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AccelUtils Gabriele Carcassi, Kunal Shroff – BNL Eric Berryman, Robert Gaul – MSU Ralph Lange – HZB.

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1 AccelUtils Gabriele Carcassi, Kunal Shroff – BNL Eric Berryman, Robert Gaul – MSU Ralph Lange – HZB

2 pvManager Graphene IOC CA client (JCA/CAJ) CSS Core ChannelFinder Integration Olog Integration ChannelFinder Olog … … DataBrowser BOY CSS IOC… pvA client IOC… v3 AccelUtils v4 Publish/subscribe Command/response v4 Masar... pvASimTest API Web based REST services API … Java/Python … cf-update Scripts and utilities Logbook … Web UI and other clients CA Core Client Technologies Data Sources Aggregation Visualization vTypes Data Definition

3 AccelUtils Collaboration between: – BNL: Gabriele Carcassi, Kunal Shroff – MSU: Eric Berryman, Robert Gaul – HZB/BESSY II: Ralph Lange Umbrella project for: – ChannelFinder – Olog – future projects

4 Overall vision Provide tools for accelerator operation Using Service Oriented Architecture – Provides decoupling and ability to update while in production – The service and the protocol is the main contract where compatibility is kept (not the database, api, etc…) Using web technologies for the server – Very solid support from industry – Work with firewalls Use-case driven – Start from a need not from technology Focused on deliverables products – Something you can download and install

5 Looking for people That work well with others Share the architecture vision Task focused Deliverable oriented With a need to solve Various level of expertise are welcome – Could use this as a learning experience That work well with others

6 Infrastructure Continuous build/test infrastructure Each subproject is on both sourceforge and – Sourforge: website, wiki, mercurial repository – JIRA bug tracking We (should) have a once a month meeting – Round the table, what I have released past month, what I’ll be working next month – Inpromptu meetings with Google hangout

7 Server technologies More requirements on how services are done – It’s the important part – Multiple people need to be able to support it – Should be homogeneous All installable in a cluster with similar configuration Standardize on Java EE – Using Glassfish (standard implementation) – Still haven’t standardized on internals JDBC vs JPA or JAX-RS or …

8 Client technologies Whatever you want! – Php/Ruby/… for web ui – Python for scripts or uis with pyQt – Java for CSS, Swing uis, applets, Android – Objective C for Apple – As long the end product is buildable from command line, packaged, deployable and functional

9 Laundry list Move build/test infrastructure out of BNL – In the cloud! Factor out common parts – Server authorization scheme – Client side configuration management – Client side connection management Single sign on – Authenticate once for all applications – Integrate with Linux and/or Windows logon – Forward credentials for web ui

10 Laundry list Support different databases – Move database layer to JPA – Provide different scripts – Setup test infrastructure Support different application servers (jboss, websphere, …) – Setup test infrastructure

11 Wish list Equipment status and schedule management – Something along the lines of ISA 95 part 2 Lock Out Tag Out service – Manages requests for locking devices during maintenance Other services – Do you have another service that fits the architecture and spirit? Let us know!

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