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2008-2009. Ms. Sarah Lanham – Director, MWF PM Ms. Lori Terra – MWF AM Ms. Jill Calvert- MWF AM, T/Th Ms. Laurie Ditmars – T/TH, KEEP Ms. Sheila Sims.

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Presentation on theme: "2008-2009. Ms. Sarah Lanham – Director, MWF PM Ms. Lori Terra – MWF AM Ms. Jill Calvert- MWF AM, T/Th Ms. Laurie Ditmars – T/TH, KEEP Ms. Sheila Sims."— Presentation transcript:

1 2008-2009

2 Ms. Sarah Lanham – Director, MWF PM Ms. Lori Terra – MWF AM Ms. Jill Calvert- MWF AM, T/Th Ms. Laurie Ditmars – T/TH, KEEP Ms. Sheila Sims – KEEP

3 OUR MISSION To bring children and their families closer in their relationship with Jesus Christ while working with the children to grow developmentally

4 Approximate Daily Schedule Typical Days Schedule (The afternoon class will follow the same schedule) 9:00-9:15Arrival, Welcome, Class Meeting and Prayer 9:15-10:00Activity Time 10:00-10:10 Clean Up Time 10:10-10:35 Circle Time 10:35-10:45 Washroom and Book Time 10:45-11:00 Prayer and Snack Time 11:00-11:20Large Motor Activity Outdoors-playground equipment, riding toys, bubbles, kites, chalk Indoors- group games, parachute play, music and movement 11:20-11:30Dismissal and Closing

5 Arrival and Departure Please walk your child to and from the classroom. Please help your child hang up their coat, wash hands, and get settled in the classroom before leaving Remember to sign in each day - the sign-in sheet will be located outside the director office The classroom doors will open 5 minutes before the start of class. Please sign your child out at the end of the day

6 Release Authorization Your child will only be released into your custody or the designated person(s) listed on your emergency sheet. ** The teachers may also ask for a picture ID if they are unfamiliar with the person picking up the child** Please inform the Director if changes need to be made to your authorization list There are Daily Release forms to fill out for a one-day change in pick-up. These forms are located at the front of the sign-in binder

7 LATE FEE Please be prompt in picking up your child at the end of class each day. A $5.00 fee will be charged for every five minutes past the discharge pick up time. Upon pick-up, you will be asked to sign a “late pick-up” statement acknowledging that you are responsible for the accrued fees. In case of emergencies, please notify the Director or church administrative assistant. If it is necessary for your child to leave early, please notify the teacher as to the time your child will be leaving.

8 Extreme Weather Days In the case of severe weather, or other circumstances beyond our control, you will be notified of school closing by a staff member or a parent through the calling tree. We will also post school closings on our website at *Days that we are closed due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances will not be made up.

9 When to Stay Home It is important for the children to be healthy in order for them to participate in and fully enjoy the activities at preschool. The following symptoms indicate that the child should not be at school: Vomiting Excessive nasal discharge Fever (99.0 degrees and above) Diarrhea Headache Swollen Glands Unexplained rash

10 When to Call us Please call the office (847-223-1788) if your child is going to be absent Please let us know if your child has contracted any contagious disease, including but not limited to the following: Mumps Measles-Regular or German Chicken Pox Scarlet Fever Strep Throat Flu (influenza-not the 24 hour type) Conjunctivitis (pink eye) Head Lice

11 Mailbox and Director In-Box Please remember to check your mailbox daily I have placed a tray outside of my office for you to place any paperwork that needs to be turned in.

12 Bible Stories and Themes We try to choose themes and Bible stories that connect and interrelate We have started our year out covering Noah and the ocean. We will continue our ocean and fishing theme as we study the 12 Disciples in October

13 Themes Other themes and Bible stories that we will be covering this year include: Jesus’ Family and our families, along with the story of the Pilgrims and Indians The story of Christmas, Health and nutrition in Jan/Feb Easter and the Resurrection

14 Letter of the Week We have a letter of the week each week until we reach the end of the alphabet. As we learn about each letter we study its shape, sound, words that begin with the letter, etc.

15 Letter Basket and Hallway Bulletin Board We encourage children to search at home for items that begin with our letter Children can bring in objects that begin with our letter of the week to put in our letter basket Children can find printed pictures or words with our weekly letter to hang on our hallway bulletin board called “Cloudy with a Chance of Alphabets”

16 Chapel and Library We have Chapel up to three times per month 1st week – run by Pastor Fred 3rd week – run by Ms. Sarah 4th week – parent lead We have Library once/month on the 2 nd Thursday and Friday – run by the Grayslake Library

17 Newsletters and Communication The majority of my communication with you will be done via email. Please let me know if you have not been receiving email communication and/or if you need a printed version of our newsletter provided to you. You will receive a printed calendar monthly in your mailbox to hang up at home

18 Mystery Reader We LOVE to have parents come in and read to the children Every Thursday/Friday, we welcome parents to come and be our “Mystery Reader” Parents can read during the first 15 min or last 15 minutes of the day You can bring in a book of your choice or your child’s favorite story to share This is a great way to interact with the class, with a minimal commitment Please sign up for a day in the volunteer binder

19 Classroom Helper We encourage you to sign up and come help out in the classroom. We will give you a handout with some of the guidelines and procedures for you to follow The binder for volunteering will always be outside the Director office, next to the sign-in book

20 Parent-Teacher Conferences Parent-teacher conferences will be held in the fall and in the spring. However, the staff is available upon appointment anytime if additional conferences are desired and/or needed.

21 Parent Volunteers Your help is vital to the success of our program. There are many areas where you can volunteer Here are a few areas where we need your help: Party Planning ParentsClassroom Helpers Playdough MakersToy Sanitizing Chapel TimeCookie Dough Fundraiser Book FairFamily Fun Day/ Silent Auction Meal MinistryChristmas Program Giving Tree for ChristmasEvent Set-Up/ Take-Down GraduationMystery Reader

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