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Hallway Traffic Simulator Peter Riggs Computer Systems Lab 06-07.

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1 Hallway Traffic Simulator Peter Riggs Computer Systems Lab 06-07

2 Abstract The purpose of this project is to provide a realistic simulation of traffic flow through a given hallway environment. The simulation is run by a Fortran program, and the results are then displayed by a Java viewer which reads from the main program.

3 Introduction Architects can use a traffic simulator to test the effectiveness of a hallway design before building it. With this program the user can input a specific environment and a few initial parameters (e.g. student population), and the program will demonstrate how successful the design is.

4 Background No research has been done in the area of hallways—designs are done by trial & error and by precedent Studies on car traffic have created models for traffic volume vs. road width and intersections

5 Procedures All movement calculations handled by main Fortran program Main program reads in environment data from text file, calculates student movement vs. time, exports results to text file Java viewer reads and displays movement data, user controls playback

6 Methods For 1000+ students, full pathfinding algorithm is inefficient Node graph used to place “guideposts” for students to simplify pathfinding Individuals use local pathfinding to avoid only adjacent walls & other students, at minimum cost to processor

7 Methods (ctd.) A node graph showing the guideposts given to an individual

8 Results Students behave as realistic individuals, creating accurate traffic patterns Developers can input their designs into the program for predictions of traffic Administrators can program set destinations for students to test the feasibility of certain class schedules

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