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Disney Cruise Line Nuts & Bolts of DCL.  Clients must have all proofs of residency with them at time of boarding~ Drivers Licenses  Certified Birth.

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1 Disney Cruise Line Nuts & Bolts of DCL

2  Clients must have all proofs of residency with them at time of boarding~ Drivers Licenses  Certified Birth certificates and if you are married, bring a Copy of your marriage licenses. OR PASSPORTS Guests are responsible for obtaining proper documentation to board the ship. U.S. government regulations related to passport requirements are subject to change. Therefore, we strongly encourage Guests of all ages to have a valid U.S. passport for all cruises. Please visit the U.S. Department of State website at or call the U.S. National Passport Information Center at 877-4USA- PPT for the most current requirements

3  Disney is one of the ONLY ships that allows you to bring alcohol on board. There is really no limit, as it is what you have to physically carry on board with you.  You may bring soda, water and juice as well.  You can have items of candy shipped and waiting onboard for you as well.  Please note…many of the tips and tricks you see on this presentation is available in Word format for your use with clients. Please make sure you update them according to ship before giving them out.

4  Coolers are not permitted except if needed for medications, baby food, or items related to dietary constraints. Coolers containing personal items (e.g. soda or snacks) may NOT be brought on board. Homemade, pre-cooked or other perishable items plus any open snack containers will not be allowed to be brought on board. Disney Cruise line is unable to provide food preparation, refrigeration or storage on board for personal food or beverage items.  You can, however, bring flattened soft coolers for use in port or in your room, just pack it in your luggage.

5  The port officially opens at 10 AM. If you are going to try for an upgrade, get there no later than 9:30 AM.  Boarding begins around noon. Either get there early, or after 1 PM.  If you are staying at a Disney resort, and you are taking Cruise transfers, then make sure to check in with the cruise desk the day before you depart. You should have your luggage ready by 8 AM for pick up, even if you aren’t leaving yet!  When you arrive at port, you’ll go through a luggage screening much like at the airport, only liquids ARE allowed (including alcohol…isn’t Disney grand?)  When you check in, have your online check in paperwork ready along with passport (or birth certificate and photo id) for every member of your party. You will receive boarding cards for each person, which serves as a stateroom key and charging card (for those you authorize). On your key, you will also see your dining assignment, and it will read something like this: APLAPL (Animator’s Pallette, Parrot Cay, Lumiere’s) or PTAPTA (Parrot Cay, Triton’s, Animator’s Pallette) That is your dining order depending on what ship you are on. There is no way to get your dining assignment ahead of time, so don’t bother calling and trying.

6  When you get onboard (as long as you are boarding before 1:30), try to avoid the buffet. They try to direct you there…say politely but firmly that you’d like to wait for Parrot Cay (or whatever…depending on the ship). You won’t have to wait long and you’ll be able to sit down with your carry on luggage instead of trying to navigate the buffet while balancing your bags.  If you have to change Palo reservations or Spa treatments, do so now.  The pools are usually the emptiest you will see them on embarkation day.  Sailaway party is fun, but crowded…if you want a good spot, get there early!  Muster (or Safety Drill) is mandatory and doesn’t take long  Your stateroom will be ready at 1 PM. Your luggage will be delivered by around 5 PM.

7 For room service, you will want to tip a couple of dollars, or more depending on the size of your order. If you order drinks, a gratuity is automatically added. I add a bit more for exceptional service, like if they bring me my drink on the beach on Castaway Cay. You will also want to tip the porters a dollar or two per bag, especially if they carry your bags all the way across the street to the parking lot. ADDITIONAL HINTS FOR TIPPING Charge your tips early. The line can get quite crowded at Guest Services if you wait till the last day of your cruise. We tip the recommended amount early and then add some extra cash for anyone who gives us exceptional service. Be creative. In addition to tips, little items such as phone cards are appreciated. This should be given in addition to the suggested cash amount, not in place of it. We pick up a batch of phone cards at Sam's Club prior to our cruises. They also make a nice thank-you for persons in positions that aren't traditionally tipped, such as kids counselors, cruise staff and guest services. I bring a supply, of thank-you cards, too, and insert the little gift. Another fun item is Florida lottery tickets, which can be purchased at the airport or at gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

8  Once you have sailed on Disney Cruise Line, you automatically join the elite ranks of Disney Cruise Line's Castaway Club. You'll get your membership card in the mail featuring your member number and DCL Castaway Club contact information.  Silver Castaway member: after 1 cruise  Gold Castaway member: after 5 cruises  Platinum Castaway member: after 10 cruises

9 SilverGoldPlatinum Access to website and update emails XXX Early Booking for Spa, Palo, Remy, shore excursions 90 days before sailing105 days before sailing120 days before sailing Early booking opportunities for new itineraries XX Members only line for boarding XXX Welcome Back stateroom giftXXX Savings on future cruisesXXX Castaway Club Reception with crew XX Special Shopping Opportunities XX Concierge Boarding Priority Check in X Special Surprises just for members X Complimentary dinner at Palo X

10 Fun Stuff $25 OBC when you spend $100 in the shops for Gold and Platinum Lanyards for silver and up Tours of the galley or special sting ray events for Platinum Bakery treats for Platinum Special invitations to parties and events onboard Those are just a few perks!

11  For a cost, you can buy individual photos, packages, and CDs. This program is NOT like the one in the parks. Prices for CDs:  This is not like Disney World Photopass you can’t combine staterooms to add together CD.  3-Night Cruise - $249.95  4-Night Cruise - $299.95  7-Night Cruise - $399.95


13  What is a Fish Extender? Where did it come from? What does it mean to me? What if I am terrified of fishes? All these questions and more answered in this episode of SOAP.  Background A fish extender is a “secret Santa” of sorts. The idea is that a group of DISers exchange gifts during a cruise. The first Fish Extender Exchange is said to have been started during a Panama Canal repositioning cruise. It is called a “Fish Extender” because outside of every stateroom there is a fish mounted on the wall. It was put there by DCL as a way to deliver notes without entering your room. Now DISers use it to hang their Fish Extenders. The actual extender is like increasing the size of your mailbox, if you will.  You can make these, buy ebay or etsy. Keep in mind DISBoards are sponsored by another Travel Agency.

14  There is options on your navigator each day for certain characters and where they will be.  They are also on Castaway Cay throughout the day you are there. Very fun photos!  You can get a DCL autograph book or you can use ones on Dropbox.  Bring an item, like pillowcase, photo matte, t-shirt, in a large Ziploc with sharpies and non melting candy. On your first evening, bring it to guest services and request that it be signed by characters…the candy is for the characters as a thank you! The items will be delivered to your stateroom on your last evening. What a GREAT souvenir!

15  There are internet packages you can buy and this is the smartest way to go instead of min by min, you will be surprised how easy it adds up. Its a lot slower than at home  You can add international plans to your cell phone before leaving for a small fee normally which will give you ½ the rate if you didn’t have it and some texting amount as well.  Wave phones~ there are two in every stateroom. They are to use to call kids clubs, front desk or another stateroom and even between each other. They work on Castaway Cay as well. Don’t lose them as there is a heavy cost of $200 each phone.

16  There is laundry normally on every deck staterooms are on. Sometimes it can be every other deck.  Irons are only in the laundry rooms for use, they are not allowed in the staterooms.  There is Laundry services at additional cost more for the longer cruises.  Be sure to bring your own soap as it is cheaper.  The machines work with your stateroom card.  Dryers might require 2 cycles  Do laundry very early if you are doing it on a Sea Day, it will be very busy  Sending items out to be pressed is half the price of cleaning…if you are on a longer cruise, send your clothes to be pressed the first night, and the next day they’ll be delivered to you fresh and ironed, at half the cost of cleaning!

17  You may choose to put a CC on your stateroom for charges. You can do this online before you go or at check in.  You may be able to put cash down on your stateroom, if you don’t use it all you can even up on the last night of the cruise normally after dinner.  Keep in mind if they have a stateroom credit it will automatically be on the account.  Disney Visa Chase – if you book with this card you will get a additional $50.00 On board Credit.

18  Be sure to book onboard for benefits only available onboard  Make sure to tell your client to name you as their travel agent  You will receive a discount, possible onboard credit, and a reduced deposit. If you aren’t positive when you want to sail, make up a date a year ahead…you can always transfer it…just lock in that discount and OBC!  Book early on, because towards the end, there will be long waits at the desk.

19  Tips  Your last Evening, give out tips (if you prepaid them, you will have received gratuity slips and envelopes already)  Make sure your luggage is out for pick up before you leave for dinner, and keep valuables to carry off the ship, as well as clothing for the next day (this is important…as people have been seen shoeless and in jammies the next morning!) You will place the luggage tags given to you by your room steward on your bags, and place your luggage outside your door.  Breakfast will be offered at the same dining venue as your last evening; your server will let you know what time.  Once you leave for breakfast in the morning you will be out of your cabin…you will take all of your carryons with you to breakfast and be unable to enter your cabin again.  Everyone is off ship by 9:30 AM or so.  Upon debarking, look for your luggage tag color. There will be porters everywhere willing to help, for tips.  Bye Bye, Mickey! Till next time!

20 If you cancel within this period:The cancellation fee is: Suites/concierge staterooms: 45 + Days prior to sail Loss of Deposit per guest. Non-suites/concierge staterooms: 74 - 45 Days prior to sail Loss of Deposit per guest. All Categories: 44 - 30 Days prior to sail 50% of vacation price per guest All Categories: 29 - 15 Days prior to sail 75% of vacation price per guest All Categories: 14 Days or less before sailing No refund

21 If you cancel within this period:The cancellation fee is: Suites/concierge staterooms: 56 + Days prior to sail Loss of Deposit Non-suites/concierge staterooms: 119 - 56 Days prior to sail Loss of deposit. All Categories: 55 - 30 Days prior to sail 50% of vacation price per guest All Categories: 29 - 15 Days prior to sail 75% of vacation price per guest All Categories: 14 days or less before sailing No refund

22  Navigators: The single most important tip: Make sure every night you study the Navigator for the next day! It has a ton of information for ports, times, events, shows, characters, parties, ect.  Make sure not to miss the fireworks on Pirate Night, even if you aren’t into Pirate Night. Disney is the only Cruise line authorized to have fireworks at sea!  If you are there around Christmas, decorate! You can hang Christmas lights around your porthole if you have an oceanview…or order a small tree.  Buy Pirate supplies ahead of time and bring them with you…they are mighty pricey onboard  If you have a Disney Visa, put onboard credit on your stateroom…not only will you be pre paying things, but you’ll also be earning more Disney Reward money! Make sure you do this a couple of months in advance so it has time to cycle.  Plan to get family photos done…there are no sitting fees!  There are special DCL Dooney & Burke items for sale  There are first run Disney movies shown  Get there early for the main shows for good seats


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