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Let’s ROCK! ROCKS is alive and well at Keigwin Middle School!!

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1 Let’s ROCK! ROCKS is alive and well at Keigwin Middle School!!

2 R.O.C.K.S. Responsibility Organization Cooperation Kindness Safety

3 Let’s rock!!! Look at their ROCKS behavior! Remember to always raise your hand and work quietly, and to be Cooperative in the class room. When you walk into your class, write down your homework as soon as you sit down. Also, don’t throw anything, because it could hurt someone and violate their right to Safety. Don’t disrupt the class by talking to your friends.

4 Look at them working!! Remember to be responsible for your homework, and don’t do your homework during class. Also don’t save your homework for the morning when you rush. Also, try your best on homework, class work, and tests; you don’t need to copy from others. Try your best to finish your work in class.

5 The Rocks Ambassadors are standing in front of the “ROCKS STARS SHOWCASE,” located near the entrance to the school. This will be used to recognize students for good behavior. ROCKS Ambassadors have been observing who has truly been following ROCKS- they’re looking beyond a fake smile and just saying “Hi.” It’s not easy to be a ROCKS star! Stay tuned to find out who Keigwin’s ROCKS STARS will be! !

6 These Rocks Ambassadors have been creating weekly morning announcements to give Keigwin students something “ROCKS-like” to think about. One week they reminded students of ways to follow ROCKS while on a field trip to the Durham Fair. Another week, they reflected on how smoking is an “Un- ROCKS-like” habit, after an assembly given by Dr. Victor DeNoble.

7 If students forget how to follow ROCKS, anywhere in the building, they can easily find a posting of ROCKS rules, in the hallway, classroom, cafeteria, auditorium, and lavatory.

8 Look at the roaring rocks mascot! He will soon be hung in the hallway, holding up Keigwin’s ROCKS Wall- our goal is for the wall to have at least 350 rocks by the end of the year- one for each student!

9 Students follow ROCKS all day while at Keigwin. Here, students are being responsible for getting their homework done during X period.

10 This bulletin board is on display outside the T Team hallway- The ROCKS spirit is everywhere!!!

11 Do you know what? You can even follow ROCKS at home!!

12 You have seen how ROCKS has helped to bring students success at Keigwin. Can following ROCKS at home make students’ lives more even more successful?

13 Victoria is one of the 15 ROCKS Ambassadors who have volunteered their time during X periods to find ways to help spread the ROCKS message throughout the school.

14 How can we ROCK-IT home??? R- we can be responsible for our chores and our homework O- we can keep our bedrooms organized C- we can be cooperative with the adults in our families and follow their directions K- we can show kindness to our younger family members- brothers, sisters, and cousins S- we can keep ourselves safe from dangerous habits- smoking, drugs, violence, and unhealthy eating

15 ROCKS works best when it’s a team effort! Students Teachers Keigwin Staff Keigwin Administrators Families We’re in it together to succeed together!!!

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