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CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION. OUR MISSION To educate individuals with the global understanding necessary to address the challenges of.

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2 OUR MISSION To educate individuals with the global understanding necessary to address the challenges of our interdependent world. With the world as our classroom, our unique shipboard program integrates multiple-country study, interdisciplinary coursework, and hands-on field experiences for meaningful engagement in the global community.

3 OUR HISTORY Established in 1963 A program of the non-profit Institute for Shipboard Education University of Virginia is the academic sponsor 111 voyages and counting Alumni: over 55,000 from 1,700 institutions Current Campus- The MV Explorer built in 2002, is one of the safest, fastest and most technologically advanced ships afloat.

4 OUR CAMPUS 9 Classrooms 7 Decks 2 Dining Halls 2 Snack Bars 9,000 Volume Library Computer Lab Student Life desk Union Medical Clinic Mental Health Center Campus Store Indoor/Outdoor Fitness Center Spa/Pool Deck/Basketball Court Deck 8 Observation deck

5 LIVING-LEARNING COMMUNITY: THE “ACADEMICAL VILLAGE” Thomas Jefferson’s “Academical Village” - A place where shared learning infuses daily life. 600-700 students 50-100 Lifelong Learners 100 faculty, staff and their family members Interport lecturers and students 200 multi-national crew members


7 Tolerance for ambiguity Patience and respect Being open-minded You are representing your school, the USA and home country Preparing for Interactions

8 ON-SHIP POLICIES Student Code of Conduct Alcohol and Drug Policies Health and Safety On Board Add/Drop

9 Health & Safety If you have a chronic physical or mental health condition: Local resources Disclosure Prepare CAPS Clinic, Psychologist, Student Life Team How is it handled on and off the ship Disclosing information

10 If you manage your physical or mental health condition with medication: Bring enough Proper documents and containers Ensure legality HEALTH & SAFETY

11 Medical History Form – Submit by deadline – Send directly to MHG Medical Consulting Services, Inc Email: Medications – Yellow-Fever vaccination may be required for entry to Ghana (semester voyages only) – CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Talk with your travel clinic – Make sure to bring personal prescriptions – Seasickness: free Meclizine onboard Shipboard Medical Clinic/Mental Health Center

12 HEALTH & SAFETY Pre-Port – Explain all in-country logistics – Always have the Green Sheet Safety at Sea – Respect ship rules – Changes in itinerary Safety in Port – Port Security – Common sense with pre-port info Risk Assessment Resources – The U.S. Department of State – Global risk agency ASI Group – World Health Organization – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

13 SHIPBOARD LIFE Ship ID Card Cabins Demographics Communication – 125 Internet minutes – SAS Email account (Gmail) – Laptop strongly recommended Food and Drink – 3 meals, 2 snacks (Buffet style) – Two snack bars Laundry – Wash, dry, fold-$6 – Wash, dry, press - $9

14 Shipboard Life Studying – Pace of Classes Seasickness Communication with home Shipboard resources (meals, laundry, etc.)

15 SHIPBOARD FINANCES Bring some US Dollars – Small bills for using in some markets – Large bills for in country exchange Onboard Accounts – Cashless society linked to a credit card – Monthly statements delivers to cabin Accessing funds in port – ATM / Debit Cards give the best exchange rate – Know who’s charging fees

16 PROGRAM STRUCTURE: A DAYS, B DAYS AND PORT DAYS! Classes meet on either "A" or "B" days almost every day that the ship is at sea, including Saturday and Sunday. (Spring & Fall voyages) Classes meet every day that the ship is at sea during the Summer voyage. Once in port there is no class. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a Field Lab, Field Excursion or travel independently.

17 TYPICAL DAY AT SEA 7am –8:30 am – Breakfast 9am – Class/study/Break 10am – Class/Study/Break 11am – Class / Study / Break 12:00 – 1:30pm – Lunch 2pm – Class /Study / Break 3pm – Class / Study / Break 4pm – Class / Study / Break 5pm – 6:30pm – Dinner 7pm – 10pm - Homework / Study Group/ Break /Check out Crew Talent Show / Explorer Seminars / Workout 10pm – Late night Snack!

18 SAMPLE COURSES SAS Standard Courses World Art History Marine Biology International Marketing World Theater and Performance Development Economics World Literature Travel Writing Introduction to Oceanography The West and the World Global Music Theories of International Relations Cross Cultural Psychology World Religions Race, Class, and Gender Global Comparative Lens Courses Introduction to Anthropology Nutrition Around the World Religions of the World Introduction to Comparative Politics Global Perspectives of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility International Law Sustainable Global Entrepreneurship Development Economics World Geography

19 COURSE OFFERINGS Standard Course offering containing 74 courses Global Comparative Lens Series offering 7-9 per voyage Two-Thirds of courses are upper division

20 THE IN-PORT EXPERIENCE – Field Labs Hands on classroom experience in-port programs developed by faculty Required for each academic course. Account for 20% of each student’s grade. Full-day programs that fall on the first or last day in port – Field Programs Unique opportunities Accomplish a lot in a short period of time Cross-Cultural explorations Serve the community – Faculty-led Trips (non-Field Labs) – Independent Travel Shipboard Field Office

21 ABOUT THE PROGRAM FEES What’s Included? Tuition—up to 15 semester credits Housing (price varies by cabin category) All meals aboard the ship All academically required field labs Full-time, on-site residential student services staff Advisement and assistance by ISE Student Services Other costs to consider Overnight stay prior to embarkation Flights to embarkation/from debarkation Travel visas Textbooks Any appropriate vaccinations Between-meal food & beverages while on board Laundry Independent travel


23 PAYMENT TO SEMESTER AT SEA SAS & CUA – have a direct bill agreement, you DO NOT pay SAS, you will pay CUA as you normally do. CUA will pay SAS the inside cabin rate on your behalf, should you choose an outside cabin, you will need to pay the difference directly to SAS.

24 NOTABLE LECTURERS AND GUESTS SHRM King Mohamed VI (King of Morocco) HRH Moulay Rachid (Prince of Morocco) Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Nobel Laureate) Mother Teresa (Nobel Laureate) Nelson Mandela (First President of South Africa, Nobel Laureate) Fidel Castro (Cuban President) Anwar Sadat (Egyptian President) Indira Gandhi (Indian Prime Minister) Mikhail Gorbachev (USSR President) Corazon Aquino (President of the Philippines) Arthur C. Clark (Author of 2001: A Space Odyssey) Pete Peterson (First U.S. Ambassador to Viet Nam) C.H. Tung (first Chief Executive of Hong Kong after end of British colonial rule)

25 SAS Alumni Tips Pack light (but the ship is cold!) Make the most of your time Represent SAS and America well Be open-minded Flexibility is key

26 ADMISSION RESOURCES Office of Admission – or Our website – – Visit your specific Voyage page Facebook! – – Join your specific Voyage group (after admission)

27 SAS PRE –VOYAGE LOGISTICS Embarkation Vaccinations (Yellow Fever/Malaria)(Yellow Fever/Malaria) Visas Course Registration Field Program Registration and FDP’s Packing

28 IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Voyage FormsTravel Documents Check your MyPassport page to verify your status. Medical History Form Passport Copy Received Passport-sized Photo Release/Consent, Code of Conduct, FERPA, and UVa Honor Code Forms Updated Transcript (Unofficial transcript showing Spring 2013 grades.) Emergency Contact Form Required Travel Documents  Passport  Visas – All US and Canadian Passport Holders will need a visa for Brazil and Ghana.)  Immunizations Recommended Documents  Passport Card

29 EMBARKATION Port Address – Port of Southampton: Port of Southampton Ocean Gate, Atlantic Way. Port of Southampton Parent’s Reception – June 15 th voyage-reception/ voyage-reception/ Hotel Accommodation: See Discounted accommodations under voyage calendar: 2014/calendar/ 2014/calendar/

30 LEGAL ISSUES “But I’m from the U.S.” doesn’t work Cultural and religious issues Do your homework – State Department Country Information Sheets – Other resources

31 YOUR ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME IS NOW. new-promotional-video-your-once-in-a-lifetime-is-now/

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