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Wilson’s Creek Principal Mrs. Karyn Christy, Ed.D. Assistant to the Principal MS. Brittany Mullen (Admin.)

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2 Wilson’s Creek

3 Principal Mrs. Karyn Christy, Ed.D. Assistant to the Principal MS. Brittany Mullen (Admin.)

4 PTA OFFICERS:  President: Daisy McCrary Vice President: Wendy Swope  Secretary: Serena Woods Treasurer: Casey Greenway

5 Our Mission The Wilson’s Creek Community is committed to the pursuit of academic and character excellence. The Wilson’s Creek Community is committed to the pursuit of academic and character excellence.

6 School Colors

7 M a s c o t

8 Celebrations!  Wilson’s Creek school is consistently ranked in the top schools in the entire SPS district for best student attendance!!  Our Grade-Level MAP scores are consistently among the best grade-level scores in the district!  Our Grade-Level discipline numbers are consistently among the best in the district.

9 Great News!! Our 5 th grade teachers LOVE teaching 5 th graders!! We have studied this age group so we can be better educators for them!!

10 What did your family like most about the W.C. experience? “Seeing my son mature and being his own person. He grew up and matured so much at Wilson’s Creek. I think it helped so much because he had to be accountable and do things on his own.”

11 What best prepared you and your child for the 5 th grade experience? “I think our best prep was visiting the school a couple times before the first day so the locker issue was mute.” “It is important to always read the [weekly] Newsletter.”

12 What would you like to share with other incoming parents that would help their journey go more smoothly? “Encourage your student to stay on top of organizing assignments and always read the planner. I let my student fail at times so they could learn some lessons. This was really hard though.”

13 “ Stay involved as much as you possibly can. Ask your kids what is going on in class and assist them with their reading and homework. Use the tools Wilson’s Creek provides such as the eschoolplus and weekly newsletters from teachers so you can stay on top of your kids and ask questions if they have missing assignments. Take part in the activities and help out in the class room if you can. ”

14 Our Goal Accomplished! Thank you all for two wonderful years! My child has really enjoyed her time at Wilson's Creek. It's been a very positive experience. She's learned so much and become so responsible. Thank you for the great foundation you've given her for middle school. We appreciate you!!

15 Volunteers! –PTA needs volunteers –Please let the PTA know if you are able to volunteer for activities or office help! Wilson’s Creek staff need volunteers. –Background checks- Free for limited time. Must fill out online at SPS website. –Please contact your child’s teachers if you are able to volunteer.

16 Love and Logic Research based approach to parenting and teaching. Two Rules of Love and Logic 1) Adults set limits without anger, lectures, threats, or repeated warnings. 2) When children create problems, adults empathetically ask the child to solve the problems.

17 School Day Start Time: 8:45 am Students may be dropped off at 8:15 am for breakfast End Time: 3:30 pm SPARC program will be available before and after school WINGS Program: Wednesdays 5 th Grade Orchestra schedule will be announced



20 Walkers/Construction Map with suggested route is available. Walking Map Website: http://www.springfieldmo.g ov/traffic/pdfs/data/walk_ maps/WILSONCREEK.pdf

21 Lunch  Begins at 11:00 a.m.  Ends at 12:50 p.m.  Lunch is 30 minutes in length  Students will choose their own seats as long as behavior is appropriate  Please see lunchroom handout for prices.  Additional ala carte items will be available for sale.

22 Debit System  Allows payment in advance for meals and ala carte foods  Pre-payment in increments of $5, $10,$20 etc. can be made to the cafeteria  Account can be paid and viewed online

23 Daily Planner To be carried with student at all times Should be utilized to record assignments/ activities May be used for parent/teacher communication Will include a pass to use the restrooms Wilson’s Creek Planner can be purchased in the APR for $6.00

24 Housekeeping Items Students will have important papers go home on Mondays Grade level newsletters will be sent electronically for those with e-mail address Items will include: study guides, graded work Computer printed report Cards for 5 th grade All students can view grades online (e- schoolplus) School brochures have e-mail addresses and school phone number for communication

25 Canvas- Online Access Link on SPS website to Canvas Sign on with Student ID and password ‘student’ Go to Virtual Library Access Math Books, Aleks (Math resource available to some students, and iready support and testing (will also be replacing Performance Testing this year).

26 Grades vs. Behavior Clearer feedback on student learning – Behavior Rubric Reporting separately on academics and behavior – Missing work support and consequences Academic Honesty – Consequences and “Do it again, honestly.” Pilot for all SPS middle schools- This year’s report card will list SPS standards and Behavior separate.

27 Learning Work Policy All work/homework from the previous day is due by 8:45 AM The district recommends 50 minutes of homework daily for 5 th graders. The student is given one day for each day missed to make up work after returning from an illness. The school student handbook given out the first week of school will have detailed information concerning all school procedures.

28 Locker Procedures Lockers will be assigned today and the first day of school Locker “Practice”: Aug.11, 2014…5:30-7:30pm Magnets are recommended. Stickers and tape are not allowed in lockers

29 Class Newsletters Teachers will distribute weekly newsletters Please e-mail your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible allowing them to save your e-mail address. Paper copies will be available as requested for those who do not have internet access PTA will send a monthly school electronic or paper newsletter.

30 SPARC Collaboration of SPS and Greene County Park Board for before and after school Collaboration of SPS and Greene County Park Board for before and after school Registration is required Registration is required Daily homework help/snack provided Daily homework help/snack provided Activities change every 6 weeks Activities change every 6 weeks Activities include intramural sports and clubs Activities include intramural sports and clubs

31 SPARC Program Hours 7:00-8:15 AM 7:00-8:15 AM 3:30-6:00 PM 3:30-6:00 PM Costs vary with individual needs Costs vary with individual needs

32 Wilson’s Creek Website

33 ALERTNOW Notification Service that will send telephone messages to you. The Springfield School District and/or W.C. will use ALERTNOW to notify families of early dismissals, district-wide delays, and activity cancellations due to inclement weather.

34 Building Activities - Please proceed to the APR to buy a student planner and team t-shirt, put money on your lunch account, meet with SPARC, and sign up for PTA. - Bus rider information will be located in the hallway by the library. - Teachers will be ready for you to join your child in their homeroom at: - - 6:15 pm (for the 5:30 pm orientation) - - 8:00 pm (for the 7:15 pm orientation)

35 Checklist Before You Leave Did you: Obtain your homeroom? (Lobby) Obtain your e-schoolplus password? (Library) Visit your homeroom to be assigned a locker, give teacher your e-mail address, and choose something from teacher’s wish list? (Homeroom class) Purchase a planner? (APR) Purchase a team T-shirt? (APR) Put money on your lunch account? (APR) Join PTA? (APR) Find your bus route and pick-up location from transportation? (Located in the hallway by Library)

36 PARENTS AND STUDENTS Thank you for coming. Enjoy visiting your classrooms! See you on August 12 th !

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