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PBIS (Bulldog Pride) at Columbia Middle School Sunnyvale School District.

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1 PBIS (Bulldog Pride) at Columbia Middle School Sunnyvale School District

2 How we got started (initial implementation) Where are we today? Challenges and obstacles overcome Accomplishments Success/growth revealed-SWIS data analysis

3 How has PBIS improved the school climate, school safety, services for vulnerable populations and supported bullying prevention? What are our future plans?

4 Initial PBIS implementation-How we got started Site team attended PBIS training fall 2010 School rules established/locations identified/SWIS implemented Explicit student behavior expectations identified for specific locations First Bulldog Pride roll-out: fall 2011 (behavior defined and taught)

5 Present day PBIS – where are today? PBIS meetings – twice a month TIPS (team initiated problem solving model) utilized SWIS data analyzed and used to identify problems and brainstorm solutions Action items generated from most current TIC (Team Implementation Checklist) - How do we promote expected behaviors? - How do we respond to unexpected behaviors? - Are we keeping staff informed re: problem behaviors?

6 Challenges/obstacles overcome Needed improvement: Discipline Guidelines format/content “Random” rewards program Visibility and daily reminders Bulldog of the Month program/ Assemblies Roll-out presentations Referral format

7 Accomplishments Discipline guidelines/ revised Student store up and running ( cost and no cost items) Signs up – Daily PBIS reminders included in morning announcements

8 Accomplishments continued Student bulldog of the month Staff awards: “reason of the month”,raffle winners for using up pads of bulldog bucks PBIS recognition at academic awards assemblies and rallies Bulldog Pride roll-out enhanced with videos Referral revised to reflect updated SWIS language, behavior categories, prior teacher actions

9 Success and Growth revealed: Schoolwide Information System

10 Suspensions 2012 and 2013 from Aug to Nov.

11 3 year trend

12 What does this mean? This is the first year that all three Tiers are fully implemented and not being developed. Average Referrals per month for the beginning of the school year are down. Students are being identified earlier now that ODR are being inputted with fidelity.

13 85% of our students received 0-1 referrals for the last two years. (2011-2013 and 2012-2013 school years)

14 Climate for Learning Research: Teaching rules and procedures at the beginning of the year and enforcing them consistently across time increases student academic achievement and task engagement. PBIS Goal: Preventing problem behavior by acknowledging and rewarding positive behavior.

15 Students Like Receiving Positive and Public Recognition: Bulldog Bucks Bulldog of the Month Bottom-line: Streamlining routines and setting expectations helps students to be on task minimizes disruption and increases instruction time and learning. In other words, if students are behaving and on task, they’re more willing and likely to learn.

16 How has PBIS improved the climate for school safety? Back in 2012 during Asset survey, 30% of students felt the school provided a caring environment, by the end of June 2013 77% of students felt school provided a caring environment. Safety plan goal was: By June 2013, Columbia Middle School students that feel that CMS provides a caring school climate will increase from 30% to 75%. Action Steps: 1. Bulldog Pride will become more visible and active on campus. a. Bulldog pride will expand committee by recruiting two to four additional members. b. Bulldog pride will spearhead anti-bullying campaign. 2. Increase Bulldog Pride incentives a. Obtain feedback to students about Bulldog Pride incentives b. Purchase and replenish incentives for school wide academic and behavior support.

17 PBIS: Safety at Columbia 1. Walk on the right-hand side of the corridor and watch where you’re going. 2. Don’t block the hallways-allow others to pass easily. 3. No riding bicycles or skateboards, or any unsafe behavior-one foot on the ground at all times. 4. Keep doorways clear, especially bathrooms. When students walk down the right way of the hallway and are demonstrating the “S” in SR^2, they receive a bulldog buck.

18 Bullying prevention Classroom Lessons (pup talks) – “Stop, Walk, Talk" – Definition of bullying – Empowering bystanders – Cyberbullying. Services to “vulnerable” populations (Tier 2/Tier 3 services) - Response to Intervention meetings - CICO

19 School climate continued Tier 2/3 Services for Vulnerable Populations Counseling services – Individual – Group Anger Management Grief Social Skills Young Women's / Men's CHAC-Teen Talk Kaiser Girls group Girls for a change – Parenting Classes in Spanish/English

20 Future Plans Analyze fall SAS complete TIC before winter break Implement booster sessions as needed (after breaks, SWIS data) Formalize/integrate student representative roles/responsibility Recruit parent team members

21 Future plans continued.. Encourage teachers to use PBIS to implement effective classroom systems Create class/grade level incentives to promote SR squared Develop a plan to increase 8 th grade interest in earning Bulldog Bucks

22 Student Store Items

23 Students entering Store

24 Cashing in Bulldog Bucks

25 Student store: parent volunteers

26 Bulldog Pride Roll-Out August 2013 Student created video: SR squared in the hallways/quad…

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