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This webinar is brought to you by:. Why Go To Catersource and the Art of Food?

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1 This webinar is brought to you by:

2 Why Go To Catersource and the Art of Food?

3 Return on Investment To Gain ROI in your Company

4 What Does ROI Mean for your Company? System Building Less Frustration = More Teamwork Profitable Ideas Goal Setting More Net Profit Building Your Team

5 System Building Why do we need systems? We need systems to have the ability to train and coach new employees. To give them a clear, written system in all things catering. How can we expect our new employees to have ESP and know what to do if they have no system in place? They will make their own rules. We all need systems to make our companies run better, deliver quality, and consistency to each event.

6 Less Frustration = More Teamwork Do you get frustrated when an employee does not do a task the way you want them to? Is it their fault? Probably not Learning and having a system gives you the ability to train and coach your employees. Having everyone on the same page at your company = TEAMWORK! When all employees work as a team it is very rewarding.

7 Team Work = ROI $ Less Frustration $ More Fun $ More Efficiency $ More Net Profit

8 Profitable Ideas It is nearly impossible to leave Catersource without learning 20+ great ideas to make a profit. The entire time you’re at Catersource you are surrounded by the best caterers in the industry. You can meet someone in the hallway or at a meal with new perspectives and ideas to grow your business.

9 Goal Setting Learn from the best at Catersource on how to motivate your teams by setting written goals that will help them be more successful. When we set up goals at AOC (called Key Performance Indicator or KPI’s) as a team we were able to double our profits.

10 More Net Profit Who does not want more net profit? The information you gain at Catersource can help your bottom line. Example: When we went to Catersource Art of Food in Denver, our chefs came back very motivated by Mary Crafts- Homer from Utah. Her chefs were teaching a class on fire and ice. Fire and ice was a Krispy Kreme doughnut sauteed in butter and brown sugar, flamed with rum, placed on a plate with a scoop of ice cream and topped with Himalayan sea salt. They are GREAT!

11 Krispy Kreme Donuts were on Fire! This is what our chef did regarding our making an investment in them by sending them to Catersource. Food Cost – $0.75 Selling Price – $6.95 Margin – 89% 30% Gross Profit $2.07 x 2000 served=$4,140.00 Cost to send chef to Catersource = -$2,500.00 (Air, Hotel, Show, Expenses) Net Profit to company = $1,640.00 This is just ONE example of ONE chef using ONE idea learned from Catersource. Your investment in training your employees at Catersource will increase growth, teamwork, and profits. WOW!

12 Building Your Team Your Staff Benefits: The camaraderie that comes when you attend Catersource Employees are more relaxed away from the office and the hectic pace of events They brainstorm new ideas for systems and operations Networking Your Benefits as an Owner: Build your team to a tight knit group Help to build your team’s confidence and skills Gain access to catering businesses from around the world Gain access to owners, chefs and sales personnel for questions and growth

13 Accessibility The industry leaders are so accessible and eager to help. All of the speakers at Catersource are willing to freely give so much information. Approach them! New Trends It's amazing that the people who are gathered together to speak to you are the people that are setting the trends in this industry. Every year I look forward to bringing back new ideas to my market. In reality Catersource makes me a market leader and makes me look great in my clients eyes every year. I even tell my clients that I’m going to Catersource, and why, and they want to wait to meet with me until after I get back with all those great new ideas! It’s a buying show Catersource has assembled hundreds of vendors that are not only catering specific but are offering amazing discounts at the show. You will actually save money by shopping at the Catersource tradeshow every year! Think outside of the box. Too often we get stuck and we feel alone in our own markets. Caterers in the same market are seldom friends who talk to each, much less exchange ideas. At Catersource you’ll meet similar caterers from across the country who are more than willing to exchange ideas with you, without the fear of direct competition. This will give you a fresh perspective and outside of the box thinking will pay for the conference itself! R&D Not research and development but “Rob & Duplicate.” Thousand have gone before us and Catersource is a great platform to learn the ups and downs of their journeys. Whether you are a big or small caterer you do not have to go it alone, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Steal a great idea, duplicate it, add your own spin – that’s the point of Catersource! The amount of information available to you through education is staggering.

14 Return on Investment for Catersource 2014 Las Vegas Invest 5721.00 in your best product YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Approximate Overall Costs for Each Attendee Tuition = 789.00 Flight = 350.00 / Baggage Fees – 70.00 / Hotel – 161.00/night x 5 nights = 805.00 Government rate per diem (includes food and incidentals) = 71.00/day x 5 days = 284.00 Taxi to and from airport = 60.00 1 night show in Vegas = 100.00 & Catersource Monday night Party 169.00 (must see) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------total: 2698.00 Immediate Savings/Earnings for Attending 18 – 90 minute sessions + 6 – 30 minute experience sessions = 1800 minutes of consulting time x 250.00/hour based on an average from consulting group = 7500.00 in “consulting dollars” Free 30 minute block with a Catersource Consultant = 100.00 value Free Cyber Café – 20.00/day room internet x 4 days = 80.00 value Catersource CD with all sessions free to all attendees = 499.00 value One free hour with Bill Pannhoff, Catersource Ambassador = 100.00 value Free Welcome Reception with beer, wine and light hors d’oeurves = 100.00 value Free Continental Breakfast on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday = 40.00 value 10% discount off of most trade show items. This is a buyers show… ICA Inspiration Zone with lots of free merchandise. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- total: 8419.00 Long-term Potential Savings/Earnings I guarantee that if you put to work what we give you, you can add 15% to your gross income and reduce 5-10% of your expenses., No to mention dropping you food costs by 5% Learn tons of no cost marketing. Try the Perfect Fit Track. If you develop one new item in your rental inventory and use it on ½ of parties you will increase your rental division profits. By line-iteming rentals, I was able to include a sauté burner (necessary for events) on the rentals page. The burner costs 35.00 and I rent if I rent it for 25.00/party for 50 parties. I made 1215.00. Priceless opportunities that you can only experience at Catersource The chance to hear David Tutera, Alex Guarnaschelli & Peter Callahan. ACF Las Vegas Culinary Challenge / Tabletop Contest / Trade Show / Box Lunch & Table Décor contests, etc.ges

15 Honestly, it will change the way you do business, look at your business, bid on business, and move your business into the future. If I had a choice between getting a degree in Hospitality Management and attending Catersource conference, it is a simple decision. I believe with all of my heart and soul that the most important thing is you and you can’t put a price on your happiness, health and well-being. Catersource is invested in you and your business. Call me with any questions you may have! If you want to talk call me. “You Gotta Love It!” Bill Pannhoff

16 Who Should Come to Catersource? Owners Salespeople Chefs Key Position Personnel So, who do you bring to Catersource and how many?  Everyone wants to come from your company  Air, food, lodging, tuition will generally run AOC $2,500.00 per person  Small Company – May only be the owners  Medium Company – Owner, Head Chef, Sales Manager, Event Captains  Large Company – General Manager, Sales Manager, Multiple Sales Personnel and Culinary Personnel

17 AOC Guidelines for Earning a Ticket to Catersource? Must have 18 months of tenure with AOC Be considered key personnel Must want to help us grow as a company Meet KPI’s in previous year – Our head chef has a food cost goal that he always wants to meet or exceed for a bonus. Even more than the money, he wants to be able to attend Catersource.

18 Team Training + Catersource = Maximum ROI How do you maximize your investment? Plan your system for Catersource training in advance Define what you expect from your employees while at Catersource There are so many learning opportunities from 7am to late evening each day Have a sheet to rate each session and any takeaway ideas Have a master sheet to put down the great ideas they see Debrief as a team in the evenings or mornings Take all this data back and share what you learn to your entire team Bring the excitement of Catersource home with you

19 What Will You Gain From Catersource System Building Less Frustration = More Teamwork Profitable Ideas Goal Setting More Net Profit Building Your Team

20 Closing Thoughts Catersource is the greatest place to gain knowledge and ideas to grow your company. There are many activities and destinations in Las Vegas, but we are there to expand our company and make great events and increase our profits. Have fun in Vegas, but always remember why you choose to come in the first place. What happens in Vegas does not always have to stay in Vegas. Bring back those great ideas you learn because growing a strong company will ensure to bring us all back next year. Thank you, Neal Green

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