 5 wounded by Michael Carneal 14 yoa, as they participated in a prayer circle at Heath High School. Dec. 15, 1997 Stamps, Ark, 2 students wounded by Colt Todd 14 yoa. He was hiding in the woods and shot them in the parking lot. March 24, 1998, Jonesboro, Ark, 4 students and 1 teacher killed, 10 wounded at Westside Middle School on a false fire alarm. Shot by Mitchell Johnson 13 yoa and Andrew Golden 11 yoa. April 24, 1998, Edinboro, PA, 1 teacher killed 2 students wounded at a dance by Andrew Wurst 14 yoa. May 19, 1998, Fayettevile, TN, One student shot three days before graduation by 18 yoa honor student Jacob Davis. May 21, 1998, Springfield, OR, 2 students killed, 22 others wounded by 15 yoa Kip Kinkel, who was arrested a day earlier for bringing a gun to school. June 15, 1998, Richmond, VA, 1 teacher killed 1 wounded by 14 yoa boy. April 20, 1999, Littleton, CO, 14 students dead, 23 wounded, by 18 yoa Eric Harris, 17 yoa Dylan Klebold. May 20, 1999, Conyers, GA, 6 students injured by depressed 15 yoa Thomas Solomon. Nov. 19, 1999, Deming, NM, 12yoa Victor Cordova killed 1 in hallway. Dec. 6, 1999, Fort Gibson, OK, 4 students wounded by Seth Trickey 13 yoa. Feb. 29, 2000, Mt. Morris Township, MI, 6 yoa girl killed by 6 yoa boy at school by accident. March 10, 2000, 2 students killed by Darrel Ingram 19 yoa.

6 School Shootings May 26, 2000, Lake Worth, FL, 1 Teacher killed by Nate Brazill 13 yoa on the last day of class. Sept. 26, 2000, 2 students wounded by same gun. Jan. 17, 2001, Baltimore, MD, 1 student killed. March 5, 2001, Santee, CA, 2 killed and 13 wounded by Charles Williams 15 yoa. March 7, 2001, Williamsport, PA, Elizabeth Bush 14 yoa, killed 1 female in the cafeteria. March 22, 2001, Granite Hills, CA, 1 Teacher and 3 Students by Jason Hoffman 18 yoa. March 30, 2001, Gary, IN, 1 student killed by expelled Donald R. Burt Jr. 17 yoa. Nov. 12, 2001, Caro, MI, 17 yoa, Chris Buschbacher took 2 hostages in Learning Center. Jan. 15, 2002, New York, NY, 2 Students wounded. April 14, 2003, New Orleans, LA. 1 student killed 3 wounded. April 24, 2003, Red Lion, PA, 14 yoa James Sheets killed principal and then himself. Sept. 24, 2003, Cold Spring, MN, 2 students killed by John McLaughlin 15 yoa. March 21, 2005, Jeff Weise 16 yoa killed grandfather, arrived at school, killed 1 teacher, a security guard, and 5 students, he then killed himself. Aug 19, 2005, Miami, FL: 17 yoa male killed after football game. Sept. 8, 2005, Richmond, CA: H/S custodian recovers dumped body. Sept. 23, 2005, Sandy Spring, MD: 15 yoa female stabbed during fight w/2 other girls Sept. 30, 2005, N.Y. NY: 4 students stabbed. 1 death in fight.

7 School Shootings Oct. 7, 2005, Richardson, TX: 17 yoa male student shot after a fight broke out. Oct 26, 2005, Moulton, AL: 55 yoa first grade teacher beaten to death by 15 yoa at head start. Oct. 27, 2005, San Leandro, CA : 14 yoa female shot murder suicide by male Oct. 27, 2005, Fresno, CA: 37 yoa male shot in school parking lot Nov. 9, 2005, Jacksboro, TN, 15 yoa, killed assist principle and wounded 2 other faculty Nov 16, 2005, San Antonio, TX: Police shoot 16 yoa male after stealing a car at school Nov. 17, 2005, Tampa, FL: 17yoa male shot by 15, 16, and 19 yoa Dec. 6, 2005, Garden Grove, CA: 16 yoa male beaten and shot at athletic fields Dec. 16, 2005, N.Y. NY: 56 yoa female died after assault by 12 yoa female Jan. 13, 2006, Longwood, FL: 15 yoa male shot by SWAT after taking hostages and threatening suicide and raised a pellet gun at officers. Jan. 13, 2006, Pinson, AL: 17 yoa male shot during fight. Jan. 15, 2006, Winter Springs, FA, Christopher Penley shot by police in a Middle School bathroom after he terrorized kids with what turned out to be a pellet gun. Jan. 30, 2006, Great Falls, MT: 16 yoa male shot himself in school bathroom Feb. 23, 2006, Roseburg, OR, 14 yoa wounded one. March 23, 2006, Milwaukee, WI: 15 yoa male beaten to death at school bus stop. May 5, 2006, Miramar, FL: 19 yoa male shot at school dance. May 18, 2006, Conway, SC: 18 yoa female stabbed to death at school by boyfriend June 5, 2006, L.A. CA: 17 yoa shot after school from “bullies” June 6, 2006, Gary, IN: 21 yoa male shot after school graduation ceremony July 12, 2006, L.A. CA: 16 yoa female shot gang related. Sept. 28, 2006, Bailey, CO. Duane Morrison (53), entered Platte Canyon High School and took six hostages. He released four students one by one during the three hour standoff. 16 yoa Emily Keyes was sexually assaulted, shot and killed. Morrison killed himself. Oct. 2, 2006, Nickel Mines, PA: 32-year-old Charles Carl Roberts IV, carried three firearms - a shotgun, a semiautomatic pistol and a rifle. He also had a stun gun, two knives and a bag holding 600 rounds of ammunition. He was also carrying an assortment of tools and other items, including toilet paper. That led police to believe he was prepared for an extended siege. He entered an Amish School, barricaded the door and killed six students.



10 Police Protocols Dylan Klebold Eric Harris On April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School these two killed 13 people and wounded 21 in Littleton, Colorado. They intended to kill 500 people using pipe bombs, 9mm tec-9, 9mm carbine rifle, and a sawed off shotgun.

11 Columbine Back then the protocols for police was to follow the five “C’s”: Contain, Control, Call SWAT, Communicate, Come up with a plan. Lessons learned proved that the old way of doing things did not work. A new concept of “Go Teams” was created. Three to Four officers arrived and went inside to neutralize the threat.

12 Police Protocols Average shootings last no longer then 12 minutes with most as short as 3-4 minutes. The average police response to a school is 10 minutes with more then 93% of the incidents on school campuses were finished prior to L.E. arrival.

13 Police Protocols A change in philosophy happened. “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE”

14 Protocols: Law Enforcement L.E. will respond directly to the threat. ▫We will bypass the wounded ▫Goal: Stop the active shooter first and foremost. Our Goal is to contain or neutralize the Suspect(s). Hostage situations. Contain and negotiate. * L.E. sets up operation/tactical command with EMS/Fire

15 Protocols: Law Enforcement Secure the scene Escort EMS in Set up triage points Secondary sweep Evacuation Re-unification

16 Protocols: EMS/Fire EMS/Fire: set up unified command w/L.E. EMS/Fire: stage in secure area. EMS/Fire: scene clear & secure, triage and transport.

17 Protocols: EMS/Fire Once the scene is secure & clear, EMS will enter the scene and triage, treat and transport. How much time does it take L.E. to “Secure & Clear a Scene?”

18 Warm Zone Concept After Newtown, CT shooting there has been a paradigm shift for EMS personnel. This entails EMS to go into a “WARM” zone to triage, treat and evacuate patients. “Risk a little to save a little, risk a lot to save a lot.” * Ernest Mitchell Jr., USFA fire administrator

19 Warm Zone Concept Assessing Risk ▫Rapid incapacitation of the suspect decreases the risk associated with Fire/EMS personnel. Operating in a “clear” but not “secure” environment is the warm zone concept.

20 What are WE prepared for? Bombs… I.E.D.s Active shooter Mass Casualty Incident Hostage Situation

21 Plan, plan and then plan again Develop a plan on response. ▫Fire Chiefs: are you willing to send personnel in warm zones? ▫Gear?  Ballistic Vests, Ballistic Helmets? ▫Work with local L.E.

22 Train, train and then train again. TEMS or TCCC training ▫Tactical Emergency Medical Support ▫Tactical Combat Casualty Care Mass Causality Incident Drills

23 Hospitals What to expect?

24 Hospitals ColumbineColumbine: 24 injuries, 2 more injured trying to escape. (13) Thurston High School, Springfield, ORThurston High School, Springfield, OR: 25 injured. (2) Virginia Tech:Virginia Tech: 17 injuries, 6 more injured trying to escape. (32) Aurora, movie theater:Aurora, movie theater: 70 injuries (12) Sandy Hook ElementarySandy Hook Elementary: 4 injured, 2 of the 4 died at the hospital. (26) Boston Marathon BombingBoston Marathon Bombing: 264 injured (3)

25 Hospitals What is your Mass Causality Incidents plans? ▫Triage plans (gunshot, burn/blast) ▫Staffing (speed dial system) ▫Incident Command System (ICS) in place? ▫Support services (blood on hand, blood bank) ▫Transporting to other hospitals ▫Admitting / Discharging ▫Dealing with Families ▫After care for employees

26 Shots fired inside of your Hospital Why would anyone shoot up a hospital?

27 Shooting inside of your facility Hospitals are: Open 24 hrs a day Most do not have security personnel People coming and going all hours Some reasons: End of life (suicide) Parental custody Gang retaliation Psychiatric patients Domestic Disputes

28 Hospital shootings Sept. 2010: A gunman upset over news about his mother's medical condition opened fire inside Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital, wounding a doctor before fatally shooting his mom and then turning the gun on himself. Jan 2011: Daniel Cesar Dominguez-Garcia, 21, entered the hospital room where a woman and her child were. An argument ensued. Dominguez pulled out a small- caliber pistol and fired one shot nobody injured. March 2012: A gunman opened fire at a Pittsburgh psychiatric clinic, leaving to two people dead, including the gunman, and injuring seven others. June 2012: Buffalo, NY – A Surgeon opens fire and kills his girlfriend on hospital grounds. December 2012: A man opened fire in a hospital, wounding an officer and two employees before he was fatally shot by police. February 2013: One person shot dead on the grounds of a Portland, OR. Hospital. March 2013: A man in a hospice on a hospital campus shot his wife dead and then turned the gun on himself.

29 What to Expect???? Chaos, confusion, disorder!!! ▫People will be running and screaming. ▫Fire alarms may be activated. ▫Sprinkler systems may be on. ▫Wounded people will be crying for help. ▫Communications will go down.

30 Shooting inside of your facility

31 Lockdown: Internal vs. External External Lockdowns: The threat is outside of the facility. Usually police will notify the facility to lock down. June 17, 2014 West Valley Hospital, AZ June 17, 2014 St. Joseph Regional Medical center, IN

32 Internal Lockdown Usually announced over the intercom Lockdown immediately ▫What if someone needs in your room you are locked in? Wait until the all clear announcement

33 Run, Hide, Fight New philosophy is Run, Hide, Fight. ▫Teaching this in schools and county buildings Run: Leave the building if it is safe. ▫Be prepared to break out a window ▫Go away from the gunfire Hide: Deny access ▫Lock the door ▫Barricade the door, if you use your body, lay flat on the ground

34 Run, Hide, Fight Hide ▫Cover the windows if possible ▫Don’t open the door until the all clear or L.E. tell you. Fight: If all else fails prepare to defend yourself ▫Fight…fight like your life depended on it, because it does!! ▫It’s time to be a Hero!! Don’t wait for someone else to save you!!

35 Run, Hide, Fight Think right now…… During a normal shift….. ▫Where would you run? ▫Where could you hide? ▫Could you get out of the hiding place if necessary? ▫What am I prepared to do to defend myself?

36 Response Time The reality is that THE FIRST 5- 12 MINUTES BELONG TO YOU! The average incident is over in less then 12 minutes. Seung-Hui Cho at Virginia Tech averaged one shot per 4 seconds. How many 4 seconds are there in 12 minutes?

37 The aftermath Be prepared to be evacuated ▫Leave personal items behind Keep your hands visible and empty Avoid quick movements, don’t approach the officers Follow the instructions of Law Enforcement ▫L.E. may prone you out or push you down, follow their commands

38 Ethical and Moral issues Do I leave the patients? ▫Most attacks are directed at hospital staff. ▫If medical staff are injured or dead, who can they help? Survival should be your number one priority. ▫Escape, if you can ▫Hide and lock the door and barricade ▫Defend yourself. Once the smoke clears…you go back to life saving mode.

39 What is your facilities plans? Does your facility have a Code Silver? Does your facility have external & internal lockdown plans? Does your facility have evacuation plans?

40 Plan, Prevent, Train Plan for all hazard events Utilize prevention techniques ▫Control ingress/egress into the hospital ▫Hire guards ▫Start budgeting now Train! ▫Train with staff ▫Train with local Law Enforcement

41 “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” - Sun Tzu, The Art of War, 500 B.C.

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