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Strongest One Mrs.Posner3-2. Play Is story that is intended to be performed on a stage.

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1 Strongest One Mrs.Posner3-2

2 Play Is story that is intended to be performed on a stage.

3 Vocabulary Decorated- Made prettier The room was decorated with balloons and streamers.

4 symbol Is a picture or shape that stands for something. A heart is a symbol of love.

5 darkened Becomes dark or made darker The darkened hallway was spooky and eerie.

6 gnaws When an animal or person chews on something The dogs gnaws on a bone. The mummy will gnaw on a rat.

7 securing You are fastening something The boy is securing the button on his jacket. My mother will secure my Halloween costume.

8 Weakest A person or character that is the least strong among others The weakest character in the story could not lift the big rock

9 The Wind and the Sun Antonyms- are words that mean the opposite Big- Top- Angry-

10 Vocabulary Complete writing sentences marble notebook- get a sticker Complete page 38 Book O Complete Crossword Puzzle

11 Generate Questions Good readers stop and generate questions about a story as they read. They stop and ask themselves questions about something that is not clear or is confusing. As they continue reading they try to answer those questions.

12 Generating Questions Generating questions help you summarize the selection.

13 Summarize To summarize a fiction story, identify the main character, the setting, and the most important events in the beginning, middle, and the end of the story in the order that they take place. Do not include every detail.

14 Summarize Good readers summarize as they read to help them understand and remember what they read

15 Wind play Characters: Narrator Sun Wind woodcutter

16 setting Long ago Outdoors near a road

17 beginning Wind and sun want to find out which of them is stronger They decide that the stronger one will be able to pull a woodcutter’s coat off

18 Middle Wind tries to blow the coat off the woodcutter The woodcutter secures the buttons Sun shines its rays on the woodcutter

19 ending The woodcutter takes off his coat because he feels too hot This proves that the sun is the stronger than the wind

20 Summarize Let’s complete Book O page 39

21 Common and Proper Nouns Noun is a word that names a person place or thing Person: boy, teacher, sister Thing: bike, apple, pumpkin

22 Nouns Place: town, school, park, pool Nouns are person, place or thing Let’s complete page 33

23 Nouns Liam jumped over the blue ball. Nick read a big book. Juan went pumpkin picking.

24 Nouns Jessica bought a new bike. Morgan played soccer on Saturday. Murphy went to a camp on Sunday.

25 Common Nouns Names a person, place or thing Nonspecific Examples: classroom Ball Book dog

26 Proper Noun Names a special person place or thing Examples: School=MON Boy=Liam girl=Gaby

27 Acrostic Poems List of ideas Rough Draft #1 Rough #2 Editing Final Copy

28 Acrostic Poem Halloween is dark and spooky And all the ghosts and goblins are out at night Lots of terrifying animals come out of hide-always Lots of frightening dreams Oh! Halloween is spooky What a frightening time Every spooky animal you could imagine Even the pumpkins are lit No little girl or boy should go out on Halloween.

29 Acrostic Poem Needs to be nice and neat No spelling mistakes In cursive In your marble notebook Nice clean copy to hang in hallway

30 Strongest One Main character Little Red Ant

31 Setting Scene 1: hole under the Big Rock, and then outside

32 Beginning Little Red Ant wants to find out who the strongest one

33 Question What is the setting in scene 2? How do you know? Setting is on the mesa

34 Beginning Little wanted to find out who was the strongest one

35 Middle Little red ant meets Wind, Sun, Snow, House, Mouse, Cat, deer, arrow, water, fire, big rock,stick. They try to figure out who is the strongest one.

36 End Little red ant learns that ants are the strongest because they can carry big rock away in pieces.

37 Question #4 People should realize that everything has special strengths and weaknesses. Learning this lesson will help them see themselves and others in a more positive way.


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