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WELCOME STARKE COUNTY CITIZENS! Please Sign the Attendance Sheet.

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1 WELCOME STARKE COUNTY CITIZENS! Please Sign the Attendance Sheet

2 Welcome/Introductions  Introductions  Jail Committee Members  Financial Consultant  Architect/Construction Manager  Purpose of the Meeting  Follow-up to community meetings held in January 2012.  Provide community w/ latest information on the Starke County Jail project including:  Feasibility Study  Jail Design  Project Cost  Financing

3 1) July 26, 2012 – 6:00 pm @ Knox Middle School Cafeteria 2) July 31, 2012 – 6:00 pm @ Oregon Davis Jr./Sr. High School Cafeteria 3) August 1, 2012 – 6:00 pm @ North Judson-San Pierre High School STARKE COUNTY JAIL COMMUNITY INFORMATION MEETING DATES (2 nd session)

4 Recap of January 2012 Meetings:  Starke County Jail History  Age of building, capacity, shifting demographics  Discussion of Current Problems and Issues  Building issues/condition, overcrowding, operational, public safety, class action lawsuit  Path Toward Resolution  Formation of committee, needs assessment, explore all financial options  Best option for safety/community/tax payers

5 Options Discussed at January 2012 Meetings:  Option A – Do Nothing  Option B – Develop Existing Site  Option C – New Construction on Current County Property  Option D – New Construction on Newly Purchased Land  Option E – Lease a New Facility from a Private Entity

6 Starke County Jail Bed Needs Projection + 15% classification factor for separation of prey from predator, male from female, etc.

7 Needs Assessment - Unknown Factors :  Impact of “suppressed” data  Expected D felony legislation is yet unknown  Based on the above an additional 32 jail beds are recommended as an alternate bid, (by the time bids are received we should know what proposed legislation impact may look like),and conversion of the existing jail to a 30 bed “Step” unit for work release, community transition, and for immediate interim probation sanctions.  The total 62 alternate beds would cover the total average D felons sent to IDOC should worst case legislation be enacted prohibiting all D felons from being sent to the State prisons.  Jail design must be sufficiently flexible to allow for future expansion

8 In addition to jail bed needs, issues with the existing jail include:  Building systems such as mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and security infrastructure is original to the existing jail and have deteriorated  Existing jail is not ADA compliant  Life safety routes are not compliant  Segregated medical holding cell is needed  Kitchen needs expanded  Medical section needs expanded  Laundry needs expanded  Classroom is needed  Indoor exercise and a secure outdoor exercise area is needed  Storage is needed  More temporary holding (booking) cells are needed  A padded cell is needed  Space for the Detective Division is needed  One PT maintenance person and 2 PT cooks are currently needed.

9 Impact on Jail Staffing: The following additional jail staff are recommended: FT Jailer1 PT Cook2 PT Maintenance1 Total estimated annual staff operating cost (for pay and benefits): Current: $ 294,709 Additional: $ 110, 961 TOTAL: $ 405,670

10 Skillman/DLZ Recommendation:  New Building on 4-10 acres of Land  Total Square Feet (finished) 32,406 * Existing Jail is 13,350 square feet  Total Square Feet (unfinished) 2,771  Total Inmate Beds (base bid) 108  Total Inmate Beds (alternate bid) 32



13 Probable Cost Estimates Project Cost Estimate(108 beds) $14,000,000 *Estimated Cost for Alternate to add 32 beds is $800,000 Anticipated increased Annual Utility Costs$ 40,800 Current Building Utility Costs$ 40,700 Total Utility Costs$ 81,500 Anticipated Increased Operating Cost$ 110,691 Current Operating Costs$ 294,709 Total Operating Costs$ 405,400 Construction Schedule 18–20 months

14  Possible uses include:  Step Unit for Work Release  Community Transition Program,  Immediate Interim Sanction for Probationers on the verge of violating probation  Offices for prosecutor or other county uses  Construction Budget:  To Be Determined  Schedule:  Construction start upon completion of New Facility Minor Renovations to Existing Jail

15 Financial Options:  Solving Starke County’s Jail needs will involve a significant capital investment.  Current County resources are insufficient to fund the capital costs for a new jail. As is the case with most other counties, funding the construction of a new jail will require a bond issue.  The debt on bonds for a new county jail may be paid through property taxes or income taxes. Legislation passed by the 2012 Indiana General assembly granted authority to the Starke County Council to establish a county income tax (“CEDIT”) sufficient to pay the debt on the bonds.

16 Financial Options  Although the County has not yet determined the ultimate solution for the County Jail, for preliminary basis of evaluating options, we utilized information available to estimate options/impact of a new facility and a bond issue of approximately $14 million.

17 PROJECT FINANCING: BaseAlternate Bid Estimated Bond Issue $14,000,000$800,000 additional Assumed Maturity 20 Years Assumed Annual Payment $1,180,000$70,000 additional Assumed Tax Rate 0.65% of Adjusted Gross Income Same Additional EDIT available for Operating $900,000$70,000 less The above information is based on an assumed maximum project cost for a replacement jail facility 17

18 ESTIMATED INCOME TAX IMPACT: Estimated Annual Increase in State Taxable IncomeIncome Tax Bills $20,000$130 $40,000$260 $60,000$390 $80,000$520 $100,000$650 $200,000$1,300 18

19 NEXT STEPS:  August 2012 – Council Approval  August 2012 – Schematic Design Phase  September 2012 – Design Development Phase  November 2012 – Final Design/Construction Document Phase  February 2013 – Construction Documents issued for Bidding  March 2013 – Receive Construction Bids  April 2013 – Award contracts and commence construction  December 2014 – Construction complete.  January 2015 - Transition/Occupancy

20 QUESTIONS For additional information and to follow the Jail Committee’s progress, please access our website at the following link:

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