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THE ENVIRONMENT Administrator’s Council Professional Development.

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1 THE ENVIRONMENT Administrator’s Council Professional Development

2 Why Focus on Environment? Renewal of Supervision Model Renewed curriculum focus is on “learning” Response to Intervention focus on environment Initiating dialogue with teachers Provides evidence about what we value

3 Environment Purpose: To consider the environment and the evidence that tells us about learning To consider how the environment acts as a catalyst for change

4 Agenda Purpose of Today (5 minutes) Entry Way/Hallway (10 minutes) Bulletin Boards( 15 minutes) Classroom (35 minutes) Connection to the CIA Rubric (15 minutes) Shifts or Changes to Occur (5 minutes) Reflections (5 minutes)

5 Environment Considerations The classroom and school environment reflects the values of the people who live in the space. Framework to explore environment includes: Environment Photographs Describe what you see. What do we value? What does it say about learning? Questions to further the dialogue. 1.Entry Way 1.Hallway 2.Bulletin Board 3.Classroom Considerations

6 Review Entry Way and Hallway Photographs Identified by a #1 in your brown folders (10 mins) Individually look at your own school’s entry way and hallway. What do you notice? Value? What are the values you see? (cleanliness, order, organization, differences) Share observations with group. Together in group discuss how these places value learning. Questions you might ask

7 Review Bulletin Board Photographs Identified by #2 in your brown folders (15 mins) What do you notice/value/learning? Generate from your group 1 common idea or understanding that is emerging based on your analysis of the environment. Share with the large group.

8 Review Classroom Photographs Identified by #3 in your brown folders (35 mins) What do you notice/value/learning? Do you see the “whole child”?  physical – purchased materials, desks in rows/groups  socio-emotional – rules, point of focus,  intellectual – strategies, outcomes, growth, process  spiritual – aesthetically pleasing, calming, inspiring, reflective spaces

9 Connections to the CIA Rubric How might your discussions and observations inform the CIA Rubric? (15 mins)  Are there indicators we can add?  What’s missing?  Are some indicators not appropriate?  Is what we felt important reflected in the CIA rubric?

10 Environment Shifts to Occur Stimulation versus purposeful focused learning Teacher crafted environment versus student shared space Finished product versus process, strategies, metacognition Teacher judgements versus student growth and learning

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