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Bed Bug Presentation John Warnick Mitigation Driver.

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1 Bed Bug Presentation John Warnick Mitigation Driver

2 Why a Restoration Company? Who is Paul Davis Why a Restoration Company Bed Bug Preparation – Preparation – Treatment – Returning to the property

3 Emergency Services Residential and Commercial Board-ups/ Tarping Trained and Certified by IICRC – Commercial, Fire, Water, Smoke, Contents, Mold Vandalism Repair Deodorization of all property types Bio-Hazard / Recovery Services HIPA Compliant 3

4 Contents Services Full Pack-out/In Services Inventory Control w/Quality check points Ultrasonic Cleaning Document Restoration Electronics Fine Art Textile (in-house) Storage – Temp controlled and video/security 4

5 Core Values Everyone always provides exceptional customer service Respectful of your needs and courteous On schedule Expert Conscientious of your property Minimize disruption Honest and thorough 5

6 Recognition Central Penn Business Journal - #1, 4yrs running Voted “Lancaster’s Best” 2010 Greater than 90% customer satisfaction – 9 year average IICRC Certified Technicians Largest Facility on the east coast Highest capacity of drying equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region.

7 Territory – But Nationwide Dauphin Lebanon Lancaster Chester Berks 7

8 8 Our Place

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20 Bed Bug Treatment Strategy INSPECTION: Thorough inspection of all potential rooms infested. – Horizontal & Vertical adjacent rooms should be inspected as well since bed bugs travel shared multi-housing conduits/pipes/cables, etc. PREPARATION: Customer adherence to Preparation Checklist. TREATMENT: Comprehensive treatment of infested areas. Cooperation from our clients is critical for a successful treatment!

21 Why can they be so tough to control? Infestations may be widely dispersed All infested harborages may not be found for treatment Follow-ups and possible re-treatments are the rule, not the exception Eliminating bed bugs from mattresses is difficult. Western does not treat mattresses with insecticides Treatment with steam & vacuums have variable results Reintroduction is relatively easy Culture

22 Common Harborage Spots In grooves of baseboards, door moldings and other moldings, especially loose moldings Behind plug and switch plates Around windows & drapery pleats & Inside curtain rods.

23 Common Harborage Spots Under loose wallpaper Under or in clocks Under or in lamps Closet or storage areas where luggage and clothing is kept Under or in telephones

24 Role of the Customer Allow Extermination Service to inspect all areas of property Follow Preparation Checklist Keep rooms out of service until given direction from Extermination Service to re-occupy Pay careful attention to any other specific recommendation from Extermination Service

25 Inspection

26 Preparation The room needs to be pulled apart in order to treat. This prep needs to be done beforehand.

27 Preparation – Bagging the mattress and other items (linens, furniture, carpeting, phones etc) before transport out of the room – Destroy these materials, or we can treat items such as electronics within bag – Linens, draperies and clothing should be cleaned and dried at the hottest temperature possible for the material or dry cleaned.

28 Preparation – Switch plates should be removed. – Headboards, mirrors & frames will need to be removed from wall (left in room), furniture all upended to be inspected & treated. – Vacuum all cracks & crevices and furniture and get rid of vacuum bags!!! – Pull carpeting away from tack strip. – Quarantine room

29 Preparation Cloth material beneath sofas, chairs and box springs will be removed.

30 Paul Davis Preparation Procedures Prepping the Room Work Authorization signed by owner or facility manager, Pack Out Agreement signed by owner or tenant, Speed Memo stating all clothing items were separated into two piles of machine washable and dry clean by HO or tenant and that Paul Davis is not liable for any damages. Pictures of each room prepped before and after, and technicians in proper PPE. Paul Davis will be removing all soft contents in affected areas to be laundered and dried at a high heat of 140-160 degrees. Please separate any items in advanced that need to be Dry- Cleaned to prevent any damage during the extermination process. We ask that you determine and mark any mattress/furniture to be discarded so that we can properly wrap those items to be discarded.

31 Paul Davis Preparation Procedures Prepping the Room It is highly recommended that owner discard mattresses and upholstered furniture as there is no acceptable insecticidal treatments (before removing these items wrap in plastic) Remove curtains and shades and place in plastic bags for immediate laundering. Remove all clothing from drawer’s suitcases and closets for immediate laundering. Loosen the carpet from tack strip at floor/wall junction and/or baseboard around perimeter of rooms. Vacuum general surface area of ceiling moldings, wall moldings, chair railing, baseboard, floors, and ceiling cracks, and general surface area of all sofa and chair cushions

32 Paul Davis Preparation Procedures Prepping the Room Remove cloth cover from bottom of box spring and chairs and discard. Move all furniture and content to the center of the room at least 16” from the perimeter of the walls. Detach But leave in middle of room, all items attached to walls (pictures, mirrors, light fixtures, outlet covers, cables/switch plates, headboards, etc. Empty all Shelves, metal or wooden bookcases, desks, dressers, nightstands and every possible piece of furniture. Turn furniture upside down if possible and vacuum those items really well

33 Treatment Options Mattress Options Dispose of Mattress – Highly recommended esp. if torn Vacuum Mattress Steam Machine Sterifab Fumigation Mattress Covers Recommended in All Cases (sold separately)

34 Treatment Follow-ups are necessary and a part of the total treatment. There may be two, three or more follow-ups depending on the extent of the infestation (again, catching it early is important!)

35 Treatment Test and Clear the room for use Inspecting glue boards and a visual inspection of areas with high activity is what is generally done. Customer must vacuum to remove dead bugs (and then immediately throw away vacuum bag).

36 Returning to the Room Be sure that any items that were removed for laundering or dry cleaning are kept out of the room until the room is clear for entry. If clothing was used outside of the room during the treatment, be sure these clothes are also laundered appropriately before entry back into the room.

37 Protecting your home Pack Smart – Pack clothes that can withstand warm and hot cycles – Pack container or bags for luggage in car – Pack Dissolvable Laundry Bag (GreenClean™) Prepare for Your Return Home – Sort clothes into dissolvable laundry bags and place in luggage Protect Your Car – All luggage goes into sealed container, bag such as BugZip™ Protect Your House – Wash Smart Place luggage in garage if possible & transfer clothes in Dissolvable Bags to Laundry – Insure Luggage is bug Free Heat Luggage with PackTite™ Portable Heat – Ongoing Detection in House Interceptors Encasements

38 Thank You

39 Free Resources – bbTV – Bb101 – Learn BedBug University – Boot camps – Webinars/seminars – North American Summit Response Plans & Consultations Products

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