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Welcome to Franklin Middle School Home of the Knights.

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1 Welcome to Franklin Middle School Home of the Knights

2 Franklin Middle School Administration Roberta Mitchell, Principal Michael Rich, 7 th Grade Vice-Principal Nikkii Tatum, 8 th Grade Vice-Principal Katherine Labirt, Coordinator of Discipline and Attendance Nicholas Solomon, Dean of Students Paul Day,Dean of Students Guidance Janet Barbin – A-G Precious Acolatse – H-Pa Aaron Kleinman – Pe-Z

3 Faculty/Support Staff Teachers are highly qualified in their content area Lessons are differentiated, based on best practices Genesis Parent Portal =Contact Guildance to set up All staff members work to provide a safe learning environment each and every day!

4 Safety and Security 8 Safety Officers School Resource Officer 25 security cameras in and out of the building Portable cameras to record incidents Hallway duties Bathroom procedures Hall passes required

5 Middle School Philosophy Team Concept Each team has: Language Arts teachers Mathematics teachers Science teachers Social Studies teachers Special Education teachers Elective area teachers

6 Team Concept Each Team meets daily: To discuss the academic and social progress of all students on their team. To plan multi-disciplinary units To plan for social activities and incentive programs To meet with parents, guidance, and administration

7 School Schedule 7:00 Doors open 7:24 Bell rings to release students from the bus 7:30 Bell rings to indicate the beginning of period 1 2:25 Bell rings to end the day

8 Bell Schedule Period 1 7:30-8:12 Period 2 8:16-8:55 Period 3: 8:59- 9:38 Period 4: 9:42- 10:21 Period 5: Period 6 Period 7 Period 8 Period 9: 1:03-1:42 Period 10: 1:46-2:25

9 Literature, Language and Composition Grade 7 Grade 7 Honors 78 minute period Integration of literature and language arts Differentiated instruction Cooperative Learning Projects & Activities Independent reading Writer’s workshop Summer reading “Freak The Mighty” your journal and questions and answers are due on the first day of school

10 Mathematics Math 7 Advanced Math 7 78 Minute period Hands-on activities Differentiated Instruction Infusion of technology Use of math manipulatives to increase understanding

11 Science Life Science 7 Hands-on labs Inquiry based instruction Small group activities

12 Social Studies The Western Hemisphere Study of Latin America, Canada and the United States Geography and Map Skills Hands-On and Small Group Activities Differentiated Instruction Cross-curricular projects

13 Health and Physical Education 3 Marking Periods of Fitness and Wellness and 1 Marking Period of Health Education Change of clothes required: t-shirt/shorts or sweatpants must be worn 500/100 Hallway – Locker rooms with combination locks provided

14 Elective Offerings: 2 periods daily 7 th Grade Students will have the opportunity to rotate through four of the five exploratory offerings. 1. Theater Arts 2. Design and Problem Solving 3. Art 4. Computer Applications 5. Foods Or A full year in Fine Visual and Performing Arts 1.Band 2.Chorus 3.Orchestra 4.Advanced Dance or Contemporary Dance

15 Electives; World Language Choices for a full year World Language Elective are 1.French 2.Spanish

16 Academic Support Academic Support will occur within the regular Language Arts or Math classroom by an additional teacher providing the supports that are needed.

17 Lunch 2 Lunch Periods 25 minutes Hot and Cold Options - $2.00 Milk -.40 Snacks - prices vary Vending Machines available Lunch accounts and pin numbers transfer Food Services 732-873-2400 ext. 505

18 After School Activities- Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday: 2:40-4:00pm Teacher Office Hours: 2:40-3:08 After Hours/Extra Help Clubs/Activities/Sports Late Buses will be provided,Starting on Tuesday Sept.21 st Club/Activity Rush will be on Wed.Sept.22 nd after school

19 Expectations and Procedures Be on time for school. Student Identification badges will be given to each student. They must be worn daily. Accept directions from all staff members, not just your teachers. Ask for extra help early. Stay for Office Hours! Use the Student Planner every day to record assignments.

20 Expectations and Procedures A pass is required when in the halls except during the change of classes. Locker combinations should not be shared with anyone. Get involved! There is something for everyone here at FMS.

21 Expectations and Procedures No electrical devices can be used during the school day. Hats/hoods/head coverings must be removed when entering the building and kept off while in the building (except for religious purposes) The school dress code must be followed.

22 FMS SPORTS Fall Sports Football Field Hockey Soccer-Boys & Girls Teams Cross Country Track- Boys & Girls Winter Sports Wrestling Cheerleading Basketball-Boys and Girls Teams Spring Sports Baseball Softball Track- Boys & Girls Teams Contact Kim Kenny @732-302 –4200 ext 6401 or 6403

23 PBS Positive Behavior Support Program 1.Motivates Students to show respect in School. 2.Identifies students who are not acting appropriately in school,and tries to help them 3.Rewards students for continued positive behaviors through the Knight Store, Raffles and other incentives.

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