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Escape from Doom An Adventure By Year 6. The Dining room You awaken in a cold sweat! Where are you? How did you get here? It doesn’t matter. You just.

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1 Escape from Doom An Adventure By Year 6

2 The Dining room You awaken in a cold sweat! Where are you? How did you get here? It doesn’t matter. You just need to get out of this sinister, eerie place as fast as you can. You‘re in a dining room! The dark, dingy room is very mysterious. In the dusty corner you see an eerie looking dresser. It has got ancient crockery inside of it with strange, beautiful carvings on the side. You look around and suddenly have a shiver of iciness, because it is as cold as the Antarctic Ocean in here. What have you got your self into? You close your eyes and then open them again imagining its just a dream, but when you open your terrified eyes, you are still in the musty, mysterious house. You creep around the room unable to control your shivers as they go down your spine as fast as an F1. Then you hear the crazy bats swooping down the dark chimney, your eyes are popping out of your head and sweat is trickling down your back. As you try to investigate the eerie looking dresser you smell an intense waft of the most delicious food. You can’t resist but as you walk closer and closer you see a tarnished door looking straight at you, as if you are a terrifying monster. Goose bumps are surrounding your body like a pack of hungry wolves and you are sweating ferociously. How will you get out of this murderous house? Do you: Investigate the dresser Walk nervously towards the tarnished door Eat some of the most delicious food

3 Dresser As you open the eerie dresser it creaks noisily and swings open as slow as a snail. You investigate the ancient crockery it isn’t very neatly placed. In the corner of your eye you see a golden key lying beside the ancient crockery. At this time you are starving and are as hungry as a dog, you want to eat but do you take the risk with the key. Take the key and walk to the tarnished door Eat some of the food

4 Tarnished door You walk slowly but nervously to the door. You rattle the door desperately unfortunately the door is locked and you need the key. You have the golden key You do not have the golden key

5 Eat food As you try to eat the delicious food it tastes magnificent, but then your throat starts closing up and you die in tremendous pain. Your journey is over

6 The Hallway You’re stuck in the cobweb ridden hallway. Under your feet you feel the thick, mouldy, filth ridden carpet. Your heart is trying to lash out of your body. The musty, filthy walls are covered in dusty, overpowering, mouldy paint. There are unusual markings on the disgusting walls, old dead weeds growing over the stench ridden carpet. The smell of old coal shoots up your nose, as you walk down the dreary hallway, sweat dribbling down your sticky spine. Your brain is asking what have you got yourself into? You are as cold as Mars. You frantically look to your left; there are two tarnished, inviting doors with rusty, mouldy doorknobs, cobwebs covering the outside. To your right a horrible, rotten, damp looking staircase... Will you: 1.Take the first doorTake the first door 2.Take the second doorTake the second door 3.Take the stairsTake the stairs

7 The play room You have taken the first door you are now in the horrifying play room, you frantically look behind you. There is now a terrifying clown with scabs all over it’s face. The clown is staring at you. Suddenly some scary music comes on and the toys start moving, the clown starts painfully biting you, the toys are suffocating you, the dolls are crying, then all you see is darkness. Your adventure is over.

8 The Stairs You have taken the stairs the stairs are mouldy and wet. There are holes the size of acorns. The walls have cracks down them. You step on the first step then you hear a creak then... luckily they hold and you climb up and up into a dark dusty attic You enter the musty room

9 The basement You enter the basement and find it is covered with layers of filth, dust and mould. The room feels as cold as the arctic. You shiver, goose bumps popping out of your skin so you pull your coat up round your neck. It smells very damp and musty. There are boxes and other bits of junk scattered all over the place. It is as dark as a mine, so you walk to the centre of the room to get a better look at your surroundings. You notice an old, rusty ladder attached to the wall, looking like it leads upwards. You hear a bubbling noise behind you and whirl round suddenly. You see a glowing green liquid in a wine bottle. You are quite curious to find out what would happen if you were to drink it. You go to search the rotting, cardboard boxes but instead, you find a damaged, sapphire blue crate. You are surprised to find a box that has barely any dust, tarnish or mould on it. Do you: Climb the ladder Drink the glowing liquid Open the crate

10 The ladder You walk cautiously over to the strange, rusty ladder and stop at the bottom. You look up and see a glint of light. Excitement fills you as you put your foot on the first crumbling rung. You think that freedom is in sight as you climb higher and higher above the hard concrete floor. Suddenly, without warning, you hear a deadly crack and look up to see that the rungs above you have snapped in half. Then, as quick as a flash all of the others crack in half too. You plummet down; realising that you have failed to escape and your life is over. You have failed start again

11 Drink the liquid You walk closer to the glowing, green liquid. You hesitate before taking a big gulp. It trickles down your neck, gooey and slimy. Suddenly you go blind. You start to panic but then it returns. You look about curiously, wondering what it has done to you. You look over to the far corner and see that a part of the old, battered wall has disappeared. Now you can see that there are cracked, cobwebbed stairs leading upwards. You approach them warily, thinking if you should take them. Cautiously you put one foot on the bottom step. Nothing. Then you feel a bit more confident and go up halfway. You speed along to the top. At the top you find yourself in complete darkness. You reach up looking for a way out. You find something moves above you. You heave harder and finally it flies open. Light floods in like a tsunami and you grab the edge, then pull yourself out. You find yourself just outside the main gate of the mansion. The trapdoor has been disguised to look part of the track. You look back at the terrifying mansion. You sprint like an arrow all the way back to your house, thinking happily to yourself that you have escaped all the traps and you are still alive.

12 Open the crate You walk over to the mysterious crate. You wonder if it is nailed together. You grab hold of the lid of the crate and heave. Eventually you manage to pull the aqua blue lid open. You peer inside and to your surprise you see a room underneath. You suddenly feel a strange grip pulling you in. You try to resist it as you try and tug away from the box but your head is now inside. Before you can think you get pulled into the tarnished, empty room below. Without warning the horrifying lid slams shut above you. You look about but there is no where to go. Your adventure is over. You have failed start again

13 The bedroom You stealthily creep towards cobweb ridden door; you hear soft cries of help. You dash to the door, but when you get in there's nobody there. To your left you see a marvellous painting of a man holding a dead sheep in his left hand,and in his right was a shot gun. On the painting there were no dust or cobwebs, but this house has been abandoned for 450 years. In the centre of the room there is a large four poster bed with velvet blankets as red as roses, posts made of the finest wood and the pillows made of the best goose feathers. To the right you see a fire place with burnt crispy logs. In the corner of your eye you catch a glittering diamond covered by the logs you twist around sharply like a fox! Your heart jumps! You turn but all you see is dust. Do you: Investigate the creepy painting Sit on the bed Check on the logs

14 Investigate the creepy painting You stroll closer to the painting. As you walk towards it you realise how big it actually is. Suddenly you notice small shaft of light shining from the painting. You examine it closer to notice that it is a door. You go through it. You go through it.

15 Sit on the bed You move towards the bed. It is as soft as a feather; you feel dreamy you lie down. You sink into the bed and you call for help and reach out. Slowly the bed swallows you up. Now you are dead!

16 Fire place You stagger closer to the fireplace. You search the logs where you saw the sparkling diamond, but all you see is ashes. As you look you inhale a magic fire spark and a fire dragon sets fire to you and you turn into a pile of ashes. Now you are dead!

17 Drawing room Your fragile heart is beating like a base drum; you don’t know what to do? Your choices are shrinking, like a cake getting eaten. You only have very few rooms left to search. There is a heaven like sofa, as soft as feathers, drawing you in like a hurricane. Can you resist? You slap yourself as you pull away. You walk, extremely nervous to the centre of the room, you glance left and right, your frozen eyes shivering like a fish’s tail. You spot a dusty grey fireplace, with mouldy old, fluffy, green matches and 3 pieces of rotten, disgusting wood. Ohh! Maybe if you light it, it may lead you to a place from which you can escape? Suddenly all the lights black out. It is as dark as a mine; you can’t see a thing. Do you: Turn on the lights Light the fire Have a nap on the heaven like sofa

18 Have a nap Ahh! You decide to have a nap on the feather like sofa. Do you know that 2000 years ago a male prince had a nap on this sofa, AND NEVER WOKE UP ! You are the sofa’s next victim. You go to sleep, and never wake UP !You go to sleep, and never wake UP !

19 Turn on the lights Ahh! You decided to turn on the lights. You walk over to the dusty old switch and flick it. Suddenly a fierce Tornado sucks you in, like a baby and his dummy. You scream and shout but nobody can hear you. You try to hold on but the whole room is getting sucked in. You guess you will never escape from this Haunted House. Your life is over; it’s come to the’s come to the end.

20 Light the fire Ahh! you decide to light the fire. You walk over to the putrid old fire and light it. Bang! The fire gives you full light and flare towards a door. Where is that door going to lead you?Where is that door going to lead you?

21 The Attic You walk into the freezing, damp attic. It’s filled with a overpowering smell of rotting flesh. Above you there is a maze of cobwebs, there is a dripping sound from the distance. You follow the mysterious sound as you walk onto the floorboards they creek like a mouse’s tail being stepped on. Then you see a trap door it is old and has holes in, just big enough to get a finger in. Beside you there is a shelf with a candle and a box of matchsticks on it also a light switch. Do you: Light the candle Pull the light switch Open the trap door

22 Light switch You pull the light switch and you fall through the floor and you land in a bath filled with acid. You perish in seconds.You perish in seconds.

23 Light the candle You light the candle; the fumes are poisonous. You die painfullyYou die painfully

24 Open the trap door You open the trap door and you fall into a pitch black hole. You feel nauseous, and drop like a stone. You find yourself in the basement. You enter the dark sinister looking room

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