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ADMINISTRATORS Dr. Almeida - Principal Mrs. Miner – Assistant Principal Mr. Gomes – Assistant Principal.

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2 ADMINISTRATORS Dr. Almeida - Principal Mrs. Miner – Assistant Principal Mr. Gomes – Assistant Principal

3 SUPPORT STAFF Mrs. Sturdahl - Behavior Specialist Officer Fraatz - School Resource Officer Mrs. Larsen - School Nurse

4 SUPPORT STAFF Gina Gateman – ULSS Coordinator Mrs. Donnelly-Taylor - School Psychologist Mr. Felix Sarubbi - Social Worker Ms. Sue Davis - Student Assistant Counselor

5 GUIDANCE COUNSELORS GRADE 6 – Mrs. Patricia Dorchies GRADE 7 – Mrs. Lori Lebrun GRADE 8 – Mrs. Cheryl Fram (Sevigny) Clerk – Mrs. JoAnn Phillips

6 Teachers Administrators STUDENTS Parents Students are central to the educational process!

7 PURPOSE OF OPEN HOUSE Meet the principals Meet your son/daughter’s teachers Learn about class procedures and expectations Get acquainted with the building Learn about, sign-up, & become an active member of the PTSA

8 Teams Grade 6 6A – Siberian Tigers6B - Orca 6C – Snow Leopards6D – Red Panda Grade 7 7A – Pegasus7B – Scorpius 7C - Draco7D – Phoenix Grade 8 8A - Lapis Lazuli 8B - Sapphire 8C - Onyx 8D – Obsidian


10 ADVISORY PROGRAM What? A program in which a group of students and an advisor (teacher) get together… Purpose? To establish relationships for learning between students and teachers… When? Once a week (mainly on Tuesday)- 50 minutes

11 ADVISORY PROGRAM GOALS Advocacy Develop meaningful adult-student relationships Community Create a support network to foster a feeling of belonging to advisory, team and school Skills Strengthen problem solving and decision making skills


13 Administrator Teacher Parent Student

14 Be Responsible Review and Evaluate Policies, Practices, & Programs Create and Maintain a Positive Culture Support & Facilitate Successful Co-teaching Relationships Build Capacity by Effectively Delegating Responsibilities Establish Clear/High Expectations for ALL

15 Be Reliable Shared Decision Making Support Teachers Provide Feedback Be Consistent & Follow-Up w/ Student Discipline Be Visible Be Respectful Establish Open Lines of Communication Be Approachable Be Professional Have A Sense of Humor Have An Open Door Policy Follow PLC Norms

16 Be Responsible Differentiate Instruction Integrate Literacy Strategies Across Curriculum Maintain Instructional / Academic Focus Engage Students in Higher Level Thinking Be Reliable Continuously Communicate w/ Parents Implement School Improvement Plan Initiatives Actively Participate in the Professional Learning Community Continue to Learn & Grow

17 Be Respectful Establish Positive Relationships Develop a Student-Centered Classroom Support and Collaborate with Colleagues Personalize the Learning Environment for Students Have Fun! Follow PLC Norms

18 Get involved with PTSA Communicate with teachers & administrators Check your son/daughter’s agenda nightly Ensure your son/daughter reads at home Provide him/her with a quiet workspace Ask your son/daughter about his/her day Encourage your son/daughter to get involved in extracurricular activities Volunteer at least three hours

19 Responsible Bringing all your materials to class. Having your homework done. Reliable Being on time to class. Always being honest. Respectful Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

20 ATTENDANCE ABSENCES Parent must call school Note must be brought in TARDIES 5 tardies = written warning from administrator 6+ = detention / retention TRUANCY COURT Absence for 10 days w/o medical excuse Five tardies is equivalent to a day absent

21 DISCIPLINARY CONSEQUENCES SOCIAL SUSPENSION – No dances / school events TEACHER DETENTION - 1hour OFFICE DETENTION – 1hour (Tuesday & Thursday) RETENTION – 2 – 3 hours (Tuesday & Thursday) ALTERNATIVE LEARNING CENTER – 1 class period to 5 days SUSPENSION – 1-10 days (Parent must reinstate you)

22 SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS Cameras are in the school in the hallways and outside the building monitoring all activity.

23 Extracurricular Activities Sports: Fall: Coed Soccer Winter: Wrestling & Basketball (Boys & Girls) Spring: Softball & Baseball Cheerleading Student Council Yearbook Robotics Club Showcase (Cabaret) Band Chorus

24 LUNCH PROGRAM All free / reduced lunch applications are due by September 30 th.

25 BREAKFAST PROGRAM 7:35 – 7:55 AM Multipurpose C

26 School Nurse Mrs. Kathy Larson


28 Systematic Training for Effective ParentingS.T.E.P. Ms. Sue Davis

29 Parent Volunteer Program

30 AVENUES OF COMMUNICATION Telephone (401) 822-9426 Team mailbox School website - School website - Parent Listserv Parent Listserv Principal Walk & Talks Principal Walk & Talks Student agenda Parent conferences PTA meetings Email


32 AVENUES OF COMMUNICATION Telephone (401) 822-9426 Team mailbox School website - School website - Parent Listserv Parent Listserv Student agenda Parent conferences PTA meetings Email – Staff Directory

33 PRINCIPAL WALK & TALK Thursday, October 1, 2009 9:00 – 10:00 AM Thursday, November 12, 20099:00 – 10:00 AM Thursday, December 10, 20099:00 – 10:00 AM Thursday, January 7, 20109:00 – 10:00 AM Thursday, February 11, 20109:00 – 10:00 AM Thursday, March 11, 20109:00 – 10:00 AM Thursday, April 8, 20109:00 – 10:00 AM May & June, 2010*TBD (*Opportunity for incoming 6 th grade parents to visit ASFMS.)

34 PTSA Contributions to the School Membership Drive Parent Workshops

35 PTSA MEETING DATES 6:30 PM Wednesday, September 9th Wednesday, October 7th Wednesday, November 4th Monday, January 11th Wednesday, February 3rd Monday, March 1st Wednesday, April 7th Monday, May 3rd ay TBD, 2009

36 Essential Points We are a “High Performing” middle school We need a strong / active PTSA Our instruction and programs are among the very best Our teachers, faculty and staff are highly qualified and certainly among the highest level of professionals

37 Essential Points Our commitment to student learning is not only a priority, but second only to student safety. ASFMS is a safe, nurturing environment with rigorous academic expectations. We strive to seek continuous improvement. We expect you to hold us accountable.

38 EVENING SCHEDULE 6 th Grade Team Teacher Presentation Visit Exploratory Teachers Sign Up to be a Member of the PTSA

39 Walking the Talk Together “Each of us may be only one person, but we can make a difference. Walking the talk as best we can is a great place to start.” (p. 21)


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