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A Journey Through The Inner Solar System SPACED OUT PT. 1.

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2 A Journey Through The Inner Solar System SPACED OUT PT. 1

3 Chapter 1: Just Another Day It was just like any other day. The twins woke up, brushed their teeth, had their favorite bowl of cereal for breakfast – Jimmy ate Fruity O’s and Steff had a big bowl ChocoFlakes – they caught the bus and made it to school. Nothing strange about it. e/tags/cereal/default.aspx

4 Ms. Mileur’s third grade science class had been all about space for the last week and the twins were sick of it. Jimmy thought the solar system was cold and black and boring and Steff thought space was too far away for her to care about. After the science lesson, Ms. Mileur called the twins over to her desk. “Jimmy, Steff, I noticed the two of you had a hard time paying attention during science today. Is everything okay?” “Space is just boring.” Jimmy said. “Yeah,” agreed Steff, “suuuuper boring.” “Oh, well in that case,” Ms. Mileur wrote something down on a piece of paper, folded it and handed it to the twins, “Take this to Room 13.” Click here to go to Room 13 Click here to go to the playground Chapter 2: Same Old Science http://www.lessons4sunda partbulletinboard.jpg

5 “There is no Room 13 in this school.” Jimmy said as soon as the twins left the class.” “Yeah. I know. Let’s just go to the playground instead.” Steff shoved the note in her pocket and they ran outside. They hadn’t been outside more than five minutes when they heard a door close. Steff and Jimmy quickly hid as they saw the creepy janitor come out. “Who’s out here? I see you two! What are you doing out here?” He shouted. “We don’t want to listen to the science lesson.” Jimmy answered. The janitor looked at them with surprise. “Follow me.” He said. The twins followed the janitor down a hallway they had never noticed before. At the end of the hallway was a dark door with a small plaque that said “Room 13” on it. “Room 13.” The twins whispered together. Click here to go in to Room 13 Chapter 3: The Playground http://images.paraor mages/n/night_of_st ars-842.gif

6 Chapter 3: Room 13 “Room 13? I didn’t know there was a Room 13 at this school.” Steff said as they left the room. Jimmy and Steff searched down every hallway of the school and couldn’t find a Room 13. “Maybe it’s down here?” Jimmy pointed to a dark hallway they had never noticed before. As they started down the dimly lit hallway, they saw a door at the very end. A light was coming out of the bottom of the door, flickering every so often. “Room 13.” The twins whispered at the same time. Jimmy bravely knocked on the door. Click here to see who opens the door m/img/clipart/ images/n/nig ht_of_stars- 842.gif

7 Chapter 4: Inside Room 13 Inside the twins discovered it was the janitor’s office. But it did not look like any officethey had ever seen. There were computers and flashing lights and buttonseverywhere. A low humming noise was coming from somewhere. The only cleaningsupplies Steff could see were in a small box underneath a desk full of papers.“Look,” whispered Jimmy, “Whaddaya suppose that is?” He was pointing to a largeblue sphere glowing in the back corner.“That is uh…” the janitor fumbled over his words, “its like a school bus. But only forreally special field trips.”“We want to go on a special field trip!!” the twins shouted.“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”“Please,” begged Steff, “Anything is better than science.”“Well, I do need some guinea pigs to test it out on. Oh alright.” He pushed a fewinvisible buttons on the sphere and a door slid open. The kids jumped in.“Now be careful. Don’t leave the pod. No matter what.” And with that the pod startedspinning faster and faster.“Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.” Jimmy said worriedly.But it was too late.

8 … the Sun is not a plant but a star. … the Sun is the center of our Solar System. That means all of the planets orbit around the sun.orbit … the Sun is a big ball of gas! … the Sun warms and gives light to all of the planets. The sphere shot up through the roof of the school and flew faster and faster through the sky. The world was quickly becoming smaller and smaller. The twins sailed past the clouds and out of the atmosphere.atmosphere “Look!” Jimmy pointed. “The moon.” They zoomed past the moon and towards the bright sun. Click here to visit Mercury Chapter 5: The Sun Click the screen to see some facts about the Sun Did you know…

9 Chapter 6: Mercury Instead of heading straight into the sun, the sphere quickly turned and began to orbitaround Mercury. The kids could see the planet getting closer and closer through theglass walls of their pod.“Where are we?” Steff asked Jimmy.“Mercury, I think.”“How can you tell?”“Well, Mercury is the planet closest to the sun. And it looks like our moon because ofall of it’s craters.” Jimmy said. “Ms. Mileur said that today in class.”Steff examined the planet carefully. “Wow. Look how small it is. And it has nomoons.”“Yeah. Woah! We’re taking off again.” Jimmy grabbed on to his seat. Click here to go to Venus Image from /space/planets/mercury2.png

10 Steff grabbed her brother’s hand as the pod took off towards Venus. “Wow, look at all of the clouds around Venus. Let’s get out and explore.” Jimmy said. “NO! We can’t. Remember what Ms. Mileur said. Those clouds trap heat in the planet. Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System!” Steff shouted. “Oh that must be why the janitor told us not to get out of this thing. What else did Ms. Mileur say?” “Well, the surface of Venus is like the Earth’s, and Venus is almost the same size as Earth. That’s why they are sister planets.” Chapter 7: Venus Click here to pass Earth Click here to visit Earth

11 The twins sailed passed the Earth. “Man, we live on a beautiful planet.” Steff said to her brother. “Yeah, I kinda miss it right now.” Jimmy said sadly. “Yeah… me too.” Steff said. Click here to go to Mars The Earth is the only planet in our Solar System that has living creatures on it.Solar System Most of the Earth’s surface is water. The Moon is a satellite of the Earth.satellite The Moon has four stages; full, waxing, waning and new. The Earth and The Moon Click to see some facts about the Earth and Moon

12 Chapter 8: Mars Jimmy and Steff zipped passed Earth. “Look, there’s home. I miss it.” Said Jimmy sadly. “Yeah, me too,” Steff agreed, “but look at Mars.” “Wow, it’s sooo red. I guess it really is “The Red Planet.” Jimmy said. “And it has two moons! We only have one. Do you remember what their names are? Phobos and Deimos, right?” “Yeah. It looks cold. Do you see those polar ice caps?” Jimmy pointed to the white patches at the top and bottom of the planet.polar ice caps All of the sudden the sphere started to shudder and shake. “WHAT IS GOING ON!?!” The twins shouted. Image from art/space/planets/mercury2.png Click here to go back home

13 Chapter 9: Home The sphere took off again, hurtling towards earth.hurtling “We’re going home!” Steff shouted with joy. “We’re going to crash!” Jimmy screamed. The blue pod whizzed past the Moon and shook as it entered the atmosphere. “We’re on fire!” Steff screamed. “Yeah, the friction of the atmosphere creates heat on our pod that turns into fire.” shouted Jimmy.friction The sphere began to slow down as they got closer to the ground. “There’s our school!” said Jimmy. “We made it.” Back in their classroom, Ms. Mileur asked them why it took them so long. “Oh,” said Steff and Jimmy, “just learning about science.”

14 AtmosphereAtmosphere: The gas that surrounds a planet OrbitOrbit: To go around the sun or the path a planet takes around the sun Solar SystemSolar System: All eight of the planets and the Sun SatelliteSatellite: A smaller object that orbits a planet, like a moon Polar Ice CapsPolar Ice Caps: An area of a planet that is covered in ice FrictionFriction: What happens when two things rub against each other

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