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Lucretia Lydia Sudall & Chad Young. Greetings and Salutations Greetings People of Direct TV! We are two young filmmakers living in New York City and are.

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1 Lucretia Lydia Sudall & Chad Young

2 Greetings and Salutations Greetings People of Direct TV! We are two young filmmakers living in New York City and are exited to enter our pitch in your competition! Chad Young is an accomplished Camera Operater and budding cinematographer. His current reel can be viewed at: Lydia Sudall is a accomplished non-union gaffer and DP. Her current reel can be viewed at:, Stray, a film also shot by Lydia can be viewed at:, by clicking “Stray” in the right column. Lucretia is a story we feel can highlight the vivid images presented with direct TV service, while engaging the imaginations of viewers and making them consider the product based on the enticing idea of escaping reality by simply watching their television. Is that not what everyone wants from their Televisual experience? We have included: 1.Original “Mood” drawings, sketches and composites based on our ideas of what the final film/commercial should look like. 2.The script for Lucretia, which is a dominantly silent piece. 3.A brief budget breakdown in USD. 4.Our Contact Information.

3 INT. BAR – NIGHT It is a dive bar with blue walls, a few people sit at the bar and keep to themselves. Among them are JASON, 26, clean shaven, neat but not preppy, and BRYN, 22, who dresses in informal gothic attire. CHRISTOPHER, the bartender is in his 30's, dresses practically in a polo and a smile. Christopher grabs a remote and changes the channel on the tv to a suspense film; some of the patrons watch. INT. TV - ASYLUM – NIGHT It is an institutional hallway with white walls and tile floor. At one end of the hall there is a T intersection, the other is a glass door to a stairwell with a red EXIT sign over it. CINDY FLIP, a nurse in her mid thirties with a slight frame, dressed in white nurses uniform, carries a black trench coat as she comes out of an office. INT. ASYLUM – NIGHT Cindy turns off the lights and walks down the hall past a series of closed doors towards the stairwell. INT. ASYLUM – NIGHT After the stairwell door closes a "thud" is heard. A second “thud”. Wood cracks. On the third thud a door breaks apart, and splinters into the hallway. LUCRETIA, 21 a young woman with a dark choppy haircut dressed in a white tee shirt, grey sweatpants, and a patient wrist band, enters from the broken door looks both ways and heads for the exit.

4 Interior – Asylum hallway - Night

5 INT. ASYLUM HALL – NIGHT DR PETE, mid thirties prematurely grey, wears a white lab coat, is dragged by Cindy, who wears the black trench coat down the hallway. The couple Canoodles, he throws her against the wall. He kisses her as he slides off the trench coat and lets it fall to the ground. Lucretia watches from around the corner. Nurse Flip drags Dr. Pete into a room, they do not close the door. Lucretia passes the open door. Cindy and Dr. Pete are visible as she passes, but do not see her. She picks up Cindy's coat and puts it on. INT. ASYLUM HALLWAY – NIGHT Lucretia turns the corner. She stops and peers back down the hallway she left. A GUARD at the other end of the hallway checks if the doors are locked. He gets to the remains of her door and looks around and reaches for his walkie-talkie. INT. ASYLUM HALLWAY – NIGHT There are coats hung up along the wall one of the doors. Lucretia grabs a black scarf and puts it on. She continues down the hall to an open window with metal bars and a lock that leads to a fire escape. She pulls out a bobby pin and a paper clip and picks the lock. She opens the metal grate and it falls off it's hinges and clangs against the fire escape and falls to the pavement near CALLEN and URT, two uniformed guards outside the asylum. EXT. FIRE ESCAPE – NIGHT The officers look up and see Lucretia partially out of the window. She darts back in. Officer URT launches himself up the fire escape, while CALLEN runs inside. Lucretia pulls herself out of the window, notes Urt's progress, and proceeds up the fire escape.

6 Exterior – Asylum rooftop - Night

7 EXT. ASYLUM ROOF – NIGHT Lucretia hurtles onto the roof as Callen emerges from a staircase door. Lucretia runs. She crosses a short wall onto the next roof. She runs across that roof and leaps to get across an alley to the next roof. Callen comes to a stop, he notes the distance between buildings. Urt leaps past him. Lucretia Hides behind a door on the next roof. Urt slows as he hops a short wall to the roof Lucretia is on. He pulls out his flashlight and scans the roof. He rounds the corner and sees the door close. He pulls on the handle but it is locked. INT. BAR – NIGHT The patrons still watch the movie on TV. The bartender has begun to clean up. On the screen URT pulls out his gun and shoots open the lock to the door on the roof. Backup arrives and they proceed down the stairwell with flashlight in hand. INT. BAR ENTRANCE – NIGHT Lucretia enters. She wears a black trench coat and scarf. She sits at the bar next to Jason. He double takes and nudges Bryn, who does not look away from the screen. The bartender approaches Lucretia. BARTENDER Hey hun, it's been a while. LUCRETIA Yeah, well, life’s been crazy. BARTENDER What can I get for you? LUCRETIA The usual. The bartender proceeds to make a drink for her, while Jason stares are her. She takes off her coat and scarf to reveal a nice pant suit. She notices Jason's stare and smirks. INTER-TITLE: Direct TV, BRINGING YOUR TV THAT MUCH CLOSER TO REALITY.

8 Interior – Bar - Night

9 DaysRate We have prepared this budget taking into consideration locations that are available for us to use, and utilizing crew and manpower available to us through professional connections. We believe that focusing our budget on the listed equipment will enable us to create the best film possible.

10 Contact Information Email: Chad Young: (503)999-5083 Lydia Sudall: (610)306-3662

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