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1 It can be done in Örebro. Inner-city-canoeing for example. Foto: Dan Lindberg

2 High energy standards when renovating existing buildings After: 66 kWh/sq.metre = 63% reductionBefore: 170 kWh/sq.metre

3 Municipal housing company as a forerunner 22 300 flats, 1 100 commercial premises Own strict environmental targets Instruction from the owner, but also a way to be attractive as a company

4 A heat camera can reveal interesting facts…

5 Demand side management New equipment (showers, lighting, laundry) Individual metering, you pay for what you use (water, electricity, but also laundry).

6 Wall material optimized both for insulation and humidity – nice indoor air quality Underfloor heating and heat pumps for heating and cooling Solar heating collectors Energy-efficent household appliances Insulating windows Individual metering of water Slow and ” sleeping ” elevators Energy-efficient LED lighening Efficiancy in new ”normal” buildings (built 2011) Energy demand 23 kWh/sq.metre = 80% below standard

7 Simplified, rugged & industrial

8 Internet access High speed Internet connection 100% Proportion who use 60% Services: Stadsnät : 1 GBit Comhem : 200 Mbit ADSL : 60 MBit



11 Car sharing offered to tenants Cars are normally parked 96 percent of the time. They can be used much more efficiently! Through an economic association 120 households share 12 cars. Reduced costs, reduced car use, and reduced demand for parking.

12 Only renewable electricity used by the municipality by 2020

13 Increase the use of renewable electricity Our climate plan says that we need to increase production of renewable electricity by 115 GWh/yr. This translates into 30 large wind turbines. A new energy company is formed by the municipality. Private companies, individuals and public bodies will be offered shares.

14 Political request in 2009: ”We want Örebro to be a forerunner among Swedish municipalities.” By 2020 climate impact from all activities within the border of the municipality should be reduced by 40%, compared to 2000 level (50% for the municipality itself). The municipality should be carbon neutral by 2050.


16 Climate impact caused by acitivities within municipality borders 2008 Total: 841 000 tons CO 2 or 6.4 tons per inhabitant All emissions Our mark off Total: 1 500 000 tons CO 2 or 11.4 tons per inhabitant

17 Whole municipality: -40% per cap. 2000-2020 Measures in the energy sector Measures in the transport sector

18 Own organisation: -50% per cap 2000-2020 FoodEnergyTransportation

19 Own organization 2000-2011 climate impact per inhabitant - 22% -50% Food Transport Energy

20 The geographical area 2000-2011 - 13% -40% Ton per inhabitant

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