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November Vocabulary Priya Varma. Adversary (noun) Synonyms- enemy Antonyms- friend

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1 November Vocabulary Priya Varma

2 Adversary (noun) Synonyms- enemy Antonyms- friend -an opponent or enemy The little Shih-Tzu was the teddy bear’s adversary in a heated battle of chess, in which they played against each other.

3 Aplomb (noun) Synonyms- poise Antonyms- gaucheness -self-confident in a difficult situation Franklin, the teddy bear, was so aplomb during his dance tryouts; he didn’t once mess up any of his dance steps.

4 Apprehensive (adjective) Synonyms- alarmed Antonyms- at ease, calm - Anxious or fearful; uneasy Franklin was apprehensive about what grade he got on his English test; he started furiously sweating.

5 Fragrance (noun) Synonyms-aroma Antonyms- stench, stink -a sweet or pleasant odor; a scent Snuggle, the laundry detergent teddy bear, always has a pleasing fragrance to him that makes everybody like him.

6 Furtive (adjective) Synonyms- creepy, hidden Antonyms- open, honest -sneaky; acting in a way so as not to be notices The furtive teddy bear was creeping around the side of the house trying not to be caught while playing hide and seek.

7 Grueling (adjective) Synonyms- punishing Antonyms- easy -physically or mentally exhausting; very hard to do As Franklin, the teddy bear, ran across the finish line of the marathon, he thought that the grueling workout was more of a punishment.

8 Potential (noun) Synonyms- budding Antonyms- helpless, unpromising -ability to grow, develop, or improve; possibility The teddy bear has potential to get a scholarship to any culinary school of his choice.

9 Precipice (adjective) Synonyms- cliff, steep Antonyms- incline, rise -very steep overhanging rock; edge of a cliff Franklin’s class was taking a trip to the H imalaya Mountains,; he then decided to go stand at the edge of a precipice, but was quickly scolded by his teacher to back away because he might fall off.

10 Pristine (adjective) Synonyms- natural, wholesome Antonyms- dingy, dilapitated -in a pure or unspoiled state; untouched After Franklin was washed in the washing machine he seemed pristine, all clean and fresh.

11 Apparition (noun) Synonyms- haunt Antonyms- animate, being - an unusual or unexpected sight While the teddy bear was trick-or-treating, he came across an apparition in the woods which scared him so much because of the vivid ghostly image, that he started crying.

12 Cryptic (adjective) Synonym- dark Antonym- straightforward - secret; mysterious Franklin’s neighbor is very cryptic; he’s very reclusive and never shares anything about himself.

13 Lugubrious (adjective) -exaggeratedly mournful Synonyms- sorrowful, gloomy Antonyms- cheerful, joyous Franklin was being lugubrious after he lost his soccer championship; he was trying to hold back tears and became very gloomy.

14 maelstrom (noun) Synonyms- turbulence Antonyms- calm -a powerful whirlpool; turmoil As Franklin was getting his weekly wash in the washing machine, a maelstrom took him by surprise, spinning him furiously until he threw up.

15 mausoleum (noun) Synonym- crypt Antonym- -a large, elaborate tomb For the school trip, kids went to a large mausoleum which was really horrifying because they had mummies everywhere!

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