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NY GEAR UP Saving for College CUNY Collaborative Programs: A NYGEAR UP Partner.

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1 NY GEAR UP Saving for College CUNY Collaborative Programs: A NYGEAR UP Partner

2 Agenda What is the cost of college and is it worth it? Ways for students and families to pay Sticker Shock and the True Cost of College Tools to help you determine how much you will pay Ways to start saving now Questions

3 Financial Aid Quiz 1. College is not worth the debt involved. It’s better to go directly to work. 2. Only “A” students can go to college and get financial aid. 3. Applying for financial aid is very difficult and complicated. 4. College can be expensive, but two-thirds of all undergraduate students receive financial aid to help cover college costs. 5. To make it in today’s world, you must have a four-year degree. 6. Over the course of a lifetime, a high school graduate can earn as much as a college graduate. 7. The average annual income of a person with a college degree is over $55,000. 8. Colleges give full athletic scholarships to athletes. 9. Private colleges are too expensive and you shouldn’t apply if you don’t have the money. 10. Some employers will help you pay for college.

4 Is College Worth the Cost? College grads fare better in workforce BA degrees earn $1 million more over a lifetime than HS diploma (84% more over a lifetime) Build skills needed for workplace Independence, new experiences, success and failure College degrees have lower unemployment rate (2013 – 4% for BA; 5.4% for AA)

5 What is Cost of Attending College? Direct costs Tuition, Fees, Room Board Indirect costs Books and Supplies Personal Expenses Laundry, cell phone Transportation

6 Money for College: Ways for Students and Families to Pay Scholarships (do not have to be paid back) Grants (do not have to be paid back) Loans (must be paid back) Work study (must be earned) Savings (must be earned)

7 The True Cost of College

8 Don’t be Afraid of Sticker Shock

9 Living Away from Home (NY State Resident) CUNYSUNYPrivate College Tuition and Fees$6,030$7,582$36,000 Housing$8,820$12,020$14,000 Books and supplies$1,248$1,270$1,045 Meals$3,082included Transportation$986$1,020$1,150 Personal Expenses$3,954$1,450$1,900 Total Cost of Attendance$24,120$23,342$54,095 NY State College Costs




13 How to Start Saving Now Set a Savings Goal: fixed amount per paycheck Look at different types of savings and investment accounts/options Open a College Savings Fund Begin a scholarship search Register your child for dual-enrollment courses

14 Loans: Rules of Thumb for Borrowing Borrow only what you must and as little as possible Exhaust all federal loan options before private loans Know repayment options before signing papers

15 Resources NY Higher Education services Corporation: USDOE: College Board: NACAC: FastWeb Scholarship Search: Federal Student Aid: College Navigator:

16 QUESTIONS? Please complete workshop evaluation

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