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1 February 10-11, 2015 Revisions to RPS Calculator (v6.0) Workshop.

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1 1 February 10-11, 2015 Revisions to RPS Calculator (v6.0) Workshop


3 Introduction Housekeeping Workshop purpose and agenda History of RPS Calculator (versions 1 – 5) Current use of RPS Calculator in CPUC/CAISO Processes

4 Safety and Emergency Information In the event of an emergency, please calmly proceed out the exits. We have four exits: Two in the rear and one on either side of the speakers. In the event that we do need to evacuate the building: – Our assembly point is Jefferson Square Park on Turk and Gough Streets. – For the Rear Exits - Head out through the courtyard, and down the front steps. Continue west on McAllister Street. Turn north onto Franklin Street. Turn west onto Turk Street and proceed to Gough Street. – For the Side Exits - Go out of the exits and you will be on Golden Gate Avenue. Proceed west to Franklin Street. Turn north onto Franklin Street. Turn west onto Turk Street and proceed to Gough Street.

5 Emergency Exit Routes

6 Other Information WiFi Access login: guest password: password RPS Website All presentations are available on the RPS website Restrooms Out the Auditorium doors and down the far end of the hallway.

7 Call-In Information Phone Conference Number: (866) 778-0461 Participant Code: 3664376# WebEx Day One 689 689 Meeting Number: 746 187 316 Meeting Password: !Energy1 WebEx Day Two 81db 81db Meeting Number: 748 876 520 Meeting Password: !Energy1

8 Purpose of Workshop A.Discuss stakeholder comments on RPS Calculator v6.0* B.Identify functionality needed in v6.1 for 1.2016-2017 Long Term Procurement Proceeding (LTPP) 2.2016/2017 California Independent System Operator Transmission Planning Process (CAISO TPP) C.Discuss and identify areas for further coordination across PUC proceedings and with sister agencies D.Discuss role of RPS Calculator in facilitating the achievement of State RPS goals *Additional responses to stakeholder comments available in Technical Notes document on RPS web page

9 Workshop Plan PurposeAgenda Item A. Discuss stakeholder comments on RPS Calculator v6.0 II. RPS Calculator v6.0 Functionality DAY ONE B. Identify functionality needed in v6.1 III. Implications of Energy- Only Procurement DAY TWO C. Identify areas for further coordination IV. Intra-CPUC Alignment D. Discuss role of RPS Calculator V. >33% Statewide Transmission Planning

10 Agenda Overview DAY ONE Calculator Overview Resource Costs and Potential LUNCH (12-1) Resource Costs and Potential (cont’d) BREAK (3:15) Resource Valuation DAY TWO Resource Valuation (cont’d) Energy-Only Procurement and Transmission Planning BREAK (10:45) CAISO Energy-Only Planning LUNCH (12-1) Process Alignment BREAK (3:15) Role of RPS Calculator in Statewide 33% RPS Transmission Planning

11 RPS Calculator Past and Present 2009: RPS Calculator created by CPUC RPS staff – Informed 33% RPS Implementation Assessment 2010: RPS Calculator integrated into LTPP proceeding – Output used to inform LTPP system and CAISO transmission planning efforts 2014 (Jan): RPS Calculator added to RPS Proceeding – Calculator design & administration is now part of RPS proceeding. RPS now supports LTPP’s planning efforts. 2014 (Oct): RPS Calculator v6.0 staff proposal issued 2015 (Feb): RPS Calculator v6.0 Workshop

12 How RPS Portfolios are Used in Long- Term Planning Studies RPS Vets and adopts RPS Calculator methodologies, inputs and assumptions annually and develops RPS portfolios RPS submits portfolios to LTPP for generation planning LTPP Vets and adopts combinations of assumptions (including RPS portfolios) to construct multiple scenarios for use in long term planning analysis Output LTPP scenario analysis informs CPUC procurement authorizations LTPP scenarios (with associated RPS portfolios) are provided to CAISO for use in TPP. TPP may approve new transmission infrastructure if needed to serve scenario/case.

13 RPS Calculator Next Steps 2015 Q3: Issue draft v6.1 with draft portfolios for comment 2015 Q4: Finalize and adopt v6.1 and associated portfolios via ruling (tentative, pending workshop comments) Additional rulings will be issued later this year seeking comments on outstanding Calculator-related issues (e.g., environmental scoring) and scheduling additional workshops as needed.

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