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Expository Writing Let Me Explain Copying permitted.

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1 Expository Writing Let Me Explain Copying permitted

2 What is expository writing? Copying permitted Expository writing explains or gives information about a topic.

3 What does “expository” mean? “Expository” means “to explain.” Expository writing explains ideas so that readers can understand them. Copying permitted

4 What are some examples of expository writing? reports and essays newspaper and magazine articles instructions and “how-to” essays Copying permitted

5 What is an expository essay? a multi-paragraph piece of writing gives information or explains how to do something has steps put in the right order

6 What are the parts of an expository essay? beginning - names the topic middle - explains the steps in the process end - gives final thoughts Copying permitted

7 What are time order words? They help writers show when something happens. They help the reader follow the steps. Some examples include: first, second, next, then, after that, and finally. Copying permitted

8 Invitation to Read Read the following expository essay. See if you can follow the steps in the process. Can you find all the time order words? Copying permitted

9 How to Find the Cafeteria It is easy to get from the front doors of the school to the lunchroom. First, you go down the main hallway. Then, you turn left at the library. Walk past the auditorium and turn right. There are double doors at the end of this hallway. Walk through and you’ve found the cafeteria! Copying permitted

10 Invitation to Write You and your classmates are hosting a lemonade stand to raise money for new books for your library. But who has the recipe? Write an expository paragraph with all the steps to making your famously delicious lemonade. Copying permitted

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