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Competencies for The Role of Housekeeping in Hospitality Operations

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0 Chapter 10 The Role of Housekeeping in Hospitality Operations
Managing Front Office Operations

1 Competencies for The Role of Housekeeping in Hospitality Operations
Describe the role of the housekeeping department in communicating room status. Explain the relationship between the housekeeping and maintenance departments and identify typical cleaning responsibilities of the housekeeping department. Explain how executive housekeepers use such tools as area inventory lists, frequency schedules, performance standards, and productivity standards to plan the work of the housekeeping department. (continued)

2 Competencies for The Role of Housekeeping in Hospitality Operations
(continued) Distinguish between recycled and non-recycled inventories. Summarize the issues involved in a dilemma facing many hotels: whether to cut back or eliminate housekeeping supervisors.

3 Occupancy Report Front desk Rooms occupied that night
 Prepared by: Front desk  Indicates: Rooms occupied that night Guests expected to check out next day  Used by: Housekeeping to schedule next day’s room cleaning

4 Housekeeping Status Report
 Prepared by: Housekeeping  Indicates: Current status of each hotel room  Used by: Front desk to assign rooms to arriving guests

5 Potential Guestroom Maintenance Problems
 Sleep set  Heating/air conditioning  TV, radio, phone  Bedspreads  Lighting  Door (continued)

6 Potential Guestroom Maintenance Problems
(continued)  Toilet  Vanity and tub  Towels  Bathroom walls and door  Water temperature  Ventilation

7 Types of Maintenance  General upkeep  Routine maintenance
 Preventive maintenance  Inspection  Minor corrections  Work-order initiation  Scheduled maintenance

8 Maintenance Recordkeeping
 Equipment data cards Technical data Manufacturer’s information Item’s cost Special instructions Warranty information Storage of manuals/drawings  Equipment history records Logs of inspection/maintenance performed

9 General Housekeeping Responsibilities
 Guestrooms  Corridors  Public areas (lobbies, public restrooms)  Pool and patio areas  Management offices  Storage areas  Linen and sewing rooms  Laundry room  Back-of-the-house areas

10 Additional Housekeeping Responsibilities at Some Properties
 Meeting rooms  Dining rooms  Banquet rooms  Convention exhibit halls  Hotel-operated shops  Game rooms  Exercise rooms

11 Quality/Quantity What to do and how to do it—performance standards
How much and how long—productivity standards

12 Housekeeping Inventories
 Recycled inventories Linens Housekeeping equipment Guest supplies (equipment) Par number  Non-recycled inventories Cleaning supplies Guest supplies (small items) Purchase order system

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