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Waterloo Residences Operating budget 2015 - 20 16.

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1 Waterloo Residences Operating budget 2015 - 20 16

2 Budget meeting agenda 1.Welcome 2.Residence Room Inventory and Assignment Overview 3.2015/16 Operating Budget a)Where does the money come from? b)Where does the money go? 4.Proposed Residence Fees for 2015/16 5.Questions!

3 Residence Room Inventory: 5,298 beds Assignment: First year ~ 80.1% or 4,245 beds All others ~ 19.9% or 1,053 beds Columbia Lake Village V1, REV, Minota Hagey Mackenzie King, UW Place

4 Where does the money come from? Nearly all from residents Housing is an ancillary or “business” operation that must support itself completely Residence fees and miscellaneous income (e.g.: laundry, off-campus housing listing fees, etc.) Budget process includes discussion with you on how the money is spent

5 What makes us special… Quality rooms, furnishings, and living space Cleaning and maintenance ResNet, communications and technical support Living-Learning initiatives Administrative areas (Admissions, front desks, OCH, etc) 100 Dons, 8 Community Co-ordinators, 5 Residence Life Co-ordinators, 4 Community Assistants Community building and activity programming

6 V1-Hot water heater, Roof, Link, foundation & stair repair (~$1.6M) UWP – Mechanical room, Generator noise reduction (~$77k) MKV – Foundation repair, Generator noise reduction (~$135k) Tutor House - Sewage ejectors (~$17k) REV-Backflow preventer, Roof-top chiller noise reduction(~$175k) Complete Facility Building Audits (~$130k) Furnishings - Beds, Desk & kitchen chairs & Lighting (~$179k) Equipment – Appliances & Cleaning equipment (~$281k) Renewal & Repairs that impact the budget

7 Housing and Residences Budget

8 Student Villages (2-term fee) 2015/16 $ Monthly $ Dorms: Single5,961745 Interconnecting5,689711 Double5,347668 Suites: Single (4-bdrm suite)7,115889 Minota Hagey (1-term fee) 2015/16 $ Monthly $ Single (dorms)3,107777 Columbia Lake Village 2015/16 $ Monthly $ Single room – 1 term (2-bdrm townhome) 2,841 711 Single room – 2 terms (4-bdrm townhome) 5,684 711 2-bdrm - unfurnishedn/a1,217 UW Place (Suites) (2-term fee) 2015/16 $ Monthly $ Double Room (Beck Hall)5,616702 Single room (2-bdrm suite) 6,429804 Single room (3 or 4-bdrm suite) 6,085761 2015-2016 Residence Fees

9 Questions?

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