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Writing a Play Script

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1 Writing a Play Script

2  The first act should be the Protasis or Exposition.  The second, third and fourth acts should be the Epitasis or Complication.  The final act should be the Catastrophe or Resolution.

3  Play Size : Acts & Scenes ◦ Time  Setting : Acts & Scenes ◦ Different  Story Development : Acts & Scenes ◦ Characters & Dialogues

4 Setting  Writing off the top of our head sometimes is great to capture an idea. But real planning and preparation work can save time. Outlining and breaking down the dramatic elements of a story are well worth the effort.

5 Setting  Create a world that's true to real life or fantastical or that mixes the mundane with the magical. But whatever set of rules you create for that world, make sure you follow them.

6  The amount of information included to set the scene varies incredibly. Here is an example: (A deserted road on the outskirts of a not quite apocalyptic suburbia. Not quite five o'clock in the not so distant future. COWGIRL, late twenties and the Bonnie half of a Bonnie and Clyde team, holds a syringe. Her hands shake. COWBOY, about her age, holds a backpack.)

7 (The laundry room of a New York apartment building. Friday night, around nine o'clock. A row of washing machines right. Opposite them, a row of dryers. Center, several chairs for those who wait. JUDITH, mid-twenties, puts her laundry in a washing machine. Her pocketbook is atop Agatha Christie's Dead Man's Folly inside her empty laundry basket.)

8  Let’s prepare the setting ◦ Where (town/room/space) ◦ When (period/year/time) ◦ Who (character description) ◦ What is happening ◦ any objects involved

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