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Texas Schools, Bullying and the Law Compliance Training for MISD Staff.

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1 Texas Schools, Bullying and the Law Compliance Training for MISD Staff

2 The Texas Education Code Chapter 37 and MISD Board Policies FFI require all school staff be trained on bullying laws, procedures, and intervention.

3 Training Chapters Include: What is Bullying Bullying and the Law MISD Board Policy FFI (Local) How to Intervene Quiz

4 Training Video: What is Bullying?

5 K12/downloads-videos

6 MISD Board Policy – Freedom from Bullying State law requires all district staff to receive a copy of MISD Board Policies on Bullying. Download policies from links below: LEGAL).pdf LOCAL).pdf


8 Bullying Prevention Interventions Written Reports –Student Incident Report (FFI Local- Exhibit B): Can be filled out anytime, anywhere by students, staff, or parents who have experienced, witnessed, heard about or participated in inappropriate or concerning behaviors –Paper-pencil Incident Report: Students complete report in an administrator’s office.

9 Bullying Prevention Interventions 30-Second, On-the-Spot Intervention –Purpose: To quickly interrupt bullying or other inappropriate behaviors and clarify expectations. –Delivery method: Face-to-face, keeping it SHORT AND ON POINT. –When: The first time inappropriate behaviors are observed. Remember: Prevention means interrupting and redirecting behavior BEFORE negative patterns are set. –Where: Wherever bullying behaviors are observed (hallways, cafeteria, auditorium, gymnasium, library, bus line, classroom, etc.)

10 Bullying Prevention Interventions 30-Second, On-the-Spot Intervention (Con’t) –How: Clearly and directly interrupt the behavior, name the behavior, show empathy to victim, caution perpetrator and bystanders, report what you saw to an administrator using your campus incident report or referral form, as directed by your campus administrators. –What NOT to do: Dole out punishments, engage in long dialogue, argue with students; do not ignore inappropriate student behavior

11 Staff Member (in firm, but controlled tone): Excuse me. I just saw something that’s not okay. (To perpetrator) You grabbed his arm, then held him against the wall. (To victim) I’m sorry this happened; it’s not okay. I want to check in with you later, okay? (To bystanders) When students stand by and allow things like this to happen without speaking up, it hurts our school. (To perpetrator) I will be talking to an administrator about what I saw. I will be monitoring this area and don’t want to see this kind of behavior again. Now, I need you all to get to class.

12 ROLE PLAY: Teachers, divide into groups of 4 and assign out the following roles: Perp, Bystander, Victim, Teacher. Take turns practicing each role. Use the following scenarios. One student makes a threatening gesture to another student. Bystander copies gesture to another student. One student knocks another student’s book off his desk, then walks away. Bystander laughs. A student is shoved in the hallway. A face-off ensues, but no punches have been thrown. Bystander pulls out phone and starts filming.

13 Mandatory Quiz You must complete the quiz provided on line to receive credit for this course. This quiz must be completed no later than August 24, 2012.

14 Thank you for your participation! If you have additional questions please contact: Campus administrator Campus counselor MISD Director of Counseling and Support Services MISD Director of Administrative Services

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