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The I Feel Great Story! How It All Got Started The I Feel Great Story! How It All Got Started This is the Baker family. Because of an article I saw from.

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1 The I Feel Great Story! How It All Got Started The I Feel Great Story! How It All Got Started This is the Baker family. Because of an article I saw from the Centers for Disease Control stating that Cancer was now the #1 disease killer of children ages 1-14, I began a journey to find out why and what I could do about it. This all started because a Papaw cared about his 12 Grandchildren who were all at that time between the ages of 1 – 14. Here is the story of how the I Feel Great Home Based Business program came into existence and how Fruits, Vegetables, and Taxes came together and formed the opportunity you will hear about. Health first and then business! J.K. Baker (Papaw) Vollara’s #1 Program – I Feel Great Read the whole story at

2 The #1 Disease killer of Children ages 1 – 14 is now Cancer. CDC American Cancer Institute says that it has gotten so bad that 1 in 2 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Younger Women Being Diagnosed With Advanced Breast Cancer Increasing At An Alarming Rate. Journal of American Medical Association People are eating too much fat, salt and sugar and not eating enough fruits and vegetables, the American Heart Association study found. Over 4,000 published scientific documents state; the #1 deterrent for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, colds, flu, asthma, etc. is a higher intake of Fruits & Vegetables. CDC and Harvard School of Public Health say, for basic health everyone should have a least 5-13 servings of F & V EVERYDAY. Just like the Foundation of your house is the most important part of your house, F & V is your Foundation for good health. Everybody FactsFacts

3 Buy $240-$300 of Fruits & Vegetables per person at the grocery store each month and eat 85% raw. Ain’t happening! Too busy. Cooking vegetables you lose 50%-80% of the nutritional value and cooking also destroys most all of the digestive enzymes. That doesn’t help! 40 year old cancer survivor who made some health choices says the problem with grocery store and restaurant food is that it was picked too early, shipped too far, stored too long, and cooked too much. So what can we do??? My wife and several close friends have experienced great health and all day energy for over 12 years by supplementing our regular diets with Vollara’s condensed Fruits & Vegetables. So I found that the only realistic answer for my Children and Grandchildren was to recommend that they supplement their meals and snacks with Vollara’s condensed Fruits & Vegetables. Everybody Question: How Do We Get 5 – 13 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables Everyday?

4 The Baker Family

5 1. Do you ever think about or are you ever concerned about the food you and your family eat? 2. Do you ever think that you and your family need to eat more fruits and vegetables? 3. Do you ever find yourself feeling sluggish, out of energy, or fatigued, especially in the afternoon? 4.If there was an easy, simple, convenient, and very inexpensive way to get your Fruits and Vegetables plus have all day energy naturally every single day would that be of interest to you? I surveyed over 300 people across the USA and 90% answered yes to all 4 questions. Everybody Health Questions

6 Vollara is a division of Aerus Holdings Multi-national company – Currently in 22 countries. 85 year history of excellence and success in the business world Vollara is the #1 Health, Wellness, Green Technology, and Home Based Business Opportunity company in the USA. World Headquarters - Dallas, TX Operations /Manufacturing Facility - Bristol, VA Vollara The Right Company for Today’s World Vollara

7 Green Technology Products State of the art exclusive Green Technology products giving Vollara a huge advantage over other companies. All products are Best in Class All products protected and patented #1

8 Health & Wellness Products Over 30 Specialized Nutritional Products All natural and completely vegetarian Contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, chemical preservatives or additives Exclusive CAeDS nutrient cellular delivery system Over 60 Technical and Research documents Over 30 years of Science and Research #1

9 St. Louis CardinalsNew York Yankees Miami MarlinsDetroit Tigers Cincinnati RedsColorado Rockies Kansas City RoyalsTexas Rangers Toronto Blue JaysPittsburgh Pirates Washington Nationals Plus hundreds of other professional athletes. Do you need more proof that this is the real deal? Everybody Some of the Major League Baseball Teams using Vollara’s LivingWater, FreshAir, and Food Supplements - Click on Vollara & NSF Certification

10 The “I Feel Great” program helps you get 5 – 13 servings of natural whole food Fruits & Vegetables daily Vollara’s process takes water and pulp out of real Fruits & Vegetables, condensing it to a powder, leaving all the nutrients intact plus the added benefit of Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics and puts it all in a capsule. You get the equivalent of $240 worth of Fruits & Vegetables for $59 (plus tax and shipping) The “I Feel Great” program includes two of Vollara’s Fruit & Vegetable products. Re:Fuel & Re:Vive Here is a short video showing a few of the families who have taken the “I Feel Great” Challenge Everybody Introducing The I Feel Great Program

11 $59.99 Saving you $22 off reg. wholesale Refer 3 and your IFG products are FREE! + Money-Back Guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.* I Feel Great Best Value It’s real Fruits & Vegetables! Re:Fuel is literally 6 products in one!!! Just make it a part of your grocery/food budget. Join the 90 Day Challenge !

12 Re:Fuel Re:Fuel + Re:Vive Re:Vive It’s Simple – Start with 1 of these 3 Three Options + + $49.99 $39.99 $59.99

13 Increases oxygen ( brain). Increases nutrients. Increases circulation. Decreases plaque build-up. Decreases work on heart. Separated Red Blood CellsClumped Red Blood Cells Decreases oxygen ( brain). Decreases nutrients. Decreases circulation. Increases plaque build-up. Increases work on heart. Re:Fuel Before Re:Fuel After Re:Fuel Re:Fuel Science

14 Preferred Wholesale Buyer – Free Sign-up – Wholesale buying privilege on all products. Both Green Technology and Nutritional Supplements. – Buy online from Vollara at Wholesale! – Refer 3 and your I Feel Great products are Free. – No annual renewal fee. – No obligations or requirements. – Cancel or change autoship at any time. – Money Back Guarantee on every product if not satisfied. – You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. – Most people become Preferred Wholesale Buyers first because it is so simple and no requirements. – Free upgrade to Distributor Vollara Distributor – Free Sign-up – All Wholesale Buyer privileges apply – Participate in the Compensation Plan – Home Based Business tax breaks available. Saving you $3K-$6K annually starting immediately. – Earn money every month plus other benefits such as; FREE Car All Expense Paid Vacations– Lots of Travel Opportunities– Next trip is Cancun, Mexico Earn up to 35% Commission on ALL purchases by your I Feel Great family tree. Build a Lifetime of Residual Income 2 Ways to Participate

15 Vollara Does the Following Manufactures and stocks the products. Takes the orders online. Collects the Money. Ships the Products. Handles all Customer Service issues. Keeps up with all Wholesale Buyers and Distributors. Ships free product to 3 and Free participants. Pay monthly bonuses to Distributors. We have the privilege of buying all these great products at wholesale and if we choose we can share these awesome products and the Home Based Business Opportunity with those we care about. Vollara Does The Following

16 Now That You Know There are only 3 choices: – Do nothing, which doesn’t make sense now that you know. – Buy $240 of Fruits & Vegetables and eat 85% raw. – Join the I Feel Great 90 Day Challenge today and start your journey to Uncompromising Health. It’s so simple to get started! Contact the person who cared enough to share this with you and they will help you get signed up today as a Preferred Wholesale Buyer. Now That You Know

17 I Feel Great online Sign-up

18 Papaw’s Happy & Healthy Family

19 This Is Your Time! What Are you Going To Do About It? Roadmap To Freedom and the Lifestyle You Want To Live Roadmap To Freedom and the Lifestyle You Want To Live Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't.

20 1. Be Healthy 2. Reduce their Taxes 3. Have Financial & Time Freedom The Vollara Home Based Business can make all 3 happen for you. Not a bad deal! Everybody Everybody wants to…

21 Benefits of having a Vollara Distributorship – Free Sign-up – All Wholesale Buyer privileges apply – Participate in the Compensation Plan – Home Based Business tax breaks available. Saving you $3K- $6K annually starting immediately. – Earn money every month plus other benefits such as; FREE Car All Expense Paid Vacations–Lots of Travel Opportunities–Next trip is Disney World Earn up to 35% Commission on ALL purchases by your I Feel Great family tree. Build a Lifetime of Residual Income Everybody Build Your Own Company by Partnering with Vollara

22 Congress Enacted Special Tax breaks for small and Home Based Businesses Purpose: help finance small & Home Bases Businesses Saves average family of 4 with a $65,000 income about $3,000 - $6,000 annually. That’s an immediate $250 - $500 per month starting the first month you start a Home Based Business. The higher your income the bigger the savings. Your first order of each product is a tax write off. Only requires about 12 hours per month. Turns normal everyday expenses into tax deductions, i.e. – All medical expenses, portion of home and related expenses, portion of car expenses, cell phones, internet service, college expenses, school fees, sports fees, and many more. Everybody Reduce Your Taxes

23 Here’s a REAL example: Take $1 and double it 19 times = $1,048, 576.00 Take the same $1 and double it 19 times WITH taxes taken out = $21, 931.15 Now, WHY do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer…the rich understand that to have MONEY making YOU MONEY…you need to reduce your tax liability to the LEGAL minimum. This allows you to keep more of what you make and invest it in YOU! This is why you need a Home Based Business. Everybody What It Means To Reduce Your Taxes

24 l Your ROI from your I Feel Great Home Based Business is unmatched anywhere. Here is an example: – You spend $59.99 (plus tax and shipping) per month on I Feel Great products. – You spend 12 hours per month building your HBB by working the 3-5-7 Plan. – You save $300 per month in taxes – You earn $1,500 per month from your HBB. – You ROI is $150 per hour. ($300+$1500 =$1800 divided by 12 = $150) – That is a great return on your investment of time. To earn the same amount you would have to: – Have over $500,000 in the bank at 4% interest. – Or you would have to work an extra 40 hours per month at a rate of $45 per hour or 80 hours per month at $22.50 per hr. Let’s look at the Numbers

25 Determine if you want to earn a few hundred dollars per month or thousands of dollars per month. Share your excitement and passion about your company’s Products and Business Opportunity initially with people on your wedding list. These are the people you care about the most. Give them an opportunity to hear about your company so they can make an informed decision. We share information, we don’t sell. Your business partner Vollara takes the orders, collects the money, ships the product, provides Customer Service, and pays you the money that other companies pay for advertising, middlemen, and retail shelf space. You share the information and Vollara pays you a percent of all the purchases made by the people in your Vollara Social Network or what we call your Vollara Family Tree which includes Preferred Wholesale Buyers and Distributors. It doesn’t get easier than that! Everybody How Does a Vollara Home Based Business Work?

26 Everybody 1. Participate in the I Feel Great program - $39-$59 mo. 2. Find 3 – 7 people who want to do these 2 things. In the process of finding 3 – 7 Business Builders you will end up with 100’s, even 1,000’s of Wholesale Buyers. A.Find 3 people who do these 2 things and by the 4 th generation you are making about $1,000 per month. B.Find 5 people who do these 2 things and by the 4 th generation you are making about $4,800 per month plus a FREE car of your choice. C.Find 7 people who do these 2 things and by the 4 th generation you are making about $19,000 per month plus a FREE car of your choice. Business Builders do 2 Things You are not limited to 3-7 or to 4 generations.

27 How Membership Referral Marketing Works How Your Home Based Business Works 3-5-7 Plan This is your IFG Family Tree We all do the same thing!

28 Because the products are timely, they really work and they will change your life and everyone’s for the better which makes it easy to share with those you care about 30 years of success proves it. People want to be Healthy. People want to reduce their taxes. People want Financial & Time Freedom. Vollara is the vehicle that can make it happen for you. We would love to have you in our Vollara Family. Everybody Why Does It Work

29 Your Initial Business Plan Consider starting with the Green Technology Showcase and start using the products and gain your own experience with each one. Study the websites on the “Now You Know” sheet. Set your goals. Make a list of the people you would invite to your wedding. These are the people you care about the most. Share your excitement and passion with the people on your list. They deserve to hear about your company first. Work the 3-5-7 Plan. Follow-up Your Initial Business Plan

30 1978 Does It Work?

31 1979 2004 1987 1995

32 Starting To Check Off Our Bucket List! 2013 - 2016 We want to live 3 – 6 months in the following Places! New York City Caribbean Island Tuscany, Italy Dallas, TX Charleston, SC New Zealand Vollara can give you the financial and time freedom to work on your Bucket List!

33 What Will It Be? Wholesale Buyer Or Distributor

34 LivingWater Everybody Green Technology Product

35 Is Alkaline Has small water molecules Has a very low ORP The Water and Beverages we drink in America… Are Acidic Have large water molecules Has a very high ORP Everybody Healthy Glacier Water….

36 Health Issue: Acidosis & Dehydration Dehydration is a symptom of a condition called Acidosis… Cells and organs function best at a pH of 7.3 - 7.4 Most “Western” foods and beverages produce acidic wastes Acidic wastes accumulate with a: Constant diet of bad foods Drinking acidic beverages Most people simply don’t drink enough healthy water to remove acidic waste toxins Which causes health issues from constipation to cancer

37 Cornell Medical Center Study (1998) 75% of Americans have symptoms of chronic dehydration In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak, it’s often mistaken for hunger Mild dehydration can slow metabolism as much as 3% Dehydration is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue A 2% drop in hydration can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing

38 Changes tap water into Alkaline Water Restructures the water Produces a very low ORP LivingWater ®

39 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Everybody AquaporinsAquaporins

40 Increases your Energy Anti Aging Weight Loss Healthier Detoxifies Average Family saves $950 annually LivingWater ®

41 FreshAir Everybody Green Technology Product

42 The Most Advanced Whole Home Purifying System on the Planet. Purifies air up to 3,000 sq. ft. and kills 99.9% of germs and viruses on surfaces! Indoor Air Pollution is one of the EPA’s top health concerns. Purifies the air in your home Sanitizes surfaces in your home Eliminates odors in your home #1 air purifier and sanitizer since 1996 FreshAir ®

43 *Scientific testing has demonstrated the use of EcoQuest's ActivePure technology to substantially reduce microbial populations on surfaces - including but not limited to Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Streptococcus spp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, and S. chartarum. Field results may vary based on environmental conditions. No claim with respect to airborne microbials is made based on these results. These results have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not a medical device intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should still practice proper hygiene to minimize exposure to germs. Effects of ActivePure technology on reducing common bacteria and fungi on surfaces* in 24-hour testing. (Kansas State University Study )


45 LaundryPure Everybody Green Technology Product

46 LaundryPure America’s Hottest New Appliance and it’s only available through Vollara!

47 When it comes to doing laundry – LaundryPure changes EVERYTHING! 1. LaundryPure ELIMINATES Hot Water Modern Laundry Detergents are extremely TOXIC! How does LaundryPure compare with using detergents? √ √ CLEANER & FRESHER LAUNDRY √ √ BRIGHTER COLORS √ √ CLOTHES LAST LONGER √ √ DOING LAUNDRY IS SIMPLE & EASY  LAUNDRYPURE MAKES YOU MONEY! A. To the ENVIRONMENT: EPA lists Laundry detergents as one of the top sources of pollution to our lakes, streams and groundwater supplies. B. Even worse…Laundry detergents are extremely dangerous to PEOPLE! Modern Laundry detergents are petroleum-based – meaning they contain toxic and even carcinogenic substances that get absorbed into our skin when we wear the laundry washed in them! Are chemicals in laundry detergents leaving your clothes dangerously clean? For more info on the benefits of LaundryPure, go to:

48 Breakthrough Product LaundryPure Launched to the World on 1/03/2012 Field tested in real homes since 2007. Revolutionary New Appliance 3 Year Warranty 30 Day Money Back Guarantee #1 Green Product in the World


50 Everybody Green Technology Showcase $2,097 Save over $1,650

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