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Virtual tour Virtual Tour. Outside The Career Resource Center, completed in January 1996, is part of UF’s J. Wayne Reitz Union – crossroads of the university.

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1 virtual tour Virtual Tour

2 Outside The Career Resource Center, completed in January 1996, is part of UF’s J. Wayne Reitz Union – crossroads of the university. Built at a cost of $4 million, our facility measures 100 x 200 feet and contains 15,700 sq. ft. of productive space.

3 The Center This is the CRC Front Entrance. More than 120,000 visitors pass thru our main entrance each year. Here you will find postings of the day’s interviews, upcoming events and workshops for the week and other vital information in this area.

4 Main Hall The CRC’s main hall offers easy access to the Center’s facilities and services. Airport-style signage provides clear directions to key areas, and the light, airy nature of the facility’s design entices visitors to make themselves at home.

5 Front Desk Proceeding down the hall, you will find additional information postings. The student service counter serves as a reception area for questions about CRC services. Employers check-in at this counter prior to conducting on-campus interviews.

6 CRC Library The CRC Library has nearly 3,000 books on occupations, salary levels, job trends, resumes, interviewing and employer information. More than 70,000 people visited the Library each year.

7 A variety of periodicals are available for student review. The area to the left of the periodicals houses two offices for our counseling graduate assistants. Visitors can view career-related videotapes or collect informational handouts on to the fight of the periodical wall. CRC Library

8 The library serves as the reception area for Career Counseling and the central work space for Career Ambassadors. These highly trained student assistants support career advising, campus outreach, and mock interview activities. CRC Library

9 The east side of the library houses job-search related publications, professional development books, regional directories, computers, employer files and job applications. CRC Library

10 Counseling Students seeking career-decision making assistance, can schedule an appointment with a career counselor. After signing in, students can wait in this area. Online assessments and career counseling are also available.

11 Mock Interviews Our Face-to-Face Mock Interview services is managed by our Career Ambassadors. These simulated interviews are tailored to address the interviewees skill level and industry preference.

12 Staff Office Corridor Most of the staff offices are located along this hallway, which is connected to the main hall via two reception areas. This layout gives each staff member privacy from major traffic, but still places them near the reception counters and their customers. A printer room is conveniently located at each end of the hallway.

13 Staff Offices Each staff member’s office is approximately 150 sq. ft., with a view overlooking campus, and is tastefully appointed – most offices have new furnishings since our move. Each office is equipped with a computer and digital phone with voicemail.

14 Career Development Lab Our Career Development Lab comfortably seats 42 and features the latest audio-visual systems, including a ceiling-mounted Epson ELP-7000 LED projector, which permits display of PowerPoint© workshops, the internet and videotapes, all with full stereo sound. Over 100 workshops are held each fall and spring semester.

15 Interview Modules The Center has two “Interview Modules,” each of which has eight small and two large interview rooms and a reception area which seats 12. Employers often set up refreshments or preliminary screening tables in these large areas in support of their on-campus interviews. This is one of the two-person interview rooms. All our rooms are configured in a more informal, “conversational style,” with a round table and 2-4 chairs. In addition to 20 interview rooms in the CRC, we have access to 20 additional rooms in the Reitz Union to handle employer overflow.

16 Employer Resource Room This is the Employer Resource Room, sponsored by UF Student Government. It provides a quiet location for employers to catch up on paperwork, and has two phones, a phone/fax/copier unit, and a computer. Materials for the taking about the CRC and UF colleges and programs are always available

17 Operations Support Housed in its own area, out of the way of traffic, is the Center’s Operations staff, consisting of the Director, Associate Director, Information Systems, Accountant, and Public Relations.

18 Staff Meeting Room This spacious room, courtesy of Florida Power & Light, is host to the Center’s bi-weekly staff meetings, a variety of training activities, and briefings and sessions with visitors from both on- and off-campus. It seats 20, and also houses our professional development library.

19 Information Systems The heart of the Center’s complex computer operations, our equipment room was very carefully designed from the initial concept of the building to house our growing computer & networking systems. These multiple servers and other hardware help us handle the more than 12 million hits per year we receive on our web site!

20 Employee Workroom Our workroom has a networked copier, mail sorting and distribution area, and space to lay out projects and prepare outgoing mailings. It also serves as a quiet place for staff members to take a break or relax for lunch.

21 Points Of Pride Programmatic Activities : Total Outreach to Graduate Students- 1,393 CRC Presentations and Outreach- 17,955 Student Services : Career Counseling- 2,065 Career Advising- 3,313 Extreme Resume Makeover- 1,100 CRC Traffic : CRC Visitors- 150,356 Library Visitors- 73,326

22 Message from the Director Thanks for joining us on a tour of the CRC. We are one of the largest and busiest centers in the nation, offering a full spectrum of programs. I hope you will be able to drop by and make use of our services and facilities. Wayne Wallace, PhD, Director

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