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Chapter 16 Floor Plan Symbols.

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1 Chapter 16 Floor Plan Symbols

2 Introduction Floor plans for a proposed home:
Provide the owner an opportunity to evaluate the design in terms of livability and suitability Quickly communicate overall construction requirements to the builder Reduce likelihood of errors if they are easy to read


4 Wall Symbols Opinions vary with regard to how walls are drawn
Exterior walls Interior partitions


6 Wall Shading and Material Indications
Shading methods make walls stand out Partial walls Guardrails


8 Door Symbol Representations


10 Window Symbol Representations



13 Schedules Numbered symbols on the floor plan key specific items to charts (i.e., schedules) Set up many different ways When doors and windows are described they must be keyed



16 Cabinets, Fixtures, and Appliances on Floor Plans
Floor plans include: Kitchen Bathroom Utility room Included on floor plans: Wardrobe and closets Laundry chutes




20 Common Sizes of Architectural Features
Refer to the text for dimensions of: Room components Plumbing fixtures Appliances Doors Windows

21 Floor Plan Materials Identified on the floor plan with: Notes
Characteristic symbols Key symbols

22 Stair Planning and Floor Plan Representation



25 Hallways on Floor Plans
Hallways provide access to various areas May be long or short Length and number should be minimal May be a unique part of the design Minimum width should be 36" (900 mm)

26 Fireplaces on Floor Plans
Commonly constructed using masonry Other types include: Steel Direct vent, self-venting, vent-free, and gas Gas-burning Built-in masonry barbeque Electric Multilevel


28 Fireplaces on Floor Plans (cont’d.)
Other considerations include: Cleanout Wood storage Combustion air

29 Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances
Include items such as airtight stoves, freestanding fireplaces, room heaters, etc. Refer to text for general rules regarding: Floor protection Wall protection Combustion air Air pollution

30 Room Titles on Floor Plans
Rooms are labeled with a name on the floor plan

31 Other Floor Plan Symbols
There are many additional symbols Hose bibb Concrete slab Attic and crawl space Window well Floor drain Cross-section



34 Conclusion Floor plans are a key element in a complete set of architectural drawings Clients are interested in floor plans so they can see how the structure is laid out A large variety of symbols and drawing techniques go into preparing a floor plan The challenge is to include all necessary symbols and notes needed

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