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Mrs. Clark Room 102 Reading, Writing, & ESL

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1 Mrs. Clark Room 102 Reading, Writing, & ESL
Welcome to 6th grade! Mrs. Clark Room 102 Reading, Writing, & ESL


3 SUCCESS! This presentation contains everything you need to know to have a successful school year!

4 Make Your Appointments!

5 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Discipline & Respect

6 STUDENT EXPECTATIONS Come prepared! Bring your chapter book, paper, pencils, homework, grading pen, etc. Follow the teacher’s directions and all classroom and school procedures. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Use appropriate language – no teasing, put-downs, or inappropriate texting.

7 Discipline PLAN Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner. Discipline issues may be handled through detentions, phone calls home, office referrals, etc.

8 DETENTION BEFORE SCHOOL DETENTION You will serve your detention before school, at a time set by the teacher. LUNCH DETENTION You will serve your detention in my classroom during your lunch period. AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION You will serve your detention after school, for a designated period of time. Students serving detention after school will not be allowed to ride the bus. They must be picked up by a parent or guardian.

9 (Found on the south wall above the whiteboard)
CHARACTER COUNTS! (Found on the south wall above the whiteboard) TRUSTWORTHINESS AND INTEGRITY – Do what you say you’ll do! RESPECT – Treat others as you would like to be treated! RESPONSIBILITY – Be accountable for your choices! FAIRNESS – Take turns and share! CARING – Be compassionate and show you care! CITIZENSHIP – Do your share to make your community and school better!

10 RULES OF RESPECT R: Respect is shown to all.
E: Everyone works to their full potential. S: Speak with proper volume and language. P: Please talk when appropriate. E: Everyone keeps hands, feet, objects, and gestures to themselves. C: Classes begin on time with all materials and homework needed. T: Teachers’ directions are followed the first time.

11 PANTHER PRIDE P Personal Responsibility for Attitude, Actions, Attendance R Respect for Self and Others I Integrity in Thoughts and Deeds D Determination to Be the Best You Can Be E Enthusiasm in Work and Play

Appointment Time! Find your 6 o’clock appointment and come up with 5 things you learned about DISCIPLINE & RESPECT in Mrs. Clark’s classroom!

13 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ PROCEDURES

14 Daily Schedule Reading Time – bring a book!!!! Reading Activities
Break Writing Warm-Up Writing & Vocabulary What did you learn?

15 OUR CLASSROOM Entering the Classroom, Tardies Seating Chart
Beginning Class Reading Time Homework Turning in Homework, Absences, Dear Student… Passes – Nurse, Library, CMC, Bathroom Turning in Daily Work & Tests “No Name”??? What a shame! Passing Out/Collecting Papers Grading Papers Art Supplies Asking for Help Finished with Work Classroom Library Binders Breaks Emergencies Going to Lunch (4th Period) Dismissal from Class End of the Day (6th and 7th Periods)

16 Entering Class You are expected to enter the class quietly, sit down, and begin working. Once you have entered the classroom, you are in and working!

17 TARDIES You are expected to be in your seat
and ready to work when the bell rings or you will be marked TARDY. Excessive TARDIES will result in a phone call home.

18 I like to switch up the desks, so pay attention!!!
Seating Chart Your assigned seat has a number in the upper left-hand corner of the desk. Please talk to Mrs. Clark if there is any reason why you may need to change seats. I like to switch up the desks, so pay attention!!!

19 BEGINNING CLASS Make sure you have your classroom binder, sharpened pencil, grading pen, and highlighter. Put your backpack in a cubbie…LEAVE YOUR PHONE IN YOUR BACKPACK!! NO EXCUSES!!! Sit down quietly. Begin your Reading Time.

20 AGENDAS In your agenda, write down what we will be doing in Reading and Writing, the Homework Assignment, and the Objective. This is your choice and the opportunity to be organized! All information can be found on the SOUTH whiteboard.

21 READING Time “Reading Time” is your chance to read your chapter book each and every day! If you need a new book, please ask to go to the library, or check out a book from my collection. You MUST bring a book with you to class every day or a book will be assigned TO YOU!

22 Homework Homework will be given every FRIDAY and due on TUESDAY during the first 6 weeks. Additional work may be distributed as necessary.

23 Homework is turned in at the beginning of class, BEFORE
Turning in Homework Homework is turned in at the beginning of class, BEFORE the bell rings. Homework should be placed in your class period’s bucket located on the EAST counter.

24 ABSENCES Parent notes for absences should be taken to the office.
If you are absent, you are responsible for making up the work that you missed. There are folders located on the EAST wall of the classroom for each class period. Locate your class period folder, then look for any notes, worksheets, tests, homework assignments, etc., with your name on them. When you are absent, a classmate will write you a “Dear Student” letter outlining what you missed. You will be given adequate time to complete your work. Please see Mrs. Clark if you have any questions.

You must request a NURSE PASS from your teacher. Do NOT stop by the nurse’s office between classes unless it is an emergency. LIBRARY PASS You must request a LIBRARY PASS from your teacher before going to the library to check out a book. CMC PASS If you need to go to CMC to take a test, complete classroom work, etc., you must have a pass from your teacher.

26 BATHROOM PASS If you need to use the bathroom during class, you MUST have permission. Passes to use the drinking fountain will NOT be given. When possible, please take your bathroom and water breaks between classes or during the 10 minute morning break.

27 Turning in Daily Work & Tests
When completed, daily work and tests should be turned in to your class period’s bucket located on the EAST counter.

28 MISSING NAMES If I do NOT return your completed work, it may be in the NO NAME folder…what a shame! You will receive a “0” until you find your work, put your name on it, and HAND it to Mrs. Clark!

29 Passing out/Collecting Papers
Papers will be passed out and collected by the teacher or designated student. Please listen for instructions.

30 Grading Papers Many times papers will be graded during class.
When grading in class, only mark answers with an X that are INCORRECT. Do NOT mark answers that are correct.

31 Or….you can write your question
Asking for Help If you need help or have a question, simply raise your hand and I will get to you as soon as I can! Or….you can write your question on a piece of paper and place it on my desk.

32 If you finish your work early, please read your library book OR
Finished with Work? If you finish your work early, please read your library book OR work on a spiral.

33 Classroom Library To check out books from the classroom library, please see Mrs. Clark. Any books not returned in a timely manner will result in a phone call home. Lost books must be paid for or replaced.

34 Binders are kept on the EAST counter in your class period DRAWER.
These are interactive binders where you will keep information and resources introduced in class pertaining to Reading & Writing.

35 BreakS There is a 5 minute break
between classes and a 10 minute break in the morning (after 2nd period). This is the time to use the restroom or get a drink. Students MUST be in their seats before the TARDY bell rings.

36 Emergencies FIRE DRILL Know your safety zone. TORNADO DRILL
Know the correct seating position. LOCKDOWN Stay in your room, stay quiet, and listen for teacher instructions.

37 Please be respectful to the wonderful people in the cafeteria!
LUNCH 4th Period – “A” Lunch Students WALK down the hallway to the cafeteria – take your backpack. After lunch, you will walk QUIETLY to your classroom as other classes will be in session. 5th Period – “B” Lunch Students Your teacher will release you for lunch – no bell will sound as other classes will be in session. After you are released from the lunchroom, go to your 6th period class. Please be respectful to the wonderful people in the cafeteria!

38 CLASSROOM SNACKS You are NOT allowed to bring snacks or drinks to consume in class, in the hallway, during breaks, etc. If there is a special situation, such as a birthday, please speak with Mrs. Clark in advance.

39 Class Dismissal After the bell rings, your teacher will dismiss you.
Do NOT pack up or leave your seats until instructed by the teacher.

40 End of the Day My 7th period class is responsible for:
Picking up the classroom Stacking the chairs

41 Appointment Time! Find your 3 o’clock
appointment and draw a picture about one of the PROCEDURES you learned about that are important in Mrs. Clark’s classroom!


43 Procedures Lunch Room Morning Break Hallway – Between Classes
Hallway – During Class Bus Before School

44 Lunch Room Line up quietly.
“Hot lunchers” will line up starting against the EAST wall. If you bring your lunch, you may sit down and start eating. When the lunch monitors raise their hand, please quiet down. If you run out of lunch money, you can still get a sandwich. Silent lunch may be enforced. Cell phones may be used during “snack time” in the lunchroom. Leave the lunchroom quietly.

45 MORNING BREAK Following 2nd period, there will be a 10
minute break. All students will go to the gym. Please ask the teachers on duty if you can use the bathroom, get a drink, etc. This is a time to relax, socialize with your friends, ask a teacher a question, work on your homework, or read your book.

46 Hallway BETWEEN CLASSES DURING CLASS Walk! Stay to the right.
Be respectful of all students. DURING CLASS Walk in a single file line. No talking. Be respectful of your classmates.

47 Bus Follow all bus rules. Be respectful to the bus driver and
other students. Disruptive behavior on the bus may result in a loss of bus privileges and disciplinary action at school.

48 Before School Locations
Entry to the school is not permitted until 7:00 a.m. When you enter the building, you must go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, or to the gym to wait for class to start.

49 Appointment Time! Find your 12 o’clock appointment and tell
them what is different between 5th and 6th grade OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM!

50 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ WHAT ELSE?

51 TIME CHANGE! 7:35 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

52 TUTORING 3:05 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. TUESDAYS * Reading *

53 Need to Know! Vocabulary Our School Year STAAR Testing
Book to Read Grading Tutoring U.I.L. Mrs. Clark Our School Year Respectful Language Cell Phones Dress Code Parent Contact Classroom Posting of Important Info Teacher Website

54 Our School Year AR Reading, Novels Vocabulary Journaling & Writing
Technology Learning for Life!

55 “Yes, ma’am.”; “No, ma’am.”
RESPECT Please use respectful language when speaking to teachers and staff at school. “Yes, ma’am.”; “No, ma’am.” “Yes, sir.”; “No sir.”

56 CELL PHONES Cell phones may be used during class for educational purposes when instructed by the teacher. There is no texting or making phone calls during class. Repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action. CELL PHONES MUST STAY IN YOUR BACKPACK DURING CLASS UNLESS WE ARE UTILIZING THEM FOR AN EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY!!! Cell phones may be used at lunch during a designated time. Cell phones may be used during breaks.

57 DRESS CODE Hair color must be a natural color.
No hats in the building. Length of shorts, skirts, and dresses must be to the knee. Holes in clothing must be below the knee. Only appropriate slogans on shirts.

58 Parent Contact Parents will be contacted by or phone due to disruptive behavior, missing assignments, poor performance on tests and daily work, etc.

59 Posting of Important Info
WEST Whiteboard Daily Schedule Date Did You Know…..? SOUTH Whiteboard Homework Today in Class Objective/Lesson Frame Vocabulary Words Calendar

60 Teacher Website All Huddleston teachers have a website where you can check on homework assignments, see your vocabulary words, etc. If you finish your assignments early, ask to check out Mrs. Clark’s fabulous website!!

61 VocabULARY Words Every Friday, you will learn 10 new vocabulary words.
Homework regarding your vocabulary words will be given on Friday and due the following Tuesday. Many times in class you will do an activity to help you with your words. Tests will be given every Thursday.

62 Reading and Math in April.
STAAR TESTING Sixth graders take the STAAR tests for Reading and Math in April.

63 You must bring a book with you to class every day.
Book to Read You must bring a book with you to class every day.

64 Grading 80% of your grade will be daily work and tests.
20% of your grade will be 6 weeks tests – reading, writing, and essay. Late homework will always be accepted, but there will be a deduction in your grade.

65 Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
TUTORING Tutoring is for those students who need to polish their skills, NOT to make up work! * SCHEDULE * 3:10 p.m. – 3:50 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

66 U.I.L. The U.I.L. “Dream Team” is broken down into many categories, such as spelling, listening, dictionary skills, art smart, music memory, etc. Teams, coached by teachers, practice from September – February. The competition will be held in February. All participants will go on a field trip at the end of the school year!

67 Mrs. Clark Two sons – Evan is in 11th grade and Ryan is in 9th grade.
Married to Mike Clark in 2012 who has two sons – Kyle in 9th grade and Kody in 7th grade. Dog named “Z”. My high school graduating class had 46 students. Graduated from the University of Illinois – home of the “Fighting Illini”. Lived in Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, and Texas. Love to travel, read, run, play volleyball, and bake brownies. Worked at many jobs – Director of Communications, Camp Counselor, Human Resources for the Chicago White Sox, Magazine Journalist, etc., before becoming a teacher. Teaching is not a job, but an amazing way of life!

68 Guess what? You are all special, wonderful, and smart!
You are not allowed to say “I can’t” because you can do anything! I know you will work hard and do your best! Please don’t be afraid to ask questions! You should come to class with a positive attitude! I am here to help you! I believe in you!

69 “knuckle up” for making it
Appointment Time! Find your 9 o’clock appointment and give them a high five or “knuckle up” for making it through the whole presentation!

70 Aliens???

71 Let’s have a FANTASTIC school year!

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