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Slide Number 1 Enterprise Wireless Purposefully Designed for Hotels.

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1 Slide Number 1 Enterprise Wireless Purposefully Designed for Hotels

2 Slide Number 2 FIRST … in Hospitality 1996 First technology designed for MDU (Expresso) First hotel guest room HSIA at Tokyo Hyatt Over 60 awards and patents 2005 First Adaptive Line Power over telephone (T2) Last Expresso shipment (nearly 1,000,000 total lines) 2009 Milestone: 100,000 lines of T2 Adaptive Line Power patent grant: 7512220 2009 First WiFi AP approved for installation inside guest rooms Product shipments double Q-over-Q, 2009 2010 First 802.11a/b/g/n WallPlate AP

3 Slide Number 3 Hotel Trends Existing Wire Infrastructure –US/EU: 70 – 80% Cat-3 wired; rest are Cat-5/6 –APAC: 5% - 15% Cat-3 wired; rest are Cat-5/6 –LACR: 60% - 70% Cat-3 wired; rest are Cat-5/6 Hotels operate on Guest Satisfaction –Will provide the “at home” experience –Concerned about growth in WiFi enabled tablets, phones, etc and what they will do to the wireless network Hotels are not Technology Companies –Converged networks can offer enhanced services at a lower operational cost –Service Providers offer value with subject-matter experts

4 Slide Number 4 7.5cm x 12.5cm x 2.5cm (3” x 5” x 1”) Lowest Deployment Cost High Performance 802.11n Install Anywhere – Hide in sight AP 6511 WallPlate AP

5 Slide Number 5 AP 6511 802.11n Wallplate Access Point List: $379 High Performance – in a small package 26dBm EIRP 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2x2 MIMO Dual 3dBi antennas Fast Easy Installation Snap-on Installation in minutes, not hours Flush mount (no protrusion into junction box) Sleek, small, “hides in sight” design Scalable Management On-board controller (up to 25 APs), RFS Controller (up to 12,000 APs – L2 or L3) Standalone (web UI)

6 Slide Number 6 Snap-on Modularity Snap-off access panel Snap-in port Patent-Pending: Snap-on any standard keystone connector Snap-on 3-port Ethernet module Modular for Agile Communications Convergence 1 x 10/100Mb RJ45 snap in module (snap into keystone slot) 3 x 10/100Mb RJ45 snap on module

7 Slide Number 7 AP 6511 Installation Install Bracket Install Cables Snap-On Done Cat5 Plate

8 Slide Number 8 Install Anywhere – optimized for in-room AP INSTALLED IN GUEST ROOM Minimal site survey time Rapid installation – minutes not hours Use existing Cat5/6 wire in the walls Value Proposition: Install APs in the hallway, guest room, or any location. Designed with small size and universal mounting bracket AP INSTALLED IN HALLWAY More RF obstruction – more planning required Install can be disruptive, expensive

9 Slide Number 9 Test Details –Ruckus ZF 7962, a/b/g/n –Ruckus ZF 7025, b/g/n | not tested, based on Ruckus claims –Motorola AP 6511, a/b/g/n | tested with prototype hardware –Motorola AP 7131n, a/b/g/n –Measurements on a single floor only –One roaming connected laptop –Boundary is -75dBm signal Test Results –ZF 7025 projected to cover 1 or 2 rooms –ZF 7962 and AP 6511 cover 8 rooms –AP 7131 covers 10 rooms Real World Expectations –AP 6511 is 30% to 50% less total cost Test Data with Ruckus ZF 7962 and 7025 Note: Individual hotel architecture will dictate actual coverage.

10 Slide Number 10 General Comparison Information Wall plate form factor competitors AP 6511HP MSM 317Ruckus 7025General AP (HP, Ruckus, Cisco, Aruba) Performance 26dBm (7-10 rooms) 10dBm (1 room) 16dBm (1-2 room) 23 – 26dBm (7-10 rooms) Installation Anywhere (hallway, wardroom, in- room) In wall box hallway or wardroom Management Standalone, Controller, or Software based Controller Controller onlyStandalone or Controller

11 Slide Number 11 Key Feature Review High Performance radioMotorola hides a high performance 26dBm, 2x2 MIMO radio inside the world’s smallest, thinnest access point Install Anywhere“hide-in-sight” design Patent pending modular design adds Ethernet ports and other cabling with a snap. Install is also a snap –over any Ethernet wall plate or mount to the wall or ceiling Controller APOne AP can be a primary controller for up to 25 AP 6511s in the network. A second AP can be a backup controller for redundancy

12 Slide Number 12 Full Service Hotel Select Service Hotel Limited Service Hotel – 40% <100 rms to ~125 rms Lobby Guest Rooms Controller AP Manages all AP 6511s

13 Slide Number 13 Full Service Hotel Select Service Hotel – 34% ~125 rms to ~300 rms Meeting Rooms Lobby/Backoffice Guest Rooms Limited Service Hotel – 40% <100 rms to ~125 rms Lobby Guest Rooms

14 Slide Number 14 Full Service Hotel – 26% ~300 rms to ~2000 rms Outdoor Facilities Conference Facilities Lobby/Backoffice Guest Rooms Select Service Hotel – 34% ~125 rms to ~300 rms Lobby/Backoffice Guest Rooms Limited Service Hotel – 40% <100 rms to ~125 rms Lobby Guest Rooms

15 Slide Number 15 300m (1kft) telephone wire 600m (2kft) telephone wire POTS + Power + Broadband PBXPhone block T3 Switch M2 WallPlate 2 x FE ports MC-802 WallPlate 2 x FE ports 1 x 11b/g radio 16 WLANS VLANs WPA2 AES core network AC power T3 Powerbroadband - Wireless LAN over Cat-3 telephone wire Discreet, Unobtrusive in-room WallPlate Patented: Adaptive Line Power

16 Slide Number 16 100% Coverage in Guest rooms Low client to AP ratio Central Management 5 minute in-room installation Optimized for Advanced services HD-IPTV Wireless LAN with enterprise features Mobile device roaming with Pre-Authentication No New Wires Operates over any telephone line Reduce or eliminate site survey expense Motorola T3 WLAN Advantages

17 Slide Number 17 Meeting and Conference High capacity, roaming, load balance, mesh Public Access, Backoffice Networks Improve guest satisfaction by enabling mobility Guest Access Network Wireless and Wired in each guest room 802.11n with new AP 6511 Motorola Enterprise Hotel – 802.11n throughout Outdoor Environmental APs, 802.11n MESH, ADEPT Antenna

18 Slide Number 18 Thank you!

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