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General Housing & Community Information Staff Training +HR staff Training + RA or HR Tools for Education.

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1 General Housing & Community Information Staff Training +HR staff Training + RA or HR Tools for Education

2 Outline of Information  Residence Halls  Special Housing Designation  Access  Cooking & Kitchen Use  Building Services  Laundry Services  Dorm Rooms  Room ‘Perks’  Room Decoration  Prohibited Items  DU Community  Bikes  Moving of (DU) Furniture  Safety Issues  Service Center  Recycling  Smoking

3 “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” ―Mother Teresa Residence Halls:

4 Special Housing Designation  Each residential community is governed by specific community rules & regulations.  Each member of the community is expected (and bound by contract) to follow these rules & regulations  Members who visit communities that they do not live in are expected (and are bound by contract) to abide by each community’s rules & regulations  Failure to respect & abide by a community’s rules & regulations can result in write ups and therefore further disciplinary action

5 Types of Special Housing:  Substance (& intoxication) Free  Alcohol (& substance) Free  Quiet Housing  Quiet hours are in effect at all times EXCEPT:  Sunday- Thursday 4pm-7pm (afternoons)  Friday-Saturday 4pm-1am

6 Types of Special Housing Substance (& intoxication) Free  No alcohol or illegal drugs brought in the building  No involvement with any alcohol or drug related disruptive incidents  No entry into the building in an intoxicated or drugged state Alcohol (& substance) Free  No alcohol or illegal drugs can be present within these communities  Eg Smith, Shorney, Curtis East, East Hall, Beta, Morrow

7 You must learn the “House Rules" of each residential building, respect them, & follow them. NOTE: Drinking Games are not allowed anywhere on Denison’s Campus!

8 Members of a Community are…  Expected to report incidents to the RAs, HRs, or even security that violate the student code of conduct, the Housing Contract, or community norms  Hold themselves & others accountable!!!!  It is important for RAs/HRs to convey this to their residents and empower them with the opportunity to properly uphold their housing contract  Residents are expected to monitor & respectfully confront persons violating community norms

9 What are things that you as residents can do? What are you capable of? How can you improve yours and others’ living experiences?

10 Access  Beginning of the Year:  Both student ID cards & room keys  Last for 2 weeks (then exterior lock cores are replaced)  Make sure your ID cards work!  Rest of the Year:  24 hour ID card access to your own residence hall  ID card access to other residence halls turns off at 11pm-8am  ID card access to academic buildings (exempting Fellows & the Library) turns off at 11pm-8am  Fellows has 24 hour access  Library closes at 2am  You can also request 24 hour access to your majoring building at the security office in P1

11 Keep track of your key and swipe!

12 Lost Keys or Student IDs  Go to the quad Service Center!  Swipe Card = $25, Key= $50  RAs/HRs should lets residence know helpful strategies for not losing their key and/or swipe card  Eg. Lanyard, hair band, clutch person, etc  NOTE:  If maintenance work is done within your room, the maintenance staff is required to LOCK your door.  Some room doors lock automatically!

13 TIP : Security charges $15 for lock outs TIP: wear your key and/or your swipe around your wrist (eg. with a hair tie) TIP: Always consider the chances of you getting locked out…

14 Cooking  In rooms without kitchen areas—Cooking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED because of fire safety & sanitation purposes  If items (eg. Toasters, toaster ovens, electric skillets, crock pots, microwaves, electric works) are found in a residence hall room, it will be confiscated & the incidence will be documented.  This is a housing contract violation!

15 FIRE Be careful of FIRE hazards

16 Community Kitchens  In all residence halls & student apartments  Within the Kitchen:  Refrigerator (label your food & remove before it goes bad)  Microwave (clean out after use)  Oven & stove (open window when using & stay in kitchen area)  Students can use at any time but must  Clean up after themselves  Take care of the appliances/items they use  Be careful not to monopolize

17 Take care of Community Spaces!

18 Laundry Services  Automatic washers & dryers  Coin operated (change machines located in service centers)  Card operated (in most facilities, Denison Dollars can be used)

19 Laundry Services  Machines should not be mistreated:  Do not overfill washers or dryers with clothes OR detergent  Students should remove washed & dried clothing on time (this prevents items from being stolen or thrown on the floor)  Students should respect other people’s laundry & if need be GENTLY remove clothes and place in a clean location

20 Laundry Room Etiquette?

21 Laundry: Broken Machines  Machines that do not work:  Should be tagged “ Out of Order ”  Should be reported to RAs/HRs  Should be documented —a work order should be submitted imediately  The AD should be alerted  Mary Lindsey, Safety & Security Office can assist with vending problems (

22 Let your RA know & Leave a sign!

23 “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” ―John Lennon Dorm Rooms

24 Dorm Room ‘Perks’  Cable Television  Approximately 74 channels  Service varies by area  Questions: contact Mary Lindsey (  Computer Services  Wi Fi is available in dorm rooms (most of the time)  Yellow Network cords are available at the ITS desk (in Fellows)  If you have computer related questions, go to the ITS desk or their website (in, under campus resources, under Information Technology Services)

25 Room Decoration  Must Comply with all fire safety regulations  DO NOT place tapestries, posters, curtains, etc on ceilings (especially over a light)  Nothing (not even drapes or beads) should be hung in the doorway  All electrical lights must be UL-approved (Underwriters Laboratories) & only small bulbs are approved  Should have a clear & easily accessible exit way from the dorm room to the hallway


27 Room Decorations  Consideration  must respect all members of the community  Decorations must be conducive to the rights of others  Things that are deemed offensive or inappropriate will be asked to be removed & can be confiscated  Charges  Nails, hooks, and/or other materials can damage walls ? ? ? ? ? ?

28 Prohibited Items (Remember to avoid getting written up this year!!)

29 Prohibited Items: Fire Safety  Candles, incense, & associated paraphernalia  Kitchen & other cooking appliances (eg. Microwave)  Halogen lighting (& upward lighting of any kind)  Space heaters  All dangerous chemicals and flammable and/or combustible materials  Eg. Gasoline, fireworks, sparklers, smoke bombs, etc  Live trees or wreaths  Large light bulbs of any kind

30 Prohibited Items: Fire Safety

31 Why?  e=player_embedded&v=tKsNxCKOFeQ e=player_embedded&v=tKsNxCKOFeQ  Peter’s story  e=player_embedded&v=l2RuA_7-CGM e=player_embedded&v=l2RuA_7-CGM  Live Burn- Western University

32 Prohibited Items  Extension Cord (non-power strip variety)  Water Beds  Air Conditioner Units  Must be approved by the university, hooked up & placed by Building Services  Weapons —all life like and replica  Knives  Airsoft pistols/rifles

33 Prohibited Items  NO PETS  Except fish (in tanks no bigger than 10 gallons)  Why?  Allergies  Other health related issues  Animal’s health  Etc

34 I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.” ―Ani Difranco Denison University’s Community “Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” ―Ruth Reichl

35 Bikes  Bike Racks  Outside of residence halls and around campus  Bikes should ALWAYS be stored outside (never in dorm b/c of Fire Safety issues)  Bike Locks  Lock your bike at ALL TIMES  Bike Share  Initiated by the Office of Sustainability & the Green Team  Run through the Curtis Service Center  Students can rent out bikes

36 Furniture  Must comply to Fire Code Regulations  Non-University owned furniture MUST be REMOVED at the end of the year  Items left in room will be discarded & a fee of up to $250 can be charged.  Denison Furniture is NOT TO BE MOVED or STOLEN

37 Safety Issues  ABSOLUTELY NO:  Climbing on roofs  Opening security screens  Extremely dangerous, high risk of injury  Propping doors open (either main doors or bedroom doors)  If main doors are propped open, an alarm will sound  If bedroom doors are propped or left open (when residents are not there ), items can be stolen

38 Service Centers  Location:  Huffman Hall (East Quad)  Curtis West (West Quad  Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday  8am-11:30am and 1:30pm-10pm  Saturday & Sunday  12pm-10pm

39 Service Centers: What they Provide  Cleaning supplies (including vacuums)  Recreational equipment & games  Keys & ID Cards  Change machine  Health Information Packets & Condoms  Pick up authorized room changes  Reservations  Appointments with AD and Associate director  General Campus Information  Copy Machine (code/chard needed)

40 Smoking  Not Permitted inside  Must be at least 20 feet from the building

41 Recycling

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