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29 Location Ray’s Hair Shop is located at 229 N. Union St., Olean, NY 14760

30 Services Offered Haircuts for women, children, and men Highlights Manicures Waxing hands Coloring hair Pedicures Hair waxing (face/eyebrow, etc) Shampooing and conditioning Perms

31 Responsibilities I swept the floors I did the laundry I washed the windows I cleaned the mats I cleaned the sinks I filled shampoo bottles I wiped the shelves off Cleaned shampoo bottle I washed bins I sorted through perm rods Cleaned chairs Sorted through magazines I cleaned mirrors

32 Laundry Sort white and color towels Put the white towels in the washer Then I put the towels in the dryer I folded the towels Then took the towels and put them in everyone's drawers

33 Thing I learned I learned that you need to keep your self busy I learned you need to always talk to the customer I learned that you need to do laundry everyday

34 Sanitation They clean the combs so they don’t spread germs or hair conditions between people They clean their chairs with Clorox They always clean the sinks They clean the towels They use a special light to clean/sanitize their manicure tools

35 Manicure One day Mrs.Bockmier got a manicure and I watched the steps Step one: Take off old nail polish Step two: Shape the nail with a file Step three: Use the nail buff to make the nail shiny and smooth Step four: Push the cuticles back and trim them Step five: Put a green mask on the hands and wrap the hand in hot towels Step six: Take the mask off the hand Step seven: Put hot wax on hand (in a special bag), let dry, and take off Step eight : Massage the hand with lotion Step nine: Put the undercoat on the nails Step ten: Put nail polish on Step eleven: Put top coat on Step twelve: Let dry I got to pick out Mrs. Bockmier’s nail polish color and I chose blue I learned that in competition you have to cover the nail in three brush strokes.

36 Socialize It’s important to socialize with the customers so they don’t think you're rude Also, it’s important you know how they want their nails or hair done One of my jobs was to greet customers as they came in.

37 Shampoo/Conditioner I had to use a funnel to refill shampoo bottles. I had to wipe the shampoo bottles off after I refilled them. I also had to refill the conditioner bottle. This is a job that always needs to be done because the shampoo and conditioner is used a lot.

38 I had to take all the product off the shelves, then I had to wipe the shelves off and put all the product back on the shelves. I also had to wipe off the product. This needs to be done because the shelves get dirty and the product gets sticky. Shelves

39 Cleaning I had to sweep the floor I did the laundry I had to wash the windows I had to wipe the mirrors off I cleaned the sinks I mopped the mats that go under the chairs I had to wipe off shelves All of this is done at a salon, its not just doing hair.

40 Bloopers One day, I was rinsing the outside of the shampoo bottles at the shampoo chair. At the chair, the hose points straight up until you pull it out and point it down into the sink. I accidentally left the hose pointing up when I turned on the water. I got water all over the floor and wall because it shot straight up. Everyone laughed. One day, I was getting my hands waxed. Instead of having my hands down, I had them up. When Laurie poured the wax in the bag, some poured out. I got wax all over the floor and on my shoe. I learned that you always have to be watching and paying attention!

41 Paraffin Hand Dip Step one: get a bag out Step two: pour two cups of hot wax into the bag Step three: put the customer’s hand in the bag Step four: press the wax all over the customer’s hands Step five: let the wax set until it hardens Step six: take the wax off the customer’s hands by sliding the bag and wax off I had a paraffin hand dip and after my hands were really soft. Then, I got to give Mrs. Bockmier a hand dip.

42 Thank you Thank you so much for the cake and the card and for letting me help. I enjoyed it and I learned a lot!

43 By: Matt Buckley February 2013

44  My E.F.E. was located in the old high school  4 th street in Allegany, N.Y.

45  I had to get my apron  Put my hat on  I had to wash and sanitize my hands  Then I had too get my gloves and put them on  All these steps are important so you wont contaminate the meals

46  The meals come in a container called a tray  The trays are divided into three sections  The first section was for the meat  The second section was for gravies or sauces  The third section was for the vegetable  Each day they would get a type of bread or starch  A dessert also came with the meals

47  The meal trays went down an assembly line to be put together  They were placed on a conveyor belt to be sealed with plastic  Then they would put them in a cooler and place it into the fridge  Each day the bread was put into a ziplock baggie with butter  The desert was always placed into a separate container

48  Put Cool Whip on Jell-O and put it on a tray  Scoop out pudding and put it in a container  Cut a piece of pie and put it in to a container  Scoop out cottage cheese and put in a container  Use a spatula to put Red Velvet cake into a container

49  Put bread and butter into bags  Set up tables  Helped put Sloppy Joes and other main meals into containers

50  I put 100 % wheat bread and butter into bags  I put biscuits and a butter into bags  I put a corn muffins into bags Every day they would have some type of starch or bread in the meal

51  Becky cut the cake  I took a spatula put it into styrofoam containers  That would be the special treat for the next day  I got to try the frosting afterwards. It was delicious!

52  I had to scoop out one scoop of Sloppy Joe and put it in each tray

53  I used a baker’s bag to squirt Cool Whip onto Jell-O portions.  I had to learn how to use it so I wouldn’t put too much on.  Next I put the lids on the Jell-O.  It was then ready to go the meals next day.

54  They use specific tools to measure the portion of food that they put in a container  This helps regulate the food so there is not too much or too little  This also helps because this way they know the clients have the same amount of nutrition in their meals

55  One thing I learned was Meals on Wheels serves all over Western New York  They serve over 700 meals to senior citizens  Every day they would have some type of starch or bread

56  Serves senior citizens who cant cook  People who are home bound  They have volunteers deliver all over the place

57 Thank You so much for letting me work at Meals On Wheels!

58 Thank you Community Business Partners for participating and making our program a successful learning experience!

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