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SHS Renaissance It’s Up 2 U! 2 B a part of SHS Renaissance.

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1 SHS Renaissance It’s Up 2 U! 2 B a part of SHS Renaissance

2 SHS Renaissance Jostens Renaissance is a national- education based program that recognizes academics, attendance, and those individuals who play an important role in the school. SHS Renaissance will implement nine programs promoting student achievements and celebrating the school’s successes.

3 SHS Renaissance What is SHS Renaissance? –Incentive Program that shows students and staffulty that we care about their hard work and achievements. –Encourages students to perform better.

4 SHS Renaissance Benefits: –Positive Recognition –Increase in student achievement –Increase in student attendance –Decrease in discipline referrals –Tangible rewards

5 SHS Renaissance Programs to be implemented –$ 5.00 Fridays –Breakfast Party Patrol (BPP) –Staffulty of the Month –All the Buzz –SHS Renaissance Cards –Wall of Fame –Prize Patrol –Student of the Month –Kudos Cards

6 $ 5.00 Friday Every Friday, a student’s name is drawn. If that student has had perfect attendance, no tardies, or early dismissals for the week, then he/ she receives a five dollar check. If the student didn’t meet the requirements, then the money rolls over to the next week (ten dollars, fifteen, twenty, etc.). Winners’ pictures are displayed on the bulletin board

7 Breakfast Party Patrol Once a month, (Breakfast Party Patrol) knocks on teachers’ doors at 8:05 am. The first classroom that has perfect attendance (everyone present, including the teacher and no tardies) is awarded a free breakfast. BPP immediately serve them doughnuts, bananas, milk, and juice.

8 Staffulty of the Month Monthly, students, teachers and parents nominate an inspirational staffulty member who has made a difference in their lives. The winner is selected by a Renaissance student committee. The Staffulty of the Month receives a twenty-five dollar gift certificate from a local restaurant, biography on a bulletin board, and picture in the Robertson County Times and SHS school website. A staffulty member is ANYONE that works at SHS and participates in Renaissance. Nominations are due on the first of every month. Nomination forms are placed in the box located in the library. Winner is chosen by quality of nomination, not quantity.

9 All the Buzz Teachers nominate students who have improved and showed great effort in class. These students receive a certificate with a piece of candy or gift certificate to a business and their names printed in the school’s newsletter/website. Student names are displayed on a bulletin board in the main hallway. Awarded monthly by Mrs. Mason


11 Renaissance Cards Cards will be issued every nine weeks. All cards will have 6 prizes with some variation depending on level. Students must not have ANY detentions, in school or out of school suspensions to receive cards. Dark yellow card- 3.5 - 4.0 Light yellow card- 3.0 – 3.49 White card - Perfect attendance, No more than three of the following: tardies, early dismissals or checkouts. Medical/drivers licenses appointments or death in the family with proper documentation may be appealed with Ms. Salazar on a case by case basis. Gray card- Bringing up grades.

12 Renaissance Cards These are only examples Incentives may differ

13 Wall of Fame Every nine-weeks students will have their names on the Wall of Fame: Yellow Star = A Honor Roll Black Star = A/B Honor Roll White Star = Perfect Attendance, No tardies, early dismissals or checkouts. Gray Star= Bring up grades without dropping any grades. The Wall of Fame will be posted in the cafeteria. All students must have NO detentions, ISS, or OSS

14 Prize Patrol Monthly surprise. Tickets will be placed under random students’ desks. During morning announcements students will be prompted to look under their desk. Students with tickets will go to Ms. Salazar’s room to claim prize after morning announcements.

15 Student of the Month Teachers nominate one male and one female student from each grade level. Student must not have any ISS or Detention, have good attendance, at least a C average, be involved in at least one extra-curricular activity, and be a positive role model for peers Renaissance student committee selects winner. The Student of the Month receives a free one topping medium pizza from Dominos, biography with picture on a bulletin board in the main hallway, and picture in the Robertson County Times and SHS school website.

16 Student of the Month

17 Kudos Cards Teachers send home monthly four kudos postcards to parents or guardians of SHS students.

18 Kudos Cards

19 SHS Renaissance For more information see Ms. Salazar Room D-58 Gracias!!

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