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Welcome to Tate Woods Elementary School Open House 2011-2012 Presented by: Mrs. Wesley Gosselink, Principal.

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1 Welcome to Tate Woods Elementary School Open House Presented by: Mrs. Wesley Gosselink, Principal

2 Mrs. Monica Wagoner President

3 Lisle Education Foundation Lori Whitnell, Board Member The Foundation was formed in 1987 to serve as a link between the community and the schools. Through the Foundation, funds and resources are provided to enhance and enrich educational opportunities for all District 202 students that would not otherwise be possible. The pursuit of excellence and quality education is the top priority for the District. The Foundation provides resources beyond the normal operating budgets for educational programs and activities for students. Local businesses, individuals in the community and the school district working together can help to ensure a successful future for all students.

4 Purpose of Open House Introduce ourselves and welcome you to Tate Woods Elementary School Communicate with you about the systems we use to educate students attending Tate Woods Focus on Home and School Collaborative Learning

5 Board of Education District Goals Goal #1 Improve academic achievement of all students in the District as measured by State and local assessments. Goal #2 Ensure a healthy, safe, nurturing and empowering learning community as measured by climate indicators. Goal #3 Increase communication regarding District 202 success stories through various media. Goal #4 Continue to achieve financial recognition from the Illinois State Board of Education through effective management of resources that promotes fiscal stability and financial accountability.

6 Tate Woods and Schiesher Collaboration… PreK-5 Collaboration builds continuity in instruction and a natural progression for students from building to building.

7 Student Learning at Tate Woods Literacy Social/ Emotional Learning Mathematics Science and Social Studies Communication

8 These are the rules we work by…

9 Introducing our 3 B’s Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Ready

10 Locations for our 3 B’s

11 JBay & DBurke/Instructional Support Team/IST VOLUMEVOLUME Emergencies Calls for Help Playground, Outside Games, Sporting Events Classroom, Lunchroom, Cubbies, Asking Questions in Class Library, Discussions with Small Groups, Hello in the Hallway, Talking with One Person When Someone Else is Talking, Lining Up, Tests Walking in Hallway Teacher Instruction, Working Alone

12 What we hear from parents… You want your child to go to a high performing school and do well. You love your kids and want the best for them. You tell your kids when they do well and when they need to do differently. You find enjoyment in activities with your children. You send us the smartest, most well-behaved kids you have. You trust us because you send your child to school everyday.

13 Communication: We want to Get to Know You and Let You Know Us Phone call, note, …we are glad to hear from you. We are professionals who are here to co-educate your child. We will do everything to assist you and help you. Please make sure you let us know your thoughts. We’re here to work together to have your children do great things. We send home important information in print form. Please be sure to check backpacks or the virtual backpack on a daily basis. Update your information. New number, disconnection, new emergency contact? Please send a note or call with new information. This is important for your child’s safety.

14 The example you set will be followed by the little ones. Remember, they’re always watching us…let’s show them what matters. Love and Hug One Another! Parting thought…

15 Enjoy the Open House PRIDE/Pre-K Ms. Marino Room 1 Early Childhood Ms. Diane Room 5 Mr. Harrington-Rm.7 Mrs. Forthaus-Rm. 8 Mrs. Bellazzini-Rm 4 Mrs. Peterson-Rm 3 Mrs. Remigio-Rm 11 Ms. Fadin-Rm 12 Mrs. Altic-Rm 13 Mrs. Weeks-Rm 14 Mrs. Pupillo-Rm 15 Mrs. Dooley-Rm 16 Leave through back of gym, walk through lunchroom to the right. Turn right at hallway to Room 1 Leave through back of gym, walk through lunchroom to the right. Turn right at hallway to Room 5 Leave through back of gym. Follow blue line straight to main hallway. Turn left to the rooms. Leave through side of gym. Turn right into Library. Classrooms are around the library.

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