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Welcome 6th Grade Parents

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1 Welcome 6th Grade Parents
Carnage Magnet Middle School (CM²S)

2 Marsha Ramdeen- Assistant Principal Deborah Davis- Guidance Counselor
Hydrogen Mrs. Spivey (LA) Mrs. Murphy (LA) Mrs. Macon (Math) Mrs. Kuzmicki (TL, Sci) Mrs. Krietman (SS) Mrs. Martin (SS) Oxygen Mrs. Austin (LA) Mrs. Warren (LA) Mrs. Defore (Math) Mrs. Wilday (Math) Mrs. Zeches (TL, Sci) Mrs. St. Juliana (SS)

3 CM²S Mission To provide each and every student a challenging educational experience in a safe, collaborative, and trusting environment that celebrates diversity, promotes self-discipline, and fosters responsible citizenship to ensure success in the 21st century.

4 School supplies needed
CM²S Facts School Mascot Trojan School Colors Green & Gold School Hours 7:35-2:20 Agenda Fee $5.00 School supplies needed Teacher list available

5 CLUBS/ACTIVITIES Yearbook Arts Booster WTRJ
Sports (7th & 8th Grade Only) Student Council (6th, 7th & 8th) French Club Spanish Club Odyssey of the Mind Robotics National Junior Beta Club Band Strings Orchestra Science Olympiad Math Count

6 CM²S 6th graders are not eligible to participate in middle school sports. All 6th graders are encouraged to show School Spirit and Trojan pride by attending games. Students must arrange transportation with a parent in order to attend games.

7 School Layout 2400, 2600 Hallway 2200, 2300 Hallway
6th Grade 2200, 2300 Hallway 7th Grade 300, 400, 600 Hallway 8th Grade Elective Classes Throughout Building

8 Dressing for Success Our code of student conduct prohibits disruptive, provocative, revealing, profane, vulgar, offensive, obscene or unsafe clothing or bodily appearances. Examples- Don't wear: exposed undergarments sagging pants see-through or excessively short, tight or revealing clothes bare midriff or strapless shirts clothing with lewd, indecent or vulgar messages or illustrations clothing that advertises products or services illegal to minors head coverings chains, spikes or other accessories that could be perceived as or used as a weapon clothing that violates the school system's policies against gang and gang-related activities

9 Transportation Bus Route Information
Available August 18, 2014 on Check to see which bus route your child rides Not assigned a bus? Request service at Additional Assistance No Internet Access

10 Important Information
Students are not permitted to ride any bus other than the one assigned by transportation. Notes will NOT be accepted requesting students ride another bus. Parents must make arrangements for students if they will not be riding their assigned bus.

11 Lockers Students will be assigned a lock and locker during the first week of school. Lockers are the property of the school. Students will be provided with time to practice using their lock in the classroom. Lost locks will result in school fine.

12 Class Information CORE CLASSES
Consist of instruction in Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Electives Important part of the Carnage academic program. Students choose electives at the beginning of the school year. The staff tries diligently to meet all student requests. However, not every student can receive his/her first choice.

13 Typical Sixth Grade Day
Four core classes per day. Three elective per day. Lunch Period Students may attend tutoring during lunch.

14 Schedule Changes will be made under the following conditions:
The student is missing a class The student has not met prerequisite for a course Balancing class sizes Request for a schedule change due to personal preference will not be considered!!

15 Absences Parents of absent students should have the student bring a note on the day that he/she returns to school. All notes should be given to student services, and include the reason for absence, and date(s) of absence.

16 Tardy Policy-Trojans on Time
Students have 4 minutes to transition between classes. 1st - Warning 2nd -3rd - Parent Contact 4th- 6th - Lunch Detention & Parent Contact 7th - Administrative Referral

17 Home base/Power School is HERE!!!
Please BE PATIENT! It is constantly being updated Students stay on top of assignments, parents are able to participate in their child's progress, and teachers can instantly share information from their gradebook with parents and students. Families with multiple students can also set up their accounts to view all of their students at one time, with one login.

18 Parent/Teacher Communication
Contact Team Leader to schedule a parent/teacher conference: 6th Grade- Mrs. Zeches and Mrs. Kuzmicki Conferences can be scheduled during the teachers’ planning periods. NOTE: Parents please do not “drop by” for a conference. You will be asked to make an appt. for a later date. You may also communicate with your child’s teachers via (see school’s web-site) If you have any questions about your child’s academic/social development you may also contact your child’s counselor (Deborah Davis).

19 School Counselor Individual counseling Group counseling
Classroom guidance Academic, college, and career counseling Assisting students in developing an academic plan Interpreting standardized test results Grief and crisis counseling Responding to and assisting with crises Developing confidential relationships with students Advocating for students Promoting and monitoring student success in a collaborative manner Helping students overcome barriers to learning Providing preventive and intervention strategies for student success Facilitating parent/teacher conferences Serving as a resource to students of available community opportunities Serving as a resource for school staff and parents Serving as a resource for community referrals Providing parent and community outreach Fostering a positive school environment by embracing and promoting diversity

20 Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBiS)
A systems approach for establishing the social culture and individualized behavioral supports needed for schools to be effective learning environments for all students

21 CM²S Success 4mula Preparation Safety Respect Responsibility

22 Supporting Social Competence and Academic Achievement
OUTCOMES Supporting Staff Behavior Supporting Decision Making Key Points: This graphic describes the interplay between the three elements needed to achieve desired outcomes. Each system supports the other. What makes PBS different is that all three parts must be addressed to create sustainable change Practices-support student behavior Systems-support adult behavior (which must change first) Data-supports decision making Schools usually focus only on changing practices, but then no one follows though on suggested changes WHY? Because if you don’t think about how to support the adults to make the necessary changes they will be less likely to do it. This requires changing the systems . Also if you make changes that are not based on real meaningful data, the changes will feel irrelevant to staff and they will be less likely to follow though To maximize effectiveness we must implement all three. SYSTEMS DATA PRACTICES Supporting Student Behavior

23 Field Trips Field trips and other activities will be scheduled throughout the year. Attendance of field trips and activities may be denied due to behavior or academic concerns as applicable. Dates and details will be distributed as they become available.

24 Your Child’s Nutrition
PRICES Student breakfast $1.25 Student reduced breakfast $ .30 Student lunch $2.25 Student reduced lunch $ .40

25 Contact Information AP- Marsha Ramdeen- Counselor–Deborah Davis- Front Office- (919) Transportation- (919) Important Dates Schedule Pick-Up 8/20/14 (12-3) First Day of School 8/25/14

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