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Welcome to the Madison Middle School

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1 Welcome to the Madison Middle School
7th Grade Orientation 2014

2 2013-2014 Building Administration
Mr. Tom Wolff, Principal Miss Renee Pore, Assistant Principal

3 2014-2015 Administration Mr. Muro 7-8 Principal Ms. Pore 5-6 Principal
Mr. Manns Assistant Principal

Raise Expectations Increase Achievement Prepare for tomorrow… Make it happen!

5 Administrative Secretaries
Main Office: Mrs. Kurtz & Mrs. Shenberger Guidance Office: Mrs. Bair

6 MJHS Daily Time Schedule
7:35 Tardy Bell 8:00-8:40 1st period 8:43-9:23 2nd period 9:26-10:06   3rd period 10:09-10:49   4th period 10:52-11:22 5th period (7th grade lunch) 11:23-11:55 6th period (8th grade lunch) 11:58-12:38 7th period 12:41-1:21 8th period 1:24-2:04 9th period 2:07:-2:50 10th period

7 Picking up your schedule
Schedule Pick up 8:30am – 2:00 7th graders - Aug. 12th 8th graders – Aug. 13th 7&8th grade – Aug. 14th Your parent will need to fill out an emergency medical form and have payment for school fees and shot records. All 7th graders must get the TDAP shot before the beginning of the school year. Fees can be paid ahead of time on-line at Click on and have your student’s ID# available to pay fees. May also pre-pay for student lunches at this website. You will receive: Your Schedule Assignment Notebook Student Handbook

8 What does my child’s “Team” mean?
Two teams per grade – 8th Grade = Madison and Rams 7th Grade = Green and Silver Students randomly assigned Teams are grouped together in hallways

9 Team Green Classrooms located on right side of 1st floor Hallway
Mr. Schwartz – Social Studies Mrs. Sneed – English Mrs. Blosser – Reading Ms. Shaffner - Science Mrs. Richardson – Math Mrs. Donley – Intervention Specialist Mrs. Miller – Intervention Specialist

10 Team Silver Classrooms located on left side of 1st floor hallway Mr. Harris – Social Studies Mrs. Restelli – English Mrs. Nesbitt – Reading Mrs. Handshoe – Science Ms. Palm – Math Ms. Rexrode – Intervention Specialist Mr. Wellman – Intervention Specialist

11 7th Grade Exploratory Teachers
Mr. Parr and Mrs. Hammett – Gym Mr. Fisher – Health Mrs. Koehler – Music and Choir Mr. Fowles – Band Mrs. Shaffner – Transitions Mr. Bishop – Art Mrs. Click - Technology

12 What is Team InterventionTime?
Team Time is: * an organized review of daily work. * an opportunity for group meetings (student council, etc.) * a time to finish tests (or do make-ups) * extra review for class tests and for the OAA’s * watching of Channel 1 News for Kids TEAM GREEN Team Silver

13 MJHS Librarian Ms. Thomas
Books available for book reports or for reading enjoyment. Many research projects are conducted throughout the year in the library. Laptops are available for student research projects.

14 Changing Classes Students have 3 minutes to move from class to class.
BOOK BAGS WILL BE LEFT IN LOCKERS with students going to their lockers to get the books they need for their classes. Students should plan when they have time to go to their lockers or the restroom.

15 Lockers Students receive a locker on the first day of school from their teacher. The student’s locker will be located on the same side of the hallway as their team classrooms. A copy of locker assignments and locker combinations is kept by the teacher and one is kept by administration. Students should never give their combinations away. Students are not to share lockers.

16 Breakfast and Lunch 8th Graders eat breakfast from 7:30-7:45
Students eat breakfast in the cafeteria then return to homeroom Your student ID# is the same one you currently use. Breakfast costs $1.25. Lunch costs $2.75 You can prepay by check or cash or online.

17 Intervention Help Teachers offer assistance daily, during homeroom.
Help will be available during Team Time (6th period). Core teachers are available for parent meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Call guidance to schedule.

18 PROGRESS BOOK Progressbook allows you to check your grades and homework assignments. You will have your own password and your parents will have their own password for progressbook. Your password from Elementary school will still work in Middle School.

19 Bus Information Students are picked up and dropped off by the busses at the front of the building (7-8 Entrance). Students who are dropped off or picked by their parents use the 5-6 grade entrance off of McElroy Rd. Students will not be allowed in the building until 7:15 in the morning.

20 Bullying Bullying is not accepted in our schools.
See the handbook for the complete policy. Parents and students need to report all incidents to guidance or principals as soon as it happens. Social media is a large contributor to bullying. Please monitor your child’s use of all forms of social media.


22 Clubs Academic Challenge Kindness in Action Spirit Squad
Student Council Spelling Bee Books and Bites

23 Madison Middle school Athletics, Attendance and Dress Code

Cross Country, Football, Cheerleading, and Volleyball WINTER Basketball, Wrestling, and Cheerleading SPRING Track

25 ELIGIBILITY OHSAA requires that all school districts have a minimum standards for student participation in school sports. 7th & 8th Grade: Pass 5 classes (No GPA required until 9th grade.)

26 Physicals for Athletics
All students MUST get a physical before they are allowed to participate. Physicals are good for one year. BOYS’ Physicals are May 27th GIRLS’ Physicals are May 29th Report after school to the field house for check-in and then your parent must transport you to the wellness center at 5:00. The cost is $15. If your child can not attend during these dates, please take your child for a physical prior to practices starting in August.

27 ATTENDANCE Teachers electronically take attendance each morning.
Parents need to call the school if your child is absent. Period Attendance is taken by teachers 3 minutes between classes 5 tardies to class or school: see Asst. Principal

1. Each student has 10 days to be called off After 10 days, you will need a doctor’s excuse for each missed day Please have a parent call you off each day or send in a note INTERVENTION: Three step process 5 absences = [TAP] Truancy Awareness Program 10 absences = Unofficial Hearing with Truancy Coordinator 11or more absences + Unofficial= Official Hearing at Juvenile Court

29 Basics of the Dress Code (full dress code can be found in student handbook)
No clothing with holes, torn, defaced or mutilated Pants must be worn at the waist (no sagging) No tank tops No yoga pants (unless they are underneath shorts or a skirt that meets length requirements) Tops must be fitted at the neckline with no chest, cleavage, stomach or back visible. Skirts or shorts must extend past fingertips Hats and coats must be kept in lockers Cell phones must be turned off and be put away. If they are out for any reason the phone will be confiscated and given to the principal.


Contact with parent to bring in appropriate clothing Next step in discipline process (in-school detention, out-of-school suspension)

32 Questions? Concerns?


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