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Professional Therapy Dogs at Haysville West Middle School!!

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1 Professional Therapy Dogs at Haysville West Middle School!!

2 What is a Professional Therapy Dog? A professional therapy dog is a well trained and well mannered dog that visits a variety of settings to offer emotional support.

3 To be certified as a professional therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International, Inc., a dog must pass 10 steps of the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Test as well as additional requirements from Therapy Dogs International, Inc.

4 Why have a therapy dog at school? Research shows that petting a dog helps lower blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. Having a trained dog in the classroom helps to create a calmer environment that is more conducive to learning.

5 And now……’s Mocha! Mocha is a chocolate Labrador retriever. She may be a teeny tiny Lab, but she has a BIG heart!

6 …and Lincoln! Lincoln is an Alaskan malamute. His favorite things are belly rubs and FOOD!

7 …and Dungy !!! Dungy is a golden retriever. She loves her ball, cuddling, and kids!

8 Mocha, Lincoln, and Dungy love kids of all ages!!!

9 From the young…

10 …to the young at heart!

11 They think it’s GREAT to go to the principal’s office!

12 Can I pet the dogs? Absolutely! There are a few things to keep in mind when you pet Mocha, Lincoln, and Dungy to help them feel comfortable in our school. These are the same rules you should use when you meet any dog.

13 First, please ask before you pet the dogs. Can I please pet your dog?

14 Second, reach your hand out with the palm side down and your fingers relaxed and let the dog smell you…this is how the dog gets to know you.

15 Third, pet the dog on the chest or below the chin. Talk softly and gently.

16 Once the dog is comfortable with you, you can pet its back, neck, and ears. Try to stay away from petting the top of the dog’s head until the dog gets to know you better…this is typically a dog’s least favorite spot for petting because the dog can’t see what’s going on.

17 And finally, enjoy your time with Mocha, Lincoln, and Dungy. They love and respect you and they hope that you will love and respect them, too!

18 Will there ever be a time when I won’t be able to pet the dogs? Yep, sometimes if you ask to pet the dogs, their handler may ask you to wait a bit. Just like people, dogs can get stressed out and may need a break every now and then. Also, sometimes the dog may be focused on a task that the handler has given and the dog needs to be left alone to fulfill that task.

19 I am not comfortable around dogs. Should I feel afraid when a therapy dog is nearby? The dogs hope that you are not afraid of them, but they understand if you are uncomfortable with dogs. Just remember…Mocha, Lincoln, and Dungy’s handlers will be there to ensure that the dogs are not approaching kids who aren’t comfortable with them.

20 Help! I am allergic to dogs. What should I do? By no means do the dogs want to cause your allergies to act up. Hopefully you are able to stay in the room a fair distance from the dogs without your allergies becoming a problem. If you have an especially severe case of allergies, please let your teacher know so that we can make your environment comfortable for you.

21 What if I see Mocha, Lincoln, or Dungy in the hallway? If you see a dog during passing period, please do not do a “run by” petting. Having hands randomly coming at them during such a chaotic time can be stressful for the dogs. Also, please try to give the dog as much personal space as possible…we all know that’s hard to do in crowded hallways, but do the best you can.

22 If you see the dogs in the hallway while your class is quietly walking to lunch, the library, etc…, please do not call out to them or cause a ruckus…that would only get you in trouble with your teacher! Instead, smile and wave at them…they will see you!

23 Do Mocha, Lincoln, and Dungy know any tricks? Yep, they are very smart dogs, and they know several tricks. They are always ready to learn new things, just like we should be!

24 Will I ever be able to give the dogs a treat? Mocha, Lincoln, and Dungy love treats! They are food motivated, which makes it easier to train them. However, we need to help them stay happy, healthy, and focused on their task to love and be loved, and so usually their handler is the only one who rewards them with treats.

25 Can I give the dogs commands? The dogs need to have only one person at a time telling them what to do. This person is usually their handler. Wouldn’t it be annoying if you had three or four people telling you how to do a math problem all at the same time? So, unless their handler tells you otherwise, the best thing you can do for the dogs is to let their handler give them the commands.

26 When will Mocha, Lincoln, and Dungy be at school? Mocha generally comes to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lincoln generally comes to school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Dungy doesn’t have a set schedule…but she loves school, so she does come often!

27 Where are Mocha, Lincoln, and Dungy’s classrooms? Mocha and Lincoln’s classroom is E-7, which is Mrs. Gamble’s room. This classroom is in the 8 th grade pod at HWMS. Dungy’s classroom is C-3, which is Mrs. Dawson’s room. This classroom is in the 6 th grade pod at HWMS.

28 Let’s make it a GREAT school year! Mocha, Lincoln, and Dungy can’t wait to meet you! Go Gorillas!

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