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(1) Application (2) Committee Approval (3) Check and Forms Getting a UC grant.

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2 (1) Application (2) Committee Approval (3) Check and Forms Getting a UC grant

3 Most important points: Our funding period is September 9 th to December 2 nd. No shopping/reading period events. The UC has a commitment to equal funding. We try not to make value judgments. We fund only student groups, and all the grant money must be used directly for students. (i.e. not guest presents, accommodation, etc.) Apply early, apply early, apply early! Get your Completed Project Forms to us ASAP!

4 Two types of grants RetroactiveUpfront You make the expense, we reimburse you. Must apply and come to us before 21 days have passed since your event took place Should bring Completed Project Form with you to the interview. You tell us your budget, we give you a check. Must reimburse the UC if you do not fully use the amount funded. Should get us the Completed Project Form before 21 days have passed since your event took place.

5 UC website :

6 Click “Apply”

7 Common Grants Website

8 Pick “UC” Retroactive or Upfront

9 List Revenues and Expenditures *describe them clearly*

10 7-day Timeline Applications due: Sunday by 11:59pm Interview times assigned and e-mailed to the given e-mail: on Monday Interview: Wednesday assigned time Final decisions: e-mailed by the following Monday morning Check pick-up: usually the following meeting

11 Interviews: Wednesdays 7-9

12 CPFs?!

13 Completed Project Forms

14 Important points: Fill the entire form out Do not worry about the grant ID Write down the ACTUAL project expense, a.k.a “the amount that your receipts add up to” Attach your receipts well – flimsy stuff causes problems

15 CPF deadline If retroactive? bring it to the interview If upfront? up to 21 days after the event before December 2 nd In all cases? ASAP

16 Q: Meh, why do I care? A1: You want to get your check A2: You don’t want to owe us money A3: You don’t want more stress

17 Where do I turn it in? UC mailbox: Science Center, before you turn into the little hallway that leads to room 109 Wednesdays 7-9!!!

18 Remits If you owe the UC from a past semester or a current grant: write out a check to “Undergraduate Council”

19 (more than) absolute deadline LAST MEETING: - last interviews - last chance to hand in CPFs - FiCom world ends * LAST EVENT DAY These dates do not exist.

20 Consult our policies Club Sports - $1000, $1500, $2000 Publications - $500 per semester Musicals and Theatre - $1000 per semester Fundraisers Ticketed events : must donate UC tix, cannot reach profit General Operations Costs – must be crucial to club mission Travel – round trip T-fare, $3.40 per person Food – from $2 to $4 Board retreats - $5 per person Disc Jockeys - $150 Competition fees - $25 A/V equipment – get it from MTS, or we will fund at MTS rates General meetings – we will fund a maximum of 3

21 Consult our policies Dishware – considered part of food allocation Repeated events – a maximum of 3 Printing – 4 cents per sheet Publicity - $10 Decorations- must be theme-oriented Guests Shipping Awareness campaigns - $250 Fashion shows - $2500 Conferences - $3000

22 Additional Programming and Support

23 Consider your options – and apply!

24 Questions?

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