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Patente is a part of private Iraqi Joint Venture providing oil services to Iraqi oil sector. Our headquarters are in Erbil. Patente provides oil services.

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1 Patente is a part of private Iraqi Joint Venture providing oil services to Iraqi oil sector. Our headquarters are in Erbil. Patente provides oil services to local and foreign companies, public and private ones. Patente provides a new and innovative approach concerning oil services by acting as liaison between the end-user and the advance technology. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients by offering them high quality services, by increasing our flexibility and provide add value services to them. We ensure that our clients receive the most effective and professional services. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of services and operations related to oil and gas sector. PROFILE

2 Patente has years of experience operating in drilling works, transportation and logistics related to the oil sector. We are acting in Iraq and Kurdistan specifically. Patente is a leader in logistics support and transportation of oil related products and services and serves a great variety of clients. ABOUT US

3 We are a professional, independent and private trade company. Our qualified management has wide experience and knowledge which cover all activities related to Iraqi oil sector. Patente is part of a joint venture that is working closely with many international companies to establish strong business relationships between the worlds' oil leaders and Iraq. WHO WE ARE

4 Our focus is mainly on Drilling activities, trading oil business and oil transportation. Patente is focusing in support oil & gas development and logistic services Other fields that our company acts in KRG/Iraq is Catering, Cleaning, Laundry and Camp General Housekeeping and Maintenance Services. We also participate and contribute in EPC & EPCM projects.. WHO WE ARE

5 Other Services & Expertise

6 Why to trust us

7 Quality Policy


9 Our Advantages



12 Our Catering Approach


14 Our Chain of Catering Services

15 Reliability and Quality

16 Cleaning Services

17 Catering

18 Why to trust us in catering!

19 Health, Safety, Fire Protection!

20 Construction Safety, Health & Environment Program T he PLC Company Safety Organization comprises the Divisional Director / Head of Safety, the Company Safety, Health & Environmental Manager and the Administration Safety Officer based in the Head Office, Regional Safety Advisors and the Site HS&E Officers / Safety Supervisors based at the various job sites The Site Safety Officer/Safety Supervisor reports directly to the Site Manager and is responsible for the implementation of the Construction Safety, Health and Environmental Program. The Company Safety, Health & Environmental Manager and the Regional Safety Advisors will visit the job site on a regular basis to ensure compliance with all safety requirements. The objective of the Construction Safety, Health and Environmental Program is to eliminate avoidable accidents where possible. The effectiveness of a HS&E Program is in the main, dependent upon the attitude of employees. Desirable attitudes are developed by well organized, well planned programs. For this reason the early or initial planning of a HS&E program, while it may be significant in time consumed or resources expended, is often the most important step. The provisions of the Construction Safety Program must be supported by an allocation in the Construction Estimate as part of the Construction Execution Plan.

21 Policy Before construction commences, the Site Manager will be provided with a detailed copy of the Construction Safety, Health & Environment Plan for the project by the MRAS Group Safety, Health & Environment Manager. The Site Manager will take the necessary action to ensure the Construction Safety, health & Environment Plan is implemented.

22 Basis b) Planned temporary buildings and facilities c) Plant construction activities d) Planned manpower e) Staff facilities and materials Staff a) Safety professional (Site Safety, Health & Environmental Officer) b) Medical/first aid room nurse c) Medical Doctor (Retainer or other arrangement) d) Registered site first aiders e) Driver

23 Facilities a) First aid room (if required) b) First aid provision (office) c) Ambulance (if required) Classroom (partial use for HS&E training) Welfare facilities Materials a) Medical supplies b) HS&E signs c) Forms and record sheets d) Technical and reference books

24 Facilities Personal protective equipment, hard hats, safety belts, ear defenders, respirator, glasses, gloves, etc. are all stock stores items. Type and make shall be reviewed and ordered after approval by the Safety, Health & Environment Division.

25 We cooperate with the biggest oil companies in Kurdistan and Iraq concerning oil transportation and drilling services. We have also exclusivity in many services concerning the Erbil international Airport. We provide them from fuel jet for the airplanes and fuels for the vehicles up to services like: a) transportation, security, storages for baggage and packages, etc. LOCAL CLIENTS

26 We cooperate with great group of companies world wide that are dealing with oil business, drilling, pipelines and oil transportation. One of our biggest strategic partner in transportation field in KRG/Iraq is Mediterranean Shipping Company Geneneva (MSC).. GLOBAL CLIENTS

27 Patente company is in a JV with, 1. Venmar Shipmangement S.A. 2. Accropod Engineering & General Contracting. 3. Masco Lmpianti S.r.l. 4. Consolidated Engineering & Trading. 5. Barza Company. 6. Tajhalab Construction Company. 7. Narmar Security Company.. JOINT VENTURES

28 General Director: Mr. Ahmad Barwari Tel: +964 75030 31888 Mobile: +964 75045 14113 e-mail: e-mail: e-mail: e-mail: web site: CONTACT INFO

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