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Hwa Chong IBP - Sec 3-(2013) – Term 2 & 3 - Sec 4-(2014) – Term 1 Assembly Briefing Sessions for Sec 3 – 30 January 2013.

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1 Hwa Chong IBP - Sec 3-(2013) – Term 2 & 3 - Sec 4-(2014) – Term 1 Assembly Briefing Sessions for Sec 3 – 30 January 2013

2 Since 2008…

3 Schools offering IBP… Friendships Leadership Character

4 ntegrity Strategic Values PÏER P P assion I I nnovation E E mpathy R R esponsibility ntegrity

5 Nurturing Leaders in Industry: Entrepreneurial Servant Leadership Straits Times – 4 Feb 2012 Entrepreneurial leadership is an approach to leadership that is applicable to all aspects of society; it encompasses a framework of values and qualities that collectively enables individuals and organisations to successfully thrive in different situations.

6 Nurturing Leaders in Industry: Entrepreneurial Servant Leadership Straits Times – 4 Feb 2012 The ELP within the Integrated Boarding Programme aims to introduce to, and inculcate in, the students the key values and qualities of entrepreneurial leaders who have succeeded against the odds and are role-models to the world; positively impacting their own and others’ spheres of influence.

7 8 Hwa Chong Integrated Boarding Programme

8 ….is a term-long leadership programme The Integrated Boarding Programme Term 2/2013; Term 3/2013; & Term 1/2014 With provisions for extension for another term Project-mentoring

9 MSG: for Term 2/2013 - Sec 2 MSG < 3.5 for Term 3/2013 -- Sec 3 Term 1 MSG < 4.0 for Term 1/2014 - Sec 3 EOY MSG < 4.0 The Integrated Boarding Programme Demerit: - < 5 points Criteria

10 The IBP Advisors Mrs Chin Bee Kuan Deputy Principal / Student Development Mr Joseph Tan Director / Boarding School & IBP Mr Ng Seaw Choon Dean / Student Development

11 The IBP Team Mr Charles Low BM/F4 Mr Esteban J. Karplus BM/F1 Mr Tan Chee Wee BM/F5 Ms Vivian Phua BM/F2 Mr Kent Cheong BM/F3 Mr Tok Aik Lin BM/G2 Dr Nicholas Mercer BM/G3 Mr Ong Juin Han BM/G4 Mr Tommie Chen BM/G1 & G5

12 strengths of character leadership qualities & skills bonding & camaraderie intellectual capacity service to school & nation integration of international scholars Student Outcomes

13 Self-discovery – character traits Self-management, Self-control Wider social circle Intellectual stimulation Diversity of interests & talents What to benefit from IBP


15 With our blend of tradition and innovation, we nurture leaders in research, industry and government, who have the integrity, wisdom, passion and vision, to succeed in the global environment and serve our nation. Core Programmes The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Profiling

16 Core Programmes 1.Leadership: Values, Ethics & Passion 2.Entrepreneurial Leadership 3.Saturday ‘mini Masterclasses’ 4.Dressing, Dining & Conversation 5.Scoop Dinner Sessions

17 SCOOP Dinner Series with Alumni / Parents Business & Finance Researcher Entrepreneurs Scholars Lawyers Scientists Architects Doctors Chief of Air-force and more… Core Programmes

18 Inclusive of lodging, meals, utilities, laundry, core programmes & electives Payment by GIRO IBP FEES for 10 weeks - $2,780.00 Fees payable by students Singaporeans $ 1,000.00* Singapore PR$ 1,268.00** International Student $ 2,340.00 * Include 50% subsidy for parts of the overall cost ** Include 40% subsidy for parts of the overall cost

19 Income Levels (Student needs only to satisfy either one of the two criteria to qualify) Level of Subsidy Monthly Gross Household Income Monthly Gross Income per Dependent Child Not exceeding $2,500 Not exceeding $625 100% $2,501 - $4,000$626 - $1,000 75% $4,001 - $5,000$1,001 - $1,250 50% $5,001 - $7,200$1,251 - $1,800 33% Exceeds $7,200Exceeds $2,900No subsidy Financial Assistance Scheme * Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) for the 50% student co-payment will be provided to the Singapore Citizens only, based on the IS Bursary Framework

20 Typical Day @ IBP Mornings…… normal curriculum 5.45 pm Dinner @ Dining Hall 8.00 pm Roll Call - Study Time @ Study Room - IBP Workshops/Course 9.30 pm Free & Easy 10.30 pm Attendance Taking 11.00 pm Lights OFF

21 Activities @ IBP SCOOP Dinner @ Function Rm 6.30pm – 8.30pm Core Programmes 7.30pm – 9.30pm 9.30am – 12.00nn (Sat)

22 Boundaries to cultivate independence Personal allowance [ Estimated $150-200 / month ] Rooming & Laundry [ Rooms are out of bounds to parents and maids ] [ Free laundry for 22 pcs / wk; wash machines & dryers avail. ] Visitation [ Restricted to ground floor common areas only ] [ Any day but AVOID 8.00 pm - 9.30 pm ] Hwa Chong Institution

23 Can boarders go home? School and Public Holidays  Check-out on last day of school / Eve of P. Holiday  Check-in before next school day by 8pm Every weekend  Check-out on Friday/Saturday  Check-in on Sunday by 8pm Weekend Courses  Check-out on Saturday  Check-in on Sunday by 8pm

24 Terms & Conditions Discipline - demerit points for offences in HCIBS will be included in the school disciplinary records - serious offence may result in pre-mature termination of stay in HCIBS and fees will not be refunded

25 Benefits… Self-Leadership I had to manage my time by myself without any reminders from my parents. Things like sending the laundry on alternate days had to be done by myself, and I could no longer rely on my parents for nice, clean uniform to put on on a school day. This had indeed been helpful as my parents are able to trust me better to manage my own life. Gary Tan Guan You, 4S1 [iSpark]

26 Benefits… Self-Leadership I have definitely grown a lot in IBP, especially in the aspect of being independent. I have to take care of my personal health and well being. I have to gauge when I feel sick and remind myself to constantly drink water and take medicine and also sleep early, so that I wont have to trouble my parents… I also learnt how to manage my time effectively and know when is the right time to study and have fun, not succumbing to peer pressure when I know I have not finished my school work. Nicholas Teh Yang, 4A2

27 Benefits… I have gone through group activities with the other boarding mates, which has helped strengthen my social confidence. Andrew Ong, 4P3 I am too shy to make new friends 

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