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Metabolic Boosting with Detoxification & Cleansing

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1 Metabolic Boosting with Detoxification & Cleansing
Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton, Licensed Nutritionist Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner & Dr. Holly German, Naturopathic Doctor

2 Intros Dr. Holly German, Naturopathic Doctor
Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton, Licensed Nutritionist, Author of Choosing Health

3 Overview Detox basics Eight techniques to support your body in detoxification and elimination Reduce exposure Nourish Hydrate Move Eliminate Get Unstuck Rest Self-Care What does detoxification have to do with metabolism? When the “toxic burden” is reduced, the endocrine system is more balanced and metabolism will he healthier

4 Organs of Detoxification
Clearing toxins from the body is a team effort & essential to healthy metabolism These organs are always detoxifying to some degree but your level of wellness/dis-ease influences how much energy the body has to put towards cleansing H

5 A Collaborative Approach to Health

6 Detox Hierarchy Body detoxes endogenous & exogenous toxins
Non-native gut species Chemicals, medications, & normal environmental toxins Effect the endocrine, immune, and neurological systems first and foremost Body does general “housekeeping” during day: Disposes of cellular waste, esp. lactic acid Removes larger waste products sent thru lymph Removes smaller waste thru veins, breath, sweat, or to liver Liver makes some toxins water-soluble, excreted by kidneys or skin Liver traps fat-soluble toxins in bile to be excreted in feces Final clearance of waste by digestive tract R

7 Tip #1: Reduce Exposure to Toxins
There are 70,000 registered chemicals having hormonal effects, in addition to being toxic and carcinogenic. The hormonal effects have a devastating effect on metabolism! H

8 Reduce Your Environmental Stress
H Skin, air, and food – routes of entrance

9 Reduce Xenoestrogens Estrogen mimickers, increase estrogen levels, disrupt hormonal balance & tax the liver, include: Organ chlorines—used in pesticides, dry cleaning, bleaching of feminine-hygiene products, plastic Choose organic produce, hormone-free animal products, filtered water BPA-plastic, water bottles, linings of cans Avoid heating plastics

10 Tips for reducing Xenoestrogens
Parabens & stearal konium chloride in cosmetics and creams, look for paraben-free on label Phthalates, phenoxyethanol as preservatives in sunscreens, lotions Coconut oil (SPF 2), red raspberry oil (SPF 28) Perfumes, deodorizers, air fresheners contain artificial scents and phthalates Air purifier, plant, baking soda, essential oils BCP’s, spermicidal condoms Laundry detergent, dryer sheets & fabric softeners (petrochemicals) Seventh Generation, Soap Nuts, Ecover, BabyGanics Dryer Sheets

11 Reduce Exposure to Poor Quality Food
Processed foods (packaged foods with artificial ingredients, food coloring, flavor enhancers, refined salt, reduced nutrients) Sugar Feedlot animals (antibiotics, GMO feed, growth hormones, filthy living conditions…you can’t get healthy on sick animals!) Commercial dairy (same problems as above) Dirty dozen produce (fruits & veggies with highest concentrations of pesticides).

12 Reduce Exposure to Toxins cont.
Use quality body care products Use EWG’s cosmetics database ( Get a shower filter & water filter Many choices, is one Take chlorella mins before eating seafood Binds to mercury in stomach HMD, heavy metal detox is a clean brand Safe in pregnancy

13 Reduce Exposure to Toxins: Making Your Home & Office Health-Friendly
Air purifying plants (spider plant, peace lily) Air purifier IQAir or BlueAir Minimize synthetic materials Use glass food storage containers Use non-toxic cookware Nutri-Stahl, glass, stainless steel, cast iron Avoid using particle board and other toxic furniture and building materials Carpet glues Paints Vinyl floors (PVC’s Make your own or use natural cleaning products

14 Helpful Tests HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) Pathogen screen
Food intolerance Metabolic Assessment Profile Looks at liver clearance (UBAS) Will tell you if liver support is necessary Urine Toxic Metals Provoked with DMSA Detoxigenomics

15 Tip #2:Eat a Nourishing Diet
Diet HUGELY influences proper cell function (raw materials for energy production, co-factors & detoxification capacity). Nutrients (or lack thereof) can turn genes on/off and either improve or impede detoxification R

16 FIRST STEP=Eat the Right Diet

17 Which Metabolic Type Are You?
Your diet may be outdated! Our bodies are always changing, you need to stay current What kind of meal makes you full/satisfied for at least 3 hours? Does that same meal give you good mental energy and make you feel emotionally balanced (not agitated or depressed)? Do you have regular elimination?

18 Which Metabolic Type Are You?
Which proteins make you feel your best (not which ones taste best to you)? Red meat or dark meat poultry or lighter proteins like chicken breast or fish? Or non-flesh proteins like eggs or cheese? Which are your power carbs? High starches such as grains, fruit, potatoes, corn & beets? Medium starches like zucchini, avocado, legumes? Or low starch such as asparagus, mushrooms, and leafy greens? Do you feel more satisfied at meals that contain healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, butter, full-fat dairy, nuts or seeds? Or do you feel sluggish after eating moderate to high amounts of fat?

19 Don’t Eat Carbage Avoid processed foods, packaged foods with food coloring, additives, flavor enhancers, artificial ingredients & sweeteners Avoid refined grains and salt (soak grains, use unrefined salt)

20 Nutrition Broad Brushstrokes
Eat whole, unprocessed foods Chicken, not chicken nuggets Eat plenty of quality fat Hormones are made of fat & cholesterol Egg yolks, butter, ghee, coconut, palm, lard, olive, nuts & seeds

21 Nutrition Broad Brushstrokes cont…
Avoid foods that stimulate your body & blood sugar Slowly switch to decaf, use stevia, xylitol, small amounts of coconut sugar or sucanat as sweetener Consume bone broth weekly if not daily Include fermented foods daily Good bacteria help to promote healthy detox via the digestive tract Saeurkraut, kimchi, miso, tempeh, natto, yogurt, kombucha, kefir

22 Spices Ginger, turmeric, cayenne, garlic & onion are potentially anti-inflammatory and support detox via the liver. Check food intolerance first

23 Food Sensitivity/Intolerance

24 Test for Gluten Intolerance
Gluten Intolerance is a MAJOR contributor to chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease Rule it out with a simple blood test with Cyrex Labs Array 3, extremely accurate blood test for gluten intolerance Array 4, cross-reactivity Array 5, multiple autoimmunity screening

25 Tip #3: Hydrate Hydration promotes detoxifation in all cells and promotes healthy BMs Drink plenty of water AWAY from meals Drinking a lot at meal times dilutes digestive juices Consume carbonated beverages sparingly Damages parietal cells, make HCL H

26 Tip #4: Move Your Body Sweat releases toxins through skin, largest organ of elimination Strength train, do yoga, do activities you enjoy! Lift weights 1-3 times every week Anabolic, builds strong muscles/bones/joints Work all major muscle groups Muscle movement  lymph node detox Rebounding R

27 Tip #5: Optimize Elimination
Waste removal system, essential to overall health H

28 Everybody Poops…Eventually
Normal transit time hrs Beet test Ideal to pass 12 or more inches of well-formed stool EVERY DAY! If there’s a problem south, look north (food choice, chewing, hydration) Move the body and the bowels will follow!

29 What’s Your Poop Telling You?

30 Causes of Disrupted Elimination
Bacteria, fungus & other pathogens can cause constipation and/or diarrhea Live in GI tract, form biofilm (DNA, protein coating to protect themselves), and excrete toxins. Damages our health, disrupts elimination Food intolerance, stress, sedentary lifestyle, dehydration, medication, endocrine disorders, nutrient deficiency

31 Elimination & Detoxification Pathway Teamwork
If feces sits around for days in body, we absorb some of that toxic waste material via mesentary/hepatic system Toxins go back to liver Test for elevated UBAS (urinary bile acid sulfates) Can treat pathogens & parasites naturally, don’t have to take medication

32 Optimizing Elimination
Optimize what goes into the body Food choice Chewing thoroughly Test for food intolerance Consider digestive aids such as enzymes and/or bitter herbs Consider a pathogen test – stool test x3 most accurate Once ruled out, can still go through mucosal barrier rebuilding Heal a leaky gut Aloe, glutamine, chlorophyll, etc.

33 Tip #6: Get Unstuck Explore stuck feelings, emotions, and thoughts.
The physical body follows the mind. Persistent anger, anxiety and depression hinders the innate ability to detoxify. Neurotransmitter balancing Sometimes it really is in your head! R

34 Optimizing Neurotransmitter Balance
Food is our best way to effect levels since the amino acids cross the blood brain barrier and direct neurotransmitter supplements won’t. Protein is main building block: only food source of amino acids. Cottage cheese & other dairy Seafood Poultry & red meat Eggs Even “complete” plant protein combinations (i.e. rice and beans) are not as bioavailable as animal-based aminos

35 Support for healthy neurotransmitter production
Heating food at high temperatures damages amino acids Exercise, especially yoga Brain training Negative self talk & bad attitude impact chemistry as much as drugs or diet Gut health 75% + Serotonin & melatonin made in gut Compromised gut health (poor diet) can impede mood, sleepneurotransmitter productionmood

36 Emotional Freedom Technique
Psychological acupressure technique for optimizing emotional health. Tap a meridian with fingertips of index & middle fingers

37 Reduce Your Stress Hidden internal stressors: parasites, bacteria, fungi & viruses, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, metals, blood sugar imbalance, alcohol, drugs

38 Supplements Amino acid therapy should always be done under the guidance of a trained health professional. Serotonin5-HTP Dopamine, Norepinephrine & EndorphinL-tyrosine, DLPA (DPA if DLPA too stimulating) GABAPhenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid) Adaptogenic herbs to support adrenal health Holy basil, ashwagandha, Siberian ginseng, licorice root, bacopa, astragalus, schizandra, rhodiola

39 Next Steps & Testing Free questionnaire on (links & tools) Read The Mood Cure by Julia Ross Neurogistics urine test Neuroresearch: Have your doctor order urine testing with DBS Labs

40 Tip #7: Go the F&*% to Sleep
Best bedtime: 10pm, best rising time 6am No bright lights an hour before bed Reading lamp behind you, not over you No TV, computer screen or cell phone! Blackout shades Remove night lights Sound sleep tips Deep breathing Rescue sleep remedy To do list for next day (don’t try to remember) Try to avoid stressful things before bed (like checking ) H

41 Lack of Sleep & Darkness
We are meant to go to bed a couple hours after the sun goes down and wake up soon after the sun rises Melatonin production requires darkness before midnight Powerful cancer suppressor, digestive aid, and antioxidant Cortisol Slows metabolism & increases hormonally active belly fat NPY=neuropeptide Y = appetite inducer (causes hunger) Leptin = appetite suppressor Grehlin = appetite inducer

42 Tip #8: Self-Care Exercise, especially trampoline (lymph)
Eat calmly and mindfully Promotes better breakdown if food, less stress hormones, and correct portions Rest & massage Deep breathing Coffee enemas Castor oil packs Infrared saunas Skin brushing Hydrotherapy R

43 Honor Your Health All our systems work in harmony (or disharmony)
Put effort into supporting ALL of the systems When in doubt, investigate

44 Contact Info Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton Free newsletter My book Choosing Health: A One-Size-Doesn’t-Fit-All Guide to Diet, Exercise & Motivation Holly German Free newsletter Blog with detox resources Santa Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center Free 15 minute consultation Cooking videos

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