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Hotel Management Hospitality Services 1. Hotel must be clean, sanitary and presentable at all times, inside and out! Hotel reception area gives a guest.

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1 Hotel Management Hospitality Services 1

2 Hotel must be clean, sanitary and presentable at all times, inside and out! Hotel reception area gives a guest their first impression, it must be clutter-free and fragrant-smelling; warm, airy and welcoming; dust-free and litter-free. 2

3 A hotelier must continually assess the state of readiness to accept guests, look at your property from a guest’s eyes to see if it looks appealing and inviting. Check the outside entry, public areas, & guest rooms! Make sure the staff working in the hotel is aware of your standards for cleanliness and order. The housekeeping staff “delivers the product” of the hotel! 3

4 Good sanitation and cleaning prevent the spread of diseases and infection. Clean is the state of being free of dirt and bad odors Sanitary is the state of being free from disease-causing pathogens or having a safe level of pathogens 4

5  Vacuuming the carpeting and draperies  Dusting the furniture  Wiping the desk area  Prevention of mildew, an odor causing fungus Mildew grows on damp surfaces, such as shower curtains, damp sheets, bathroom fixtures, floors, window sills 5

6 Must use a chemical agent and/or heat to kill all germs and bacteria (pathogens) Surfaces are sanitized by washing them with a sanitizing solution. Telephones and television remotes must also be sanitized daily 6

7 Oversees the largest department of a hotel, perhaps up to 50% of employees are in the department The logistics of servicing a large number of rooms with a large staff on a daily basis can be very challenging. Guest surveys consistently rank Room Cleanliness as #1 Priority! 7

8  Exceptional Leadership – oversee a large number of people often from varied backgrounds, hires & fires employees; interacts with other departments; maximize loss prevention  Organization – scheduling employees, insuring room standards, ordering and tracking use of supplies, forecast number of rooms to be used each night, record keeping…. 8

9  Motivation – personal and your staff, hold Daily Standups  Commitment - to maintaining high standards, training staff; Inspect what you expect! 9

10 The second in command under the Executive Housekeeper, the duties include: ◦ Manages the housekeeping office, room inspectors and room attendants ◦ Runs daily reports on room occupancy & departures ◦ Allocates the room schedules to the room attendants ◦ Answers phone calls 10

11  Processes check-in and check-out log of guest rooms  Issues cleaning supplies  Keeps and files all worksheets from Room Attendants  Controls all pass keys used by Room Attendants  Inspects several rooms deemed Clean by Room Inspectors  Schedule and assign Deep Cleaning projects - dust high areas, clean AC vents, remove toilet bowl stains, rust spots, shampoo carpeting, vacuum draperies 11

12 Executive Housekeeper Assistant Executive Housekeeper Housekeepers Lobby Attendants Laundry Manager Laundry Staff 12

13  A member of the housekeeping team who checks the room after it is cleaned, pays attention to details that might have been overlooked (Book of Mormon)  Makes certain the room is ready for the next guest  Keeps records of Room Attendant Performance  Inspects every VIP Room 13

14  Cleans an average 12 – 16 rooms each day  Approximately 18 – 25 minutes per room (longer time allotted for checkout rooms vs. stayovers) Room Attendants “Turn A Room” when it is cleaned and ready for resale.  Rooms are ready by 3 PM, hotel check-in time  Checkout time is anywhere from 11AM – 1PM 14

15 Daily duties Enter the guest room Clean the guest room Provide the proper supplies Report problems Limit guest access Provide turndown service 15

16  Always knock and say “Housekeeping” a minimum of three times before entering a room slowly  If the room is empty the room attendant can begin working; if the room is occupied, the room attendant must wait to clean that room.  Place cleaning cart across the doorway  Wear a “safety button” 16

17  Turn on lights, open drapes, set air conditioner (72° F Marriott standard)  Gather items left behind, noting room number  Clean ashtrays, mirrors, furniture  Dust furnishings  Empty trash  Vacuum  Marriott fines guest $250.00 for smoking in guest room! 17

18  Make the beds  Clean & sanitize the bathroom – tub, sink, floor and toilet  Restock supplies  Inspect the room  Record comments on worksheet; call into PMS  Close drapes, reset AC, spray room freshener  Turn lights off  Leave room and lock the door 18

19 Linens is the term used to identify all guest room items made of cloth, such as sheets, bedspread, comforter, towels, floor mats, bathrobes Linens are washed and sanitized in-house in the Laundry. Linens should be discarded & replaced when they are: stained, torn, normal wear and tear, improper use 19

20 Clean Linens are stored in a linen closet on each guest floor. Dirty Linens are removed from the Room Attendants cart and taken to laundry by the floor supervisor 20

21  Dr Oz and Bed Bugs Evidence of bedbugs –  you will see small black dots on the sheets  you will see small dots of blood on the sheets from the bites There is no direct compensation from Marriott for claims of bedbugs. Customer must file a complaint with Claims Dept. 21

22  Helps Room Attendants work efficiently b/c it holds all cleaning supplies, equipment, guest room supplies and linens  Items are often color-coded due to varying levels of knowledge of English language  Cart has a small basket (caddie) for carrying all cleaning sprays, rags, etc. 22

23  Cosmetics and small amenities are usually stored on bottom to prevent guests from taking souvenirs!  Carts also have a trash bag to collect room trash 23

24  Laundry bag for collecting dirty linens  Room Standards Charts  Housekeeping carts should be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each shift  Carts are refilled by night shift employees 24

25 Most properties supply:  toilet paper, facial tissue, writing tablet and ink pen  Toiletries - small bars of soap, small shampoo, hair conditioner, mouthwash, body lotion, shoe shine cloths, disposable shower caps are often provided by limited and full- service hotels 25

26  Beverage station -coffee, tea, bottled water & condiments  City & Restaurant guides  Holy Bible  Book of Mormon  Television menu 26

27  Iron, ironing board  Hair dryer  Alarm clocks Housekeepers must check  irons to make sure they are empty!  closets for laundry bags  Time on the alarm clock, must be w/i 5 mins of actual time 27

28 Towels Ashtrays iPad Docking station/alarm clock 28

29 Since Room Attendants are in the guest rooms every day, they are responsible for noticing problems. 1. Items left behind by guest should be brought back to Housekeeping Office. From there the item will go to Loss Prevention 2. Supervisor must keep a log of when, where each item was found, description of item & its condition, name of finder, where it is stored 29

30 Room attendants check the rooms for damaged items or items that need repair. ◦ soiled, torn linens ◦ damaged furniture ◦ broken air conditioning/furnace ◦ broken television or mini-fridge ◦ leaky toilet or sink ◦ burnt out lightbulbs 30

31 Marriott employs 2 housekeepers to Blitz and two to Rooms Preventative Maintenance (RPM)  Blitz – deep clean the room top to bottom, move furniture to vacuum, shampoo carpets, etc.  RPM – refresh paint, tub caulk, cover nicks in furniture, & make minor repairs to the room 31

32 Room attendants must also report:  missing furniture or other items- blankets, bathrobes, pictures, remotes, Bibles, etc.  suspicious activity – large amounts of blood  “Cooking equipment” either food or Meth  diagrams and schematics of the property  bomb or incendiary device components 32

33  Room attendants’ daily schedule has codes that indicate occupancy, vacancies, & out of order rooms. If a room is supposed to be occupied and appears vacant, the Executive Housekeeper must be called.  Unfortunately guests sometimes “forget to check-out!” but with credit cards on file that are verified at check-in this is less of a problem 33

34  The Room Attendant is responsible for making sure that no unauthorized people enter a guest room (prevents theft) or a physical attack of the Room Attendant  Strangers must not be allowed to enter the room while they are working  Often the attendant will use the cart to block the open doorway while cleaning the room  EMERGENCY buttons are issued to Room Attendants! 34

35 Question: A guest asks to be “let back into his room?” Answer: redirect the guest to the Front Desk to obtain a new key. Hopefully the Front Desk employee will verify the identity of the guest before issuing the key! OR Ask for the guest’s key and verify that it opens the room door before allowing guest to enter the room. 35

36 A Do Not Disturb sign (DND) placed on door handle prevents Room Attendants from entering the room. After 24 hours, a message is left on guest’s phone explaining the DND prevented Housekeeping. After 3 days (72 hrs.) TX Innkeepers’ Law allows staff entry into room. 36

37  Housekeeping work that is performed in the evening  Includes straightening up of the room, closing draperies and restocking the guests supplies 37

38  Turning down of the bedding or corner folding and placement of a cookie, chocolate, etc. on the pillow  Turn on soft corner lights  Place a “breakfast menu hanger” next to bed 38

39 These areas must be clean and sanitary as well: hallways, lobby, restaurants, meeting rooms, banquet halls, lounges, Business Centers, business offices, and public restrooms Lobby Attendants, House-staff, Public-Area Housekeeper or clean these areas by vacuuming, dusting, sanitizing hand-rails, cleaning all glass surfaces, etc. 39

40  Watch Ten Minute Trainer on Housekeeping YouTube: 40

41 Each student will create two room signs for guests to hang on their room door indicating ◦ DO NOT DISTURB ◦ HOUSEKEEPING REQUESTED A template is provided; hotel logo, simple artwork and your name are required on both signs! 41

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