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Journey to become a Great Place To Work At Finley Hospital.

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1 Journey to become a Great Place To Work At Finley Hospital

2 Start of Journey Why? In 2008, Finley administration wanted to change the culture. We want to create a great place for patients to receive care, employees to work and physicians to practice. (A Great Place To Work)

3 Employee Recognition Manager Tool kits Sending Thank you notes mailed to employees home Employees birthdays cards mailed to employees home Birthday with David at breakfast or lunch Caring Heart, You Make a Difference and Daisy awards Employee to Employee recognition –kudos, and Wow cards

4 Finley Thank You Notes

5 Finley Wow Note

6 Employee Recognition Employee Quarter Century club and dinner Employee Service awards banquet Employee Pictures and welcoming hallway Job Shadowing employees by management and administration Patient rounding by directors/administration

7 Service Awards Banquet

8 Employee Pictures

9 Communication, Input & Follow Up Implementing Studer principles, practices and procedures Aligning organizational goals for all Developing employee standards of behavior Increase transparency of information 30 and 90 day follow up meetings with new hires

10 Communication, Input & Follow Up Orientation/welcome strategies hospital and dept level Employee rounding by directors/admin and post report with outcomes to suggestions Directors including employees in decisions impacting their jobs and work space Open Forums quarterly with follow up questions

11 Communication, Input & Follow Up Focus Groups after survey to understand the results and listen to employees suggestions for improvement GPTW survey last year – developed action plans in dept and hospital wide and implemented the action plans Quarterly updates on hospital and monthly on dept plans

12 Communication, Input and Follow Up Staff meetings monthly or newsletter Operations Councils at dept level Human Resources monthly newsletter Directors and employees treating each other beyond expectations (gift like) Peer Interviewing

13 Communication, Input & Follow Up Directors posting/share their daily schedule with their staff In HR newsletter – highlight director so employee get to know all of mgt team even if they do not work with the director

14 Benefits Methods of communication of benefits changes last year Offering Health Savings Plan Educate directors more on all benefits to assist employees Returned our match on 401(k) plan

15 Benefits Employee Incentive Program – Celebrate Us Success – Aligned with strategic goals Computer Loans for employees Sharing our Employee Market philosophy with staff

16 Social Events – Fun & team building Employee Activities committee Celebrate our successes and new journeys Hospital week events Celebrating new physicians and retiring physicians with staff and physicians Social events outside of work

17 Finley Employee Picnic

18 Wellness Activities Live Health Iowa Welcoa Award – several items Work Hardening Program Employee fitness center

19 Employees Walking

20 Community Mission Meal – serve community and communication Community events – Relay for Life, March of Dimes, Heart Walk, etc. Mgt involved in Chamber and Greater Dubuque Development Corp events and boards

21 Heart Walk – Finley Team

22 Finley Journey – Road blocks – Consistently between directors – Ensure implementing items meaningful to all employees – Hardwiring changes – follow up and what is measured gets done – Lead by admin and mgt, but employees involved – Right Individuals on mgt team and hospital team

23 Future Ideas Next Survey on May, 2012 and listen to employees input/suggestions Reviewing Benefit changes suggested by employees Social Media Ideas Communication methods/ideas

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