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The ABCs of Fifth Grade Lincoln Elementary 2012-2013.

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1 The ABCs of Fifth Grade Lincoln Elementary 2012-2013

2 Attendance You must be in class and unpacked by 8:55 If you arrive after 8:55, check in at the office You must come to class before going to breakfast Bring excuse note within 3 days after absence or illegal

3 Bathroom/Drinks Hand signals Water bottles Use passes Sign out/in sheet

4 Behavior Rewards PAWSitive steps Principal’s 100 Club Bucketfillers HW passes

5 Books & Supplies Books must be covered Place name and number in each YOUR responsibility to have these when switching classes: Folder Notebook Assignment book Journal Pencil

6 Breakfast You must first check in with teacher Breakfast MUST be brought upstairs to eat so you’re not late to your first class Excellent hallway behavior is expected to/from cafeteria

7 Closets HANG UP all coats Backpacks will stay with you Be sure to have all supplies ready by 9:00 Keep closet doors closed

8 Desks Books on right You will keep most supplies in backpacks, not in desks Random desk checks NO loose papers, garbage, etc.

9 Folders Color-coded Labeled inside Papers must be kept neatly inside-you will be switching classes often

10 Homeroom Unpack Choose lunch option Daily preparation-sharpen pencils, use bathroom, etc. You will report to your first class at 9am-no time for fooling around

11 Homework Up to 50 minutes daily Homework policy 1-2 missed/week=lose 10 mins. recess 3-4 missed/week=lose 15 mins. Recess 5+ missed/week=lose FULL recess AND a note home for parents’ signature Rewards for 0 missed assignments Homework counts for grading USE YOUR ASSIGNMENT BOOK!

12 Jobs To be done at the beginning or end of the day You will have one job for the entire year Job descriptions:

13 Language Arts Language Arts with Mrs. Blose Reading-M, Tu, Th Vocabulary Spelling Grammar Writing-W, Fr

14 Language Arts Reading Log/Class Library Classroom library in 305 Library is organized by genre Always have a book Required to read 20 books Must complete a summary for each book read

15 Lunch/Recess Lunch at 12:40pm Recess at 1:05 SNAP cards in hallway Lunch crate in hallway Line up for lunch in hallway by lunch choice Lunch/recess behavior

16 Math-Mrs. Pethick Pre-test tomorrow Switch for Math daily in mixed groups Your responsibility to have your materials with you: Folder Workbook Notebook Assignment book Journal Pencils

17 PAWSitive steps Be respectful. Be responsible. Be safe. Earn tokens towards PAWS punches for school store prizes. Principal’s 100 Club Lion’s Pride Awards

18 Science/Social Studies- Mr. Verile Social Studies for half of the year, Science for half of the year Your responsibility to have all needed materials with you: Folder Notebook Journal Assignment book Pencils

19 Snack Usually working snack Eaten in 5 minutes No peanuts or peanut butter SHOULD BE HEALTHY No juice, soda, etc.

20 Specials Monday-Gym Tuesday-Art Thursday-Music Friday-Library Chorus-Thursdays 8 weeks before concerts

21 Supplies Supply cart Supplies are to be BORROWED, not kept in your desks Supplies used for SCHOOL work only Pencil boxes: You should supply pencils for yourself throughout the year Put your name/# on eraser provided Keep tickets/PAWS cards here

22 WIN Time 45 minutes 4x/week Mixed groups based on reading ability/needs

23 Writing Your responsibility to have all needed materials with you: Folder Notebook Journal Assignment book Pencils

24 Questions?

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